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Sher Ali Khan
Sher Ali Khan
(Pashto: شير علي خان‎)(c. 1825 – February 21, 1879) was Amir of Afghanistan
from 1863 to 1866 and from 1868 until his death in 1879. He was the third[citation needed] son of Dost Mohammed Khan, founder of the Barakzai Dynasty
in Afghanistan. Sher Ali Khan
Sher Ali Khan
initially seized power when his father died, but was quickly ousted by his older brother, Mohammad Afzal Khan. Internecine warfare followed until Sher Ali defeated his brother and regained the title of Emir. His rule was hindered by pressure from both Britain and Russia, though Sher Ali attempted to keep Afghanistan
neutral during their conflict. In 1878, the neutrality fell apart and the Second Anglo-Afghan War erupted. As British forces marched on Kabul, Sher Ali Khan decided to leave Kabul
to seek political asylum in Russia. He died in Mazar-e Sharif, leaving the throne to his son Mohammad Yaqub Khan. Sher Ali was closely affiliated to the modern-day region of the Pothohar Plateau
Pothohar Plateau
in Pakistan. He married one of his daughters to a prominent tribal chief of the Gakhars, Khan Bahadur Raja Jahandad Khan. After independence, the Gakhars
tribe became part of Pakistan. See also[edit]

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Regnal titles

Preceded by Dost Mohammad Khan Barakzai dynasty Emir
of Afghanistan 9 June 1863 – 1866 Succeeded by Mohammad Afzal Khan

Preceded by Mohammad Azam Khan Barakzai dynasty Emir
of Afghanistan 7 October 1868 – 21 February 1879 Succeeded by Mohammad Yaqub Khan

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Monarchs of Afghanistan

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Emirate (Barakzai dynasty)

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Amanullah Khan Inayatullah Khan Habibullah Kalakani Mohammed Nadir Shah Mohammed Zahir Shah

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Anglo-Afghan Wars


British Empire

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Amir Dost Mohammad Khan Wazir Akbar Khan Amir Sher Ali Khan Ghazi Ayub Khan Amanullah Khan Mohammed Nadir Shah


First War

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Second War

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Third War

Third Anglo-Afghan War


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