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1 French Land Register data, which excludes lakes, ponds, glaciers > 1 km2 (0.386 sq mi or 247 acres) and river estuaries. 2 Population without double counting: residents of multiple communes (e.g., students and military personnel) only counted once.

(French pronunciation: ​[ʁwɑ̃]; Frankish: Rodomo; Latin: Rotomagus, Rothomagus) is a city on the River Seine
in the north of France. It is the capital of the region of Normandy. Formerly one of the largest and most prosperous cities of medieval Europe, Rouen
was the seat of the Exchequer
of Normandy
during the Middle Ages. It was one of the capitals of the Anglo-Norman dynasties, which ruled both England
and large parts of modern France
from the 11th to the 15th centuries. The population of the metropolitan area (in French: agglomération) at the 2011 census was 655,013, with the city proper having an estimated population of 111,557. People from Rouen
are known as Rouennais.


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Administration[edit] Rouen
and its metropolitan area of 70 suburban communes form the Métropole Rouen
Normandie, with 494,382 inhabitants at the 2010 census. In descending order of population, the largest of these suburbs are Sotteville-lès-Rouen, Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray, Le Grand-Quevilly, Le Petit-Quevilly, and Mont-Saint-Aignan, each with a population exceeding 20,000. History[edit] Main articles: History of Rouen
History of Rouen
and Timeline of Rouen Climate[edit] Rouen
has an oceanic climate (Cfb in the Koeppen climate classification).

Climate data for Rouen
(1981–2010 averages)

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year

Record high °C (°F) 14.7 (58.5) 18.9 (66) 22.3 (72.1) 26.4 (79.5) 30.0 (86) 34.2 (93.6) 37.9 (100.2) 38.1 (100.6) 31.3 (88.3) 28.0 (82.4) 20.3 (68.5) 15.6 (60.1) 38.1 (100.6)

Average high °C (°F) 6.4 (43.5) 7.3 (45.1) 10.8 (51.4) 13.7 (56.7) 17.3 (63.1) 20.3 (68.5) 22.8 (73) 22.8 (73) 19.5 (67.1) 15.0 (59) 9.9 (49.8) 6.6 (43.9) 14.4 (57.9)

Average low °C (°F) 1.1 (34) 1.1 (34) 3.2 (37.8) 4.7 (40.5) 8.1 (46.6) 10.7 (51.3) 12.8 (55) 12.8 (55) 10.4 (50.7) 7.8 (46) 4.1 (39.4) 1.7 (35.1) 6.6 (43.9)

Record low °C (°F) −17.1 (1.2) −13.4 (7.9) −10.4 (13.3) −4.8 (23.4) −2.2 (28) 1.1 (34) 5.9 (42.6) 5.0 (41) 2.1 (35.8) −3.2 (26.2) −8.3 (17.1) −11.3 (11.7) −17.1 (1.2)

Average precipitation mm (inches) 76.3 (3.004) 60.4 (2.378) 67.1 (2.642) 59.2 (2.331) 74.3 (2.925) 63.7 (2.508) 68.9 (2.713) 65.1 (2.563) 65.5 (2.579) 83.5 (3.287) 76.8 (3.024) 90.9 (3.579) 851.7 (33.531)

Average precipitation days 13.0 10.3 11.9 10.7 11.8 9.5 9.4 9.0 9.7 12.4 13.0 13.0 133.6

Average snowy days 4.7 4.2 3.3 1.8 0.2 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 1.7 3.4 19.3

Average relative humidity (%) 90 86 83 78 79 80 79 80 84 89 90 91 84.1

Mean monthly sunshine hours 58.6 74.5 117.4 158.0 182.8 202.2 199.2 191.8 156.1 107.8 60.0 49.2 1,557.5

Source #1: Météo France[1][2]

Source #2: Infoclimat.fr (humidity and snowy days, 1961–1990)[3]

