Simeon (Simon) Olelkovich[1] (Ukrainian: Семен Олелькович, Lithuanian: Simonas Olelkaitis; 1420–1470[2]) was the last Grand Prince of Kiev from 1454 to 1470[3] and the Prince of Slutsk from 1443 to 1455.[4]

A member of the Olelkovich family, he descended from the Gediminids dynasty and was a great-grandson of Algirdas, the Grand Duke of Lithuania. After his father's death he inherited the Principality of Kiev. He conducted an independent policy, fought with the Crimean Tatars, maintained close ties with the Principality of Moldavia, the Genoese colonies and the Principality of Theodoro in the Crimea.

His daughter was married to Mikhail III of Tver, the last Prince of Tver.

After the death of Simon Olelkovich, the Principality of Kiev was transformed into the Kiev Voivodeship.

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Simeon Olelkovich
Born: 1418 Died: 1470
Royal titles
Preceded by
Alexander Olelko
Grand Prince of Kiev
Transformed to Kiev Voivodeship
Preceded by
Alexander Olelko
Prince of Slutsk
Succeeded by
Mikhailo Olelkovich