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Rosemary Hayes
Rosemary Hayes
(born December 10, 1942) is a British author who has written more than 39 books for children, from seven year olds to teenagers, and edited many more.


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Early life[edit] Hayes was born and brought up in rural Berkshire. She read avidly as a child and was particularly influenced by the books of Elizabeth Goudge and the Chronicles of Narnia
Chronicles of Narnia
by C. S. Lewis. Education[edit] Hayes attended Brightwalton Primary School from 1947-50 then St Gabriel’s, Sandleford Priory in Newbury. In 1970 she enrolled in a Creative Writing Course at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia and her first novel, ‘Race Against Time’ (set in Australia) was runner up for the Kathleen Fidler Award in 1988. Travels[edit] She has lived and worked in France, USA and Australia and has traveled widely in Europe, the Middle and Far East. Publishing Teaching and Writing career[edit] Hayes came to writing from a background in advertising, marketing and publishing. She worked intermittently for Cambridge University Press from 1986-2001 and one of her jobs was to run a national children’s writing competition, The Cambridge Young Writers’ Award, which attracted thousands of entries. In 1989 she launched her own publishing company, Anglia Young Books, producing curriculum related historical fiction for primary schools. She sold the company to MILL Publishing in 2000 but continued to commission books for the new owners for several years. She has written 39 books for children and is working on more. Many of Hayes’ books have been shortlisted for awards- details at www.rosemaryhayes.co.uk Hayes teaches Creative Writing at an adult learning centre in Letchworth[1] and creative writing workshops in various schools in England. Broadcasting[edit] Hayes has frequently been interviewed on local radio (BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, BBC Radio Essex, BBC Radio Suffolk) and in the press (Cambridge News and Eastern Daily Press). Work with Walden Writers[edit] Hayes is an active member of Walden Writers[2][3][4] and within this she set up a critique group with other published authors including Penny Speller, Amy Corzine, Victor Watson author
Victor Watson author
and Jane Wilson-Howarth. She is also a member of the Society of Authors[5] East Anglian Writers[6] and The Scattered Authors’ Society[7] Books[edit]

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