Main sights[edit]


is known for its Notre Dame cathedral, with its Tour de Beurre (butter tower) financed by the sale of indulgences for the consumption of butter during Lent. The cathedral's gothic façade (completed in the 16th century) was the subject of a series of paintings by Claude Monet, some of which are exhibited in the Musée d'Orsay
Musée d'Orsay
in Paris. The Gros Horloge
Gros Horloge
is an astronomical clock dating back to the 14th century.[4] It is located in the Gros Horloge
Gros Horloge
street. Other famous structures include Rouen
Castle, whose keep is known as the tour Jeanne d'Arc, where Joan of Arc
Joan of Arc
was brought in 1431 to be threatened with torture (contrary to popular belief, she was not imprisoned there but in the since destroyed tour de lady Pucelle); the Church of Saint Ouen
(12th–15th century); the Palais de Justice, which was once the seat of the Parlement
(French court of law) of Normandy; the Gothic Church of St Maclou (15th century); and the Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics which contains a splendid collection of faïence and porcelain for which Rouen
was renowned during the 16th to 18th centuries. Rouen
is also noted for its surviving half-timbered buildings. There are many museums in Rouen: the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Rouen, an art museum with pictures of well-known painters such as Claude Monet and Géricault; the Musée maritime fluvial et portuaire, a museum on the history of the port of Rouen
and navigation; Musée des antiquités,[5] an art and history museum with local works from the Bronze Age through the Renaissance, the Musée de la céramique and the Musée Le Secq des Tournelles. The Jardin des Plantes de Rouen
Jardin des Plantes de Rouen
is a notable botanical garden once owned by Scottish banker John Law dated from 1840 in its present form. It was the site of Élisa Garnerin's parachute jump from a balloon in 1817. In the centre of the Place du Vieux Marché (the site of Joan of Arc's pyre)[6] is the modern church of St Joan of Arc. This is a large, modern structure which dominates the square. The form of the building represents an upturned viking boat and a fish shape.[7] Rouen
was also home to the French Grand Prix, hosting the race at the nearby Rouen-Les-Essarts
track sporadically between 1952 and 1968. In 1999 Rouen
authorities demolished the grandstands and other remnants of Rouen's racing past. Today, little remains beyond the public roads that formed the circuit.

Archives department of Seine-Maritime

Transport[edit] Main article: Transport in Rouen

The tramway

Mainline trains operate from Gare de Rouen-Rive-Droite
Gare de Rouen-Rive-Droite
to Le Havre
Le Havre
and Paris, and regional trains to Caen, Dieppe
and other local destinations in Normandy. Daily direct trains operate to Amiens
and Lille, and direct TGVs (high-speed trains) connect daily with Lyon
and Marseille.


City transportation in Rouen
consists of a tram and a bus system. The tramway branches into two lines out of a tunnel under the city centre. Rouen
is also served by TEOR (Transport Est-Ouest Rouennais) and by buses run in conjunction with the tramway by TCAR (Transports en commun de l'agglomération rouennaise), a subsidiary of Veolia Transport. Rouen
has its own airport, serving major domestic destinations as well as international destinations in Europe. The Seine
is a major axis for maritime cargo links in the Port of Rouen. The Cross-Channel ferry ports of Caen, Le Havre, Dieppe
(50 minutes) and Calais, and the Channel Tunnel
Channel Tunnel
are within easy driving distance (two and a half hours or less). Education[edit] The main schools of higher education are the University of Rouen
University of Rouen
and the École Supérieure de Commerce de Rouen
École Supérieure de Commerce de Rouen
(NEOMA Business School), ésitpa (agronomy and agriculture), both located at nearby Mont-Saint-Aignan, and the INSA Rouen, ESIGELEC
and the CESI, both at nearby Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray. Performing arts[edit] The main opera company in Rouen
is the Opéra de Rouen
- Normandie. The company performs in the Théâtre des Arts, 7 rue du Docteur Rambert. The company presents opera, classical and other types of music, both vocal and instrumental, as well as dance performances.[8] Every five years, the city hosts the large maritime exposition, L'Armada.[9] Notable people[edit]

A class at the Lycée Pierre-Corneille, Rouen
1902, artists Robert Antoine Pinchon (second row, right) and Marcel Duchamp
Marcel Duchamp
(third row, left)

L'Académie de Rouen
c. 1935, Robert Antoine Pinchon, third row, right

Robert Antoine Pinchon, 1905–06, La foire Saint-Romain sur la place Saint-Vivien, Rouen, oil on canvas, 49 x 59.4 cm

