Raymond Walburn (September 9, 1887 – July 26, 1969) was an American character actor of stage and screen who appeared in dozens of Hollywood movie