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Rogan is an Irish surname, deriving from the Irish Ó Ruadhagáin. History[edit] The clan is descended from one of the septs of Oriel which originated in Counties Armagh and Monaghan and parts of South Down, Louth and Fermanagh. Recordings from Irish Church Registers include: the christening of Mary, daughter of Henry and Margaret Rogan, at Downpatrick, County Down on January 23, 1799, and the christening of Ann Jane, daughter of Dan and Anne Rogan, at Aghalee, County Antrim, on December 25, 1813. Anne Rogan, aged 17 yrs., was a famine emigrant to America, leaving Liverpool for New York in March 1846. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Elizabeth Rogan, which was dated 1743, christened at Inch by Gorey, County Wexford. From the "Annals of the Four masters: 1179, Ó Ruaghagain (O'Rogan), Lord of Iveagh (south Co. Down), died of three nights sickness, shortly after he had been expelled for violating the Canoin-Phatruig (Canon Phadraig, or "Patrick's Testament", also known as the Book of Armagh) The surname may refer to:

Alex Rogan, a fictional character in the 1987 movie The Last Starfighter Adrian Rogan, one of six people killed in the 1994 Loughinisland massacre Anton Rogan, Irish soccer player Barney Rogan, American film editor Bullet Rogan
Bullet Rogan
(1893-1967), American baseball player Dennis Rogan, Baron Rogan, Irish politician Emma Rogan, Sinn Féin politician in Northern Ireland Ian Rogan, a name by which British comic writer and editor Steve MacManus is sometimes credited James E. Rogan, American politician from California Joe Rogan, American comedian and UFC commentator John Rogan (other), multiple people Johnny Rogan, English author Markus Rogan, Austrian swimmer Seth Rogan, a misspelling of Seth Rogen, Canadian writer and comedian Thomas Rogan, a fictional character in The House of the Dead (arcade game) Tom Rogan, an American journalist

People with Rogan as a given name:

Rogan LaBier, American financial services executive and author Rogan Whitenails, British poet


Rogans Hill, New South Wales, a suburb of Sydney, Australia Rogan's Seat, a hill in the North Yorkshire dales of England Rogan, Ukraine, a town in Kharkiv Oblast, Ukraine

Rogan is also a phrase said by villagers in Age of Empires. Its surreality has become something of an Internet meme. See also[edit]

Rogan Gosh (comics) Rogan josh, a type of curry Rogan's Books, an independent children's bookshop in the UK Stein Rogan + Partners advertising agency Rogan printing, an Indian textile printing craft Rogan's Shoes, A Wisconsin-based shoe retailer

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