The hanging committee at the Salon des Artistes Rouennais, Musée des Beaux-Arts de Rouen, Robert Antoine Pinchon
Robert Antoine Pinchon
(center) 1934

Robert Antoine Pinchon, 1905, Le Pont aux Anglais, Rouen, oil on canvas, 38 × 46 cm, private collection

Salon des Artistes Rouennais, Musée des Beaux-Arts de Rouen, c. 1930

was the birthplace of:

Edward IV (1442–1483), King of England Thomas Aubert (b. 1500s), explorer Guillaume Guéroult (1507–1569), poet François de Civille
François de Civille
(1537–1610), military commander Isaac Oliver
Isaac Oliver
(1556–1617), French-born English painter Guy de la Brosse
Guy de la Brosse
(1586–1641), botanist and pharmacist Antoine Girard de Saint-Amant (1594–1661), poet François Raguenet (1660–1722), historian, biographer and musicologist Jean-Laurent Le Cerf de La Viéville (1674–1707), musicographer Louise Levesque
Louise Levesque
(1703–1745), playwright, poet Alphonse Maille (1813–1865) botanist Samuel Bochart
Samuel Bochart
(1599–1667), Protestant theologian Pierre Corneille
Pierre Corneille
(1606–1684), tragedian Guillaume Couture
Guillaume Couture
(1617–1701), lay missionary and diplomat Adrien Auzout (1622–1691), astronomer Thomas Corneille
Thomas Corneille
(1625–1709), dramatist, brother of Pierre Corneille Noel Alexandre
Noel Alexandre
(1630–1724), theologian and ecclesiastical historian Marie Champmeslé
Marie Champmeslé
(1642–1698), actress René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle
René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle
(1643–1687), explorer Gabriel Daniel (1649–1728), Jesuit historian Nicolas Lemery
Nicolas Lemery
(1645–1715), chemist Anne Mauduit de Fatouville
Anne Mauduit de Fatouville
(17th–1715), playwright Jean Jouvenet
Jean Jouvenet
(1647–1717), painter Nicolas Gueudeville (1652–1721), Catholic writer Jacques Basnages
Jacques Basnages
(1653–1723), Protestant theologian Bernard le Bovier de Fontenelle
Bernard le Bovier de Fontenelle
(1657–1757), author, nephew of Pierre Corneille Pierre Antoine Motteux (1663–1718), French-born English dramatist Pierre Dangicourt (1664–1727), mathematician François Blouet de Camilly
François Blouet de Camilly
(1664–1723), Catholic Archbishop Pierre François le Courayer
Pierre François le Courayer
(1681–1776), theologian François d'Agincourt
François d'Agincourt
(1684–1758), composer Jean II Restout
Jean II Restout
(1692–1768), painter Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont
Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont
(1711–1780), novelist Jacques-François Blondel (1705–1774), architect Marie-Madeleine Hachard (1708–1760), nun and abbess Jacques Duphly (1715–1789), composer Pierre-Antoine Guéroult (1749–1816), scholar François-Adrien Boïeldieu
François-Adrien Boïeldieu
(1775–1834), composer Pierre Louis Dulong
Pierre Louis Dulong
(1785–1838), physicist and chemist Théodore Géricault
Théodore Géricault
(1791–1824), painter Armand Carrel
Armand Carrel
(1800–1836), writer Pierre Adolphe Chéruel
Pierre Adolphe Chéruel
(1809–1891), historian Gustave Flaubert
Gustave Flaubert
(1821–1880), novelist Joseph-Henri Altès
Joseph-Henri Altès
(1826–1895), flautist and pedagog Eugène Ketterer (1831–1870), composer Eugène Caron (1834–1903), opera singer Maurice Leblanc
Maurice Leblanc
(1864–1941), novelist Charles Nicolle
Charles Nicolle
(1866–1936), bacteriologist Léon de Saint-Réquier (1872–1964), organist and composer Georges Guillain
Georges Guillain
(1876–1961), neurologist Robert Antoine Pinchon
Robert Antoine Pinchon
(1886–1943), painter Marcel Dupré
Marcel Dupré
(1886–1971), composer Marcel Duchamp
Marcel Duchamp
(1887–1968), artist Philippe Étancelin
Philippe Étancelin
(1896–1981), race car driver Armand Salacrou (1899–1989), dramatist Roger Apéry (1916–1994), mathematician Jacques Rivette
Jacques Rivette
(1928–2016), film director Jean-Yves Lechevallier
Jean-Yves Lechevallier
(b. 1946), sculptor Anny Duperey
Anny Duperey
(b. 1947), actress and novelist Dominique Lokoli (b. 1952), footballer François Hollande
François Hollande
(b. 1954), 24th President of the French Republic Élise Lucet
Élise Lucet
(b. 1963), journalist Stéphan Caron (b. 1966), swimmer Karin Viard
Karin Viard
(b. 1966), actress Céline Minard (b.1969), writer Christophe Mendy (b. 1971), boxer David Trezeguet
David Trezeguet
(b. 1977), footballer Nathalie Péchalat
Nathalie Péchalat
(b. 1983), ice dancer Ian Mahinmi
Ian Mahinmi
(b. 1986), basketball player Fayçal Fajr
Fayçal Fajr
(b. 1988), footballer Amaury Vassili
Amaury Vassili
(b. 1989), singer Alexis Gougeard
Alexis Gougeard
(b. 1993), cyclist Pierre Gasly
Pierre Gasly
(b. 1996), Formula One driver

