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John Richard Basehart
Richard Basehart
(August 31, 1914 – September 17, 1984) was an American actor. He starred as Admiral
Harriman Nelson
Harriman Nelson
in the television science fiction-drama Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1964–68). He also prominently portrayed Wilton Knight
Wilton Knight
in the series Knight Rider (1982–86). Basehart was equally active in cinema, receiving National Board of Review Awards for his performances in Fourteen Hours (1951) and Moby Dick (1956). He was further nominated for a BAFTA Award
for his role in Time Limit (1957), the directorial debut of Karl Malden.


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One of his most notable film roles was the acrobat known as "the Fool" in the acclaimed Italian film La Strada
La Strada
(1954), directed by Federico Fellini. He also appeared as the killer in the film noir classic He Walked by Night (1948), as a psychotic member of the Hatfield clan in Roseanna McCoy (1949), as Ishmael in Moby Dick (1956), and in the drama Decision Before Dawn (1951). From 1964-68, Basehart played the lead role, Admiral
Harriman Nelson, on Irwin Allen's first foray into science-fiction television, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. Basehart narrated a wide range of television and movie projects. In 1964, he narrated the David Wolper documentary about the Kennedy assassination, Four Days in November. In 1980, Basehart narrated the mini-series written by Peter Arnett
Peter Arnett
called Vietnam: The Ten Thousand Day War that covered Vietnam
and its battles from the Japanese surrender on September 2, 1945 to the final American embassy evacuation on April 30, 1975. Basehart appeared in the pilot episode of the television series Knight Rider as billionaire Wilton Knight. He is the narrator at the beginning of the show's credits. He accepted the lead role in the 1962 film Hitler. In 1971, he played "Captain Sligo", a comical Irishman with a pet buffalo who negotiates a flawed but legal cattle purchase and unconventionally courts a widow with two children, played by Salome Jens, in CBS's western series, Gunsmoke, with James Arness. He appeared in "Probe 7, Over and Out", an episode of The Twilight Zone, Hawaii Five-O, and as Hannibal Applewood, an abusive schoolteacher in Little House on the Prairie
Little House on the Prairie
in 1976. In 1972, Basehart appeared in the Columbo
episode "Dagger of the Mind' in which he and Honor Blackman played a husband-and-wife theatrical team who accidentally kill Sir Roger Haversham, the producer of their rendition of Macbeth. Basehart played a supporting role as a doctor in the feature film Rage (1972), a theatrical feature starring and directed by George C. Scott. Basehart made a few TV movies including Sole Survivor (1970) and The Birdmen (1971). Both were based on true stories during World War II. In 1979, he appeared as a Russian diplomat with Peter Sellers
Peter Sellers
in Being There. Personal life[edit]

Richard Basehart's grave

Basehart was born in Zanesville, Ohio, the son of Mae (née Wetherald) and Harry T. Basehart.[1] He was married three times. After the death of his first wife Stephanie Klein, he married Italian Academy Award-nominated actress Valentina Cortese, with whom he had one son, actor Jackie Basehart; the couple divorced in 1960. In 1962, he married his third wife, Diana Lotery, with whom he had two children and remained married until his death in 1984.[2] Death[edit] Basehart died in Los Angeles
Los Angeles
on September 17, 1984, following a series of strokes. He was 70 years old. His body was cremated, and the ashes interred at Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery
Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery
in Los Angeles.[3] Selected filmography[edit]

