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Richard Bache
Richard Bache
(September 12, 1737 – April 17, 1811), born in Settle, Yorkshire, England, immigrated to Philadelphia, in the colony of Pennsylvania, where he was a businessman, a marine insurance underwriter, and later served as head of the American Post Office. He also was the son-in-law of Benjamin Franklin.


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Career[edit] Bache immigrated as a young man in 1760 to New York to join his brother Theophylact in a dry goods and marine insurance business. After a couple of years, he went to Philadelphia, where he prospered for several years. He was among nearly 30 young men who in October 1766 met at the city's London Coffee House to found the Gloucester Fox Hunting Club (GFHC), the first in America, to take up a pursuit closely associated with becoming "true Englishmen."[1] In 1767, Bache suffered financial problems when debts contracted by him were repudiated by his London associate, Edward Green. Marriage and family[edit]

Richard Bache's wife, Sarah Franklin, painted by John Hoppner
John Hoppner

That year, Bache had proposed to Sarah Franklin (1743–1808), known as Sally, the only daughter of Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin
and Deborah Read. They objected, given his precarious finances and rumors that Bache was a fortune hunter.[2] Although Franklin and his wife Deborah Read
Deborah Read
never formally approved, they acquiesced to the marriage in 1767.[2] Bache and Sally had eight children together, including Benjamin Franklin, Louis Franklin and Richard Franklin. Later years[edit] During the American Revolution, Bache served on the Board of War. His wife, Sally Bache (1743–1808), was widely known for her patriotism and charitable activities. Franklin later arranged an appointment for Bache as the US Postmaster General (1776-1782), to succeed him. After Franklin's death in 1790, Bache and Sally lived off her inheritance from Franklin, moving their family to the Vandegrift residence[3] in 1794 along the Delaware River north of Philadelphia.[2] Descendants[edit] Their oldest son, Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin
Bache (1769–1798), became a journalist and publisher, founding a newspaper. He was a spokesman for the Jeffersonian Republicans; he strenuously opposed George Washington, John Adams
John Adams
and the Federalist party. Sally and Bache's son, Richard Bache, Jr., served in the Republic of Texas Navy and was elected as a Representative to the Second Texas Legislature in 1847. The U.S. Navy surgeon Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin
Bache (1801–1881) and the physicist Alexander Dallas Bache
Alexander Dallas Bache
(1806–1867) were grandsons of Sally and Richard Bache, Sr. References[edit]

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Political offices

Preceded by Benjamin Franklin United States
United States
Postmaster General 1776–1782 Succeeded by Ebenezer Hazard

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January 6, 1706 – April 17, 1790 President of Pennsylvania
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(1754 political cartoon) Albany Plan
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Silence Dogood
Silence Dogood
letters (1722) A Dissertation on Liberty and Necessity, Pleasure and Pain (1725) The Busy-Body
The Busy-Body
letters (1729) Pennsylvania
Gazette (1729–1790) Poor Richard's Almanack
Poor Richard's Almanack
(1732–1758) The Drinker's Dictionary (1737) "Advice to a Friend on Choosing a Mistress" (1745) "The Speech of Polly Baker" (1747) Observations Concerning the Increase of Mankind, Peopling of Countries, etc. (1751) Experiments and Observations on Electricity
Experiments and Observations on Electricity
(1751) Birch letters (1755) The Way to Wealth
The Way to Wealth
(1758) Pennsylvania
Chronicle (1767) Rules by Which a Great Empire May Be Reduced to a Small One (1773) Proposed alliance with the Iroquois (1775) A Letter To A Royal Academy (1781) Remarks Concerning the Savages of North America (1784) The Morals of Chess (1786) An Address to the Public (1789) A Plan for Improving the Condition of the Free Blacks (1789) The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin
(1771–90, pub. 1791) Bagatelles and Satires
Bagatelles and Satires
(pub. 1845) Franklin as a journalist


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Deborah Read
Deborah Read
(wife) Sarah Franklin Bache
Sarah Franklin Bache
(daughter) Francis Franklin (son) William Franklin
William Franklin
(son) Richard Bache Jr. (grandson) Benjamin F. Bache (grandson) Louis F. Bache (grandson) William Franklin
William Franklin
(grandson) Andrew Harwood (great-grandson) Alexander Bache (great-grandson) Josiah Franklin (father) Jane Mecom (sister) James Franklin (brother) Mary Morrell Folger (grandmother) Peter Folger (grandfather) Richard Bache
Richard Bache
(son-in-law) Ann Smith Franklin (sister-in-law)

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