International relations[edit] See also: List of twin towns and sister cities in France Twin towns – Sister cities[edit] Rouen
is twinned with:

Gdańsk, Pomeranian Voivodeship, Poland, since 1992[10] Cleveland, Ohio, United States
United States
of America, since 2008[11] Hanover, Lower Saxony, Germany, since 1966[12] Norwich, Norfolk, England, United Kingdom, since 1959[13] Ningbo, China, since 1990 Salerno, Salerno, Campania, Italy, since 2002

In fiction and popular culture[edit]

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Fine art[edit]

Cathedral, Full Sunlight, by Claude Monet, 1894.

Rouen Cathedral
Rouen Cathedral
is the subject of a series of paintings by the Impressionist painter Claude Monet, who painted the same scene at different times of the day. Two paintings are in the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.; two are in the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow; one is in the National Museum of Serbia
National Museum of Serbia
in Belgrade. The estimated value of one painting is over $40 million. Sculpture[edit] During the second half of the 20th century, several sculptures by Jean-Yves Lechevallier
Jean-Yves Lechevallier
were erected in the city.

Fleurs d'eau, by Jean-Yves Lechevallier


The character Erik, The Opera Ghost of Gaston Leroux's novel The Phantom of the Opera, was supposedly born "in a small town not far from Rouen".[14] Rouen
plays a major part in the Flaubert
novel Madame Bovary. Maupassant, a student of Flaubert, wrote a number of short stories based in and around Rouen. In book two of The Strongbow Saga, the Vikings invade and conquer Ruda, also known as Rouen, and make it their base in Frankia.

The Rouen
area is an integral part of the work of French writer Annie Ernaux.

May Wedderburn Cannan wrote of Rouen
in her 1915 poem on World War I "Rouen".


Referenced to in Puccini's one-act opera, Il tabarro. In the opera, Luigi asks his boss, the barge owner Michele, to drop him off in Rouen because he is secretly in love with Michele's wife, Giorgetta and cannot stand to share her with him. The British rock band Supergrass
named their fifth studio album Road to Rouen, punning on an Anglicised pronunciation of the city's name. French band Les Dogs formed in Rouen
in 1973. English rock band Arcane Roots named a song on their EP Left Fire 'Rouen'.

Film[edit] The 2000 film The Taste of Others
The Taste of Others
was filmed and set in Rouen. In the 2001 movie A Knight's Tale, the protagonist William Thatcher (played by Heath Ledger) poses as a noble and competes in his first jousting tournament at Rouen. The 1952 film "The Snows of Kilimanjaro" references the memoirs of Harry Street titled "The Road to Rouen" in the scene with Harry and Uncle Bill. Video games[edit]

The game Call of Duty 3 features a map set in Rouen. In the Soul Calibur
Soul Calibur
series of fighting games, Raphael, a playable character, is explained as being born in Rouen. Rouen
appears as an important location to protagonist Alice Elliot in the game Shadow Hearts. The Rouen-Les-Essarts
Grand Prix circuit is featured in Grand Prix Legends, Project CARS, and RFactor. The PC adventure game Touché: The Adventures of the Fifth Musketeer starts in Rouen. Evan Bernard, a playable character from Time Crisis 4, is said to come from Rouen.