Repeat Performance
Repeat Performance
(1947) – William Williams Cry Wolf (1947) – James Demarest He Walked by Night
He Walked by Night
(1948) – Roy Martin / Roy Morgan Roseanna McCoy (1949) – Mounts Hatfield Reign of Terror (1949) – Maximilian Robespierre Tension (1949) – Warren Quimby Outside the Wall (1950) – Larry Nelson Side Street (1950) – Bank Teller (uncredited) Fourteen Hours (1951) – Robert Cosick The House on Telegraph Hill
The House on Telegraph Hill
(1951) – Alan Spender Fixed Bayonets!
Fixed Bayonets!
(1951) – Cpl. Denno Decision Before Dawn (1951) – Lt. Dick Rennick Titanic (1953) – George Healey The Stranger's Hand
The Stranger's Hand
(1954) – Joe Hamstringer Angels of Darkness (it) (1953) – Bit Part (uncredited) The Good Die Young
The Good Die Young
(1954) – Joe Halsey La Strada
La Strada
(1954) – The Fool Avanzi di galera (1954) – Dottor Stefano Luprandi Canyon Crossroads
Canyon Crossroads
(1955) – Larry Kendall Le avventure di Cartouche (1955) – Jacques de Maudy Golden Vein (1955) – Ing. Stefano Manfredi Il bidone
Il bidone
(1955; also known as The Swindle (US) and The Swindlers (UK)) – Picasso The Intimate Stranger (1956) – Reginald 'Reggie' Wilson The Extra Day (1956) – Joe Blake Moby Dick (1956) – Ishmael Los jueves, milagro (1957) – Martino Time Limit (1957) – Maj. Harry Cargill The Brothers Karamazov (1958) – Ivan Karamazov Love and Troubles
Love and Troubles
(1958) – Paolo Martelli The Restless and the Damned (1959; also known as L'Ambitieuse) – George Rancourt Jons und Erdme (1959) – Wittkuhn, der Schmied Five Branded Women
Five Branded Women
(1960) – Captain Eric Reinhardt Portrait in Black (1960) – Howard Mason For the Love of Mike
For the Love of Mike
(1960) – Father Francis Phelan Passport to China (1961; also known as Visa to Canton) – Don Benton Rawhide (1961) – Tod Stone Hitler (1962) – Adolf Hitler Savage Guns (1962) – Steve Fallon The Twilight Zone
The Twilight Zone
(episode: "Probe 7, Over and Out"; 1963) – Adam Cook Kings of the Sun
Kings of the Sun
(1963) – Ah Min Combat!
(episode: "The Long Way Home"; 1963) – Capt. Steiner Battle of the Bulge (1965) The Satan Bug
The Satan Bug
(1965) – Dr. Gregor Hoffman Un homme qui me plaît (1969; also known as A Man I Like and Love is a Funny Thing) – Acteur – cameo appearance Hans Brinker
Hans Brinker
(1969) – Dr. Boekman Giotto (1969) – Narrator (voice) Sole Survivor (1970, TV) – Brig. Gen. Russell Hamner The Andersonville Trial (1970, TV) – Henry Wirz The Birdmen (1971, TV) – Schiller The Death of Me Yet (1971, TV) – Robert Barnes Assignment: Munich (1972, TV) – Maj. Barney Caldwell Chato's Land
Chato's Land
(1972) – Nye Buell Rage (1972) – Dr. Roy Caldwell Columbo: episode: "Dagger of the Mind" (1972, TV) – Nicholas Frame And Millions Will Die (1973) – Dr. Douglas Pruitt Time Travelers (1976, TV) – Dr. Joshua Henderson (1871) Little House on the Prairie
Little House on the Prairie
(1976) – Mr. Applewood Mansion of the Doomed
Mansion of the Doomed
(1976; also known as Terror of Dr Chaney and Massacre Mansion) – Dr. Leonard Chaney The Island of Dr. Moreau (1977) – Sayer of the Law The Great Bank Hoax (1978) – Manny Benchly The Rebels (1979) – Duke of Kentland Being There
Being There
(1979) – Vladimir Skrapinov Knight Rider (1982–1986, TV series) – Narrator – Opening Titles / Wilton Knight
Wilton Knight
/ Narrator (final television appearance)


Year Award Category Title Result Ref

1951 National Board of Review Awards Best Actor Fourteen Hours Won [4]

1956 Best Supporting Actor Moby Dick [5]

1958 BAFTA Awards Best Foreign Actor Time Limit Nominated [6]

1960 Hollywood Walk of Fame Motion Pictures - Inducted [7]


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