The Info List - Reliance-Majestic Studios

Reliance-Majestic Studios was an early American movie studio in Hollywood, California, originally built around 1914 at 4516 Sunset Boulevard.

Within a few years, it became the home of D. W. Griffith and Mutual Film Corporation. Later the studio's name was changed to Fine Arts Studios, and was sometimes known as the Griffith Studio and as the Griffith Artcraft Studio. The studio was formed by Mutual as a partnership between D. W. Griffith and Majestic Studio owner Harry Aitken [1].

The Birth of a Nation (1915), Hearts of the World (1918) and Broken Blossoms (1919) were partially or fully lensed at the studio. The sets for Intolerance (1916) were erected across the street where the Vista Theatre stands.

In 1915, Thomas Ince's Kay-Bee Pictures, Mack Sennett's Keystone Studios, and D. W. Griffith's Reliance-Majestic studio were combined to form the Triangle Film Corporation, which was headed by Harry and Roy Aitken.

In 1927, Tiffany Pictures acquired the lot. Upon Tiffany's bankruptcy in 1932, the stages were renamed Talisman studios[1] used as a rental studio by a variety of studios such as Monogram Pictures.

The lot (now with the address 4520 Sunset Boulevard) is currently the location of a Vons supermarket.


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Coordinates: 34°5′53.41″N 118°17′16.17″W / 34.0981694°N 118.2878250°W / 34.0981694; -118.2878250