The arms of Rouen
are blazoned : Gules, a pascal lamb, haloed and contorny, holding a banner argent charged with a cross Or, and on a chief azure, 3 fleurs de lys Or This may be rendered, "On a red background a haloed white pascal lamb looking back over its shoulder (contorny) holds a white banner bearing a gold cross; above, a broad blue band across the top bears 3 gold fleurs de lis". On the front of the "Grand Poste" (rue Jeanne d'Arc), the banner is charged with a leopard (the lion passant seen on Norman and English arms). This was the official seal of Rouen
at the beginning of the 12th century, before Normandy
was incorporated into Capetian France

See also[edit]


Archbishopric of Rouen Saint Ouen
(catholic saint) The works of Maxime Real del Sarte Two of the statues on the Pont Boieldieu in Rouen
were sculpted by Jean-Marie Baumel


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Official website (in French) Rouen
Tourist Board (in French) Objectif Rouen: Pictures and descriptions of the most famous monuments (in French) The Catholic Encyclopedia 1908 detailed ecclesiastical history (in English) Rouen, Its History and Monuments, by Théodore Licquet, 1840, from Project Gutenberg
Project Gutenberg
(in English)

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Allouville-Bellefosse Alvimare Ambrumesnil Amfreville-la-Mi-Voie Amfreville-les-Champs Anceaumeville Ancourt Ancourteville-sur-Héricourt Ancretiéville-Saint-Victor Ancretteville-sur-Mer Angerville-Bailleul Angerville-la-Martel Angerville-l'Orcher Angiens Anglesqueville-l'Esneval Anglesqueville-la-Bras-Long Anneville-Ambourville Anneville-sur-Scie Annouville-Vilmesnil Anquetierville Anvéville Ardouval Arelaune-en-Seine Argueil Arques-la-Bataille Aubéguimont Aubermesnil-aux-Érables Aubermesnil-Beaumais Auberville-la-Manuel Auberville-la-Renault Auffay Aumale Auppegard Authieux-Ratiéville Les Authieux-sur-le-Port-Saint-Ouen Autigny Autretot Auvilliers Auzebosc Auzouville-l'Esneval Auzouville-sur-Ry Auzouville-sur-Saâne Avesnes-en-Bray Avesnes-en-Val Avremesnil Bacqueville-en-Caux Bailleul-Neuville Baillolet Bailly-en-Rivière Baons-le-Comte Bardouville Barentin Baromesnil Bazinval Beaubec-la-Rosière Beaumont-le-Hareng Beaurepaire Beaussault Beautot Beauval-en-Caux Beauvoir-en-Lyons Bec-de-Mortagne Belbeuf Bellencombre Bellengreville Belleville-en-Caux La Bellière Belmesnil Bénarville Bénesville Bénouville Bernières Bertheauville Bertreville Bertreville-Saint-Ouen Bertrimont Berville Berville-sur-Seine Beuzeville-la-Grenier Beuzeville-la-Guérard Beuzevillette Bézancourt Bierville Bihorel Biville-la-Baignarde Biville-la-Rivière Blacqueville Blainville-Crevon Blangy-sur-Bresle Blosseville Le Bocasse Bois-d'Ennebourg Bois-Guilbert Bois-Guillaume Bois-Héroult Bois-Himont Bois-l'Évêque Le Bois-Robert Boissay Bolbec Bolleville Bonsecours Boos Bordeaux-Saint-Clair Bornambusc Bosc-Bérenger Bosc-Bordel Bosc-Édeline Bosc-Guérard-Saint-Adrien Bosc-Hyons Bosc-le-Hard Bosc-Mesnil Bosville Boudeville Bouelles La