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Seven Days Ashore
Seven Days Ashore
is a 1944 American comedy film directed by John H. Auer and written by Edward Verdier, Irving Phillips
Irving Phillips
and Lawrence Kimble. The film stars Wally Brown, Alan Carney, Marcy McGuire, Virginia Mayo, Elaine Shepard, Gordon Oliver, Amelita Ward and Dooley Wilson. The film was released on April 25, 1944, by RKO Pictures.[1][2][3]


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Dan Arland is a fun-loving playboy who has been away at sea for several months. A pair of violinists in Dot Diamond's all-girl band, Carol and Lucy, have no idea that Dan's been romancing both of them. Both end up waiting for him when his ship arrives in San Francisco. His actual girlfriend, Annabelle Rogers, finds out about Dan's being on shore leave, too. Dan begins coming up with schemes to get out of his dilemma. He persuades a couple of shipmates, Monty and Orval, to pose as millionaires and woo the two musicians. The ladies discover what he's up to and turn the tables, amusing themselves by making Dan believe he's about to be served with a breach-of-contract lawsuit. After a series of mixups, he and Annabelle decide to get married before Dan's seven days ashore are up. Cast[edit]

Wally Brown as Monty Stephens Alan Carney as Orval 'Handsome' Martin Marcy McGuire as Dot Diamond Virginia Mayo
Virginia Mayo
as Carol Dean Elaine Shepard as Annabelle Rogers Gordon Oliver as Dan Arland Jr. Amelita Ward as Lucy Banning Dooley Wilson
Dooley Wilson
as Jason Marjorie Gateson as Mrs. Elizabeth Arland Alan Dinehart
Alan Dinehart
as Daniel Arland Miriam LaVelle as Hazel Margaret Dumont
Margaret Dumont
as Mrs. Croxton-Lynch Freddie Slack and His Orchestra as Themselves Freddie Fisher as Himself Emory Parnell as Captain Harvey


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