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Prevention may refer to:


1 Health and medicine 2 General safety 3 Other uses 4 See also

Health and medicine[edit]

Preventive healthcare, measures to prevent diseases or injuries rather than curing them or treating their symptoms

General safety[edit]

Crime prevention, the attempt to reduce deter crime and criminals Disaster prevention, measures taken to prevent and provide protection for disasters Hazard prevention, the process of risk study, elimination, and mitigation in emergency management Pollution prevention, activities that reduce the amount of pollution generated by a process Preventive maintenance, maintenance performed to prevent faults from occurring or developing into major defects Prevent strategy, a scheme in the UK to report radicalisation Risk
prevention, reducing the potential of loss from a given action, activity and/or inaction Risk
management, the identification, assessment, and prioritization of risks in business

Other uses[edit]

Prevention (magazine), an American healthy lifestyle magazine Prevention (album), a 2009 album by the Scottish indie rock band De Rosa Prevent defense, an American football defensive alignment Prevention First, a nonprofit organization supporting drug-free communities through public education Prevention Institute, a nonprofit center dedicated to improving community health and well-being

See also[edit]

Preventive Medicine (journal), a peer-reviewed medical journal Prevention paradox, the situation where the majority of cases of a disease come from a population at low risk Prevention Science, the application of a scientific methodology to prevent or moderate major human dysfunctions Prevention through design, the concept of mitigating occupational hazards by "designing them out" All pages beginning with "prevention" All pages with a title containing prevention

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