Bouille Bourdainville Le Bourg-Dun Bourville Bouville Brachy Bracquetuit Bradiancourt Brametot Bréauté Brémontier-Merval Bretteville-du-Grand-Caux Bretteville-Saint-Laurent Buchy Bully Bures-en-Bray Butot Butot-Vénesville Cailleville Cailly Callengeville Calleville-les-Deux-Églises Campneuseville Canehan Canouville Canteleu Canville-les-Deux-Églises Cany-Barville Carville-la-Folletière Carville-Pot-de-Fer Le Catelier Catenay Caudebec-lès-Elbeuf Le Caule-Sainte-Beuve Cauville-sur-Mer Les Cent-Acres La Cerlangue La Chapelle-du-Bourgay La Chapelle-Saint-Ouen La Chapelle-sur-Dun La Chaussée Cideville Clais Clasville Claville-Motteville Cléon Clères Cleuville Cléville Cliponville Colleville Colmesnil-Manneville Compainville Conteville Contremoulins Cottévrard Crasville-la-Mallet Crasville-la-Rocquefort Cressy Criel-sur-Mer La Crique Criquebeuf-en-Caux Criquetot-l'Esneval Criquetot-le-Mauconduit Criquetot-sur-Longueville Criquetot-sur-Ouville Criquiers Critot Croisy-sur-Andelle Croixdalle Croix-Mare Cropus Crosville-sur-Scie Cuverville Cuverville-sur-Yères Cuy-Saint-Fiacre Dampierre-en-Bray Dampierre-Saint-Nicolas Dancourt Darnétal Daubeuf-Serville Dénestanville Déville-lès-Rouen Dieppe Doudeauville Doudeville Douvrend Drosay Duclair Écalles-Alix Écrainville Écretteville-lès-Baons Écretteville-sur-Mer Ectot-l'Auber Ectot-lès-Baons Elbeuf Elbeuf-en-Bray Elbeuf-sur-Andelle Életot Ellecourt Émanville Envermeu Envronville Épinay-sur-Duclair Épouville Épretot Épreville Ermenouville Ernemont-la-Villette Ernemont-sur-Buchy Esclavelles Eslettes Esteville Étaimpuis Étainhus Étalleville Étalondes Étoutteville Étretat Eu Fallencourt Fécamp Ferrières-en-Bray La Ferté-Saint-Samson Fesques La Feuillie Flamanville Flamets-Frétils Flocques Fongueusemare Fontaine-en-Bray Fontaine-la-Mallet Fontaine-le-Bourg Fontaine-le-Dun Fontaine-sous-Préaux La Fontelaye Fontenay Forges-les-Eaux Foucarmont Foucart Franqueville-Saint-Pierre Fréauville La Frénaye Freneuse Fresles Fresnay-le-Long Fresne-le-Plan Fresnoy-Folny Fresquiennes Freulleville Frichemesnil Froberville Fry Fultot La Gaillarde Gaillefontaine Gainneville Gancourt-Saint-Étienne Ganzeville Gerponville Gerville Goderville Gommerville Gonfreville-Caillot Gonfreville-l'Orcher Gonnetot Gonneville-la-Mallet Gonneville-sur-Scie Gonzeville Goupillières Gournay-en-Bray Gouy Graimbouville Grainville-la-Teinturière Grainville-sur-Ry Grainville-Ymauville Grand-Camp Grand-Couronne Grandcourt Les Grandes-Ventes Le Grand-Quevilly Graval Grèges Grémonville Greuville Grigneuseville Gruchet-le-Valasse Gruchet-Saint-Siméon Grugny Grumesnil Guerville Gueures Gueutteville Gueutteville-les-Grès La Hallotière Le Hanouard Harcanville Harfleur Hattenville Haucourt Haudricourt Haussez Hautot-l'Auvray Hautot-le-Vatois Hautot-Saint-Sulpice Hautot-sur-Mer Hautot-sur-Seine Le Havre La Haye Héberville Hénouville Héricourt-en-Caux Hermanville Hermeville Le Héron Héronchelles Heugleville-sur-Scie Heuqueville Heurteauville Hodeng-au-Bosc Hodeng-Hodenger Houdetot Le Houlme