River Works, formerly known as Air Force Plant 29, is a plant of General Electric's aviation division located in Lynn, Massachusetts. It is serviced by the River Works station on the MBTA's Newburyport/Rockport Line. It was purchased by General Electric in 1983 from the United States Air Force.


The plant is situated along the Saugus River, along railroad tracks. The factory was built in 1943 as a supercharger facility, and helped to build the first jet engine during World War II. Activities performed at the plant originally included aircraft engine testing, disassembly, lubricating, cleaning and assembly. Operations included, degreasing, electrochemical grinding, engine maintenance, metal washing, parts cleaning and stress fracture testing.[1] The plant had operations boosted in the late 1980s after General Electric decided to close the General Electric Everett Plant and move operations there.[2]


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