Houppeville Houquetot La Houssaye-Béranger Hugleville-en-Caux Les Ifs Illois Imbleville Incheville Ingouville Isneauville Jumièges Lamberville Lammerville Landes-Vieilles-et-Neuves Lanquetot Lestanville Lillebonne Limésy Limpiville Lindebeuf Lintot Lintot-les-Bois Les Loges La Londe Londinières Longmesnil Longroy Longueil Longuerue Longueville-sur-Scie Louvetot Lucy Luneray Malaunay Malleville-les-Grès Manéglise Manéhouville Maniquerville Manneville-ès-Plains Manneville-la-Goupil Mannevillette Maromme Marques Martainville-Épreville Martigny Martin-Église Massy Mathonville Maucomble Maulévrier-Sainte-Gertrude Mauny Mauquenchy Mélamare Melleville Ménerval Ménonval Mentheville Mésangueville Mesnières-en-Bray Le Mesnil-Durdent Le Mesnil-Esnard Mesnil-Follemprise Le Mesnil-Lieubray Mesnil-Mauger Mesnil-Panneville Mesnil-Raoul Le Mesnil-Réaume Le Mesnil-sous-Jumièges Meulers Millebosc Mirville Molagnies Monchaux-Soreng Monchy-sur-Eu Mont-Cauvaire Mont-Saint-Aignan Montérolier Montigny Montivilliers Montmain Montreuil-en-Caux Montroty Montville Morgny-la-Pommeraye Morienne Mortemer Morville-sur-Andelle Motteville Moulineaux Muchedent Nesle-Hodeng Nesle-Normandeuse Neufbosc Neufchâtel-en-Bray Neuf-Marché La Neuville-Chant-d'Oisel Neuville-Ferrières Néville Nointot Nolléval Normanville Norville Notre-Dame-d'Aliermont Notre-Dame-de-Bliquetuit Notre-Dame-de-Bondeville Notre-Dame-du-Bec Notre-Dame-du-Parc Nullemont Ocqueville Octeville-sur-Mer Offranville Oherville Oissel Omonville Orival Osmoy-Saint-Valery Ouainville Oudalle Ourville-en-Caux Ouville-l'Abbaye Ouville-la-Rivière Paluel Parc-d'Anxtot Pavilly Petit-Caux Petit-Couronne Le Petit-Quevilly Petiville Pierrecourt Pierrefiques Pierreval Pissy-Pôville Pleine-Sève Pommereux Pommeréval Ponts-et-Marais Port-Jérôme-sur-Seine La Poterie-Cap-d'Antifer Préaux Prétot-Vicquemare Preuseville Puisenval Quevillon Quévreville-la-Poterie Quiberville Quièvrecourt Quincampoix Raffetot Rainfreville Réalcamp Rebets La Remuée Rétonval Reuville Ricarville-du-Val Richemont Rieux Rives-en-Seine Riville Robertot Rocquefort Rocquemont Rogerville Rolleville Roncherolles-en-Bray Roncherolles-sur-le-Vivier Ronchois Rosay Rouen Roumare Routes Rouville Rouvray-Catillon Rouxmesnil-Bouteilles Royville La Rue-Saint-Pierre Ry Saâne-Saint-Just Sahurs Sainneville Saint-Aignan-sur-Ry Saint-André-sur-Cailly Saint-Antoine-la-Forêt Saint-Arnoult Saint-Aubin-Celloville Saint-Aubin-de-Crétot Saint-Aubin-Épinay Saint-Aubin-le-Cauf Saint-Aubin-lès-Elbeuf Saint-Aubin-Routot Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer Saint-Aubin-sur-Scie Saint-Clair-sur-les-Monts Saint-Crespin Saint-Denis-d'Aclon Saint-Denis-le-Thiboult Saint-Denis-sur-Scie Sainte-Adresse Sainte-Agathe-d'Aliermont Sainte-Austreberthe Sainte-Beuve-en-Rivière Sainte-Colombe Sainte-Croix-sur-Buchy Sainte-Foy Sainte-Geneviève Sainte-Hélène-Bondeville Sainte-Marguerite-sur-Duclair Sainte-Marguerite-sur-Mer Sainte-Marie-au-Bosc Sainte-Marie-des-Champs Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray Saint-Eustache-la-Forêt Saint-Georges-sur-Fontaine Saint-Germain-des-Essourts Saint-Germain-d'Étables Saint-Germain-sous-Cailly Saint-Germain-sur-Eaulne Saint-Gilles-de-Crétot Saint-Gilles-de-la-Neuville Saint-Hellier Saint-Honoré Saint-Jacques-d'Aliermont Saint-Jacques-sur-Darnétal Saint-Jean-de-Folleville Saint-Jean-de-la-Neuville Saint-Jean-du-Cardonnay Saint-Jouin-Bruneval Saint-Laurent-de-Brèvedent Saint-Laurent-en-Caux Saint-Léger-aux-Bois Saint-Léger-du-Bourg-Denis Saint-Léonard Saint-Lucien Saint-Maclou-de-Folleville Saint-Maclou-la-Brière Saint-Mards Saint-Martin-au-Bosc Saint-Martin-aux-Arbres Saint-Martin-aux-Buneaux Saint-Martin-de-Boscherville Saint-Martin-de-l'If Saint-Martin-du-Bec Saint-Martin-du-Manoir Saint-Martin-du-Vivier Saint-Martin-le-Gaillard Saint-Martin-l'Hortier Saint-Martin-Osmonville Saint-Maurice-d'Ételan Saint-Michel-d'Halescourt Saint-Nicolas-d'Aliermont Saint-Nicolas-de-la-Haie Saint-Nicolas-de-la-Taille Saint-Ouen-du-Breuil Saint-Ouen-le-Mauger Saint-Ouen-sous-Bailly Saint-Paër Saint-Pierre-Bénouville Saint-Pierre-de-Manneville Saint-Pierre-des-Jonquières Saint-Pierre-de-Varengeville Saint-Pierre-en-Port Saint-Pierre-en-Val Saint-Pierre-lès-Elbeuf Saint-Pierre-le-Vieux Saint-Pierre-le-Viger Saint-Rémy-Boscrocourt Saint-Riquier-en-Rivière Saint-Riquier-ès-Plains Saint-Romain-de-Colbosc Saint-Saëns Saint-Saire Saint-Sauveur-d'Émalleville Saint-Sylvain Saint-Vaast-d'Équiqueville Saint-Vaast-Dieppedalle Saint-Vaast-du-Val Saint-Valery-en-Caux Saint-Victor-l'Abbaye Saint-Vigor-d'Ymonville Saint-Vincent-Cramesnil Sandouville Sassetot-le-Malgardé Sassetot-le-Mauconduit Sasseville Sauchay Saumont-la-Poterie Sauqueville Saussay Sausseuzemare-en-Caux Senneville-sur-Fécamp Sept-Meules Serqueux Servaville-Salmonville Sévis Sierville Sigy-en-Bray Smermesnil Sommery Sommesnil Sorquainville Sotteville-lès-Rouen Sotteville-sous-le-Val Sotteville-sur-Mer Tancarville Terres-de-Caux Thérouldeville Theuville-aux-Maillots Thiergeville Thiétreville Thil-Manneville Le Thil-Riberpré Thiouville Le Tilleul Tocqueville-en-Caux Tocqueville-les-Murs Torcy-le-Grand Torcy-le-Petit Le Torp-Mesnil Tôtes Touffreville-la-Corbeline Touffreville-sur-Eu Tourville-la-Rivière Tourville-les-Ifs Tourville-sur-Arques Toussaint Le Trait Trémauville Le Tréport La Trinité-du-Mont Les Trois-Pierres Trouville Turretot Val-de-la-Haye Val-de-Saâne Valliquerville Valmont Varengeville-sur-Mer Varneville-Bretteville Vassonville Vatierville Vattetot-sous-Beaumont Vattetot-sur-Mer Vatteville-la-Rue La Vaupalière Veauville-lès-Baons Veauville-lès-Quelles Vénestanville Ventes-Saint-Rémy Vergetot Veules-les-Roses Veulettes-sur-Mer Vibeuf Vieux-Manoir Vieux-Rouen-sur-Bresle La Vieux-Rue Villainville Villers-Écalles Villers-sous-Foucarmont Villy-sur-Yères Vinnemerville Virville Vittefleur Wanchy-Capval Yainville Yébleron Yerville Ymare Yport Ypreville-Biville Yquebeuf Yvecrique Yvetot Yville-sur-Seine

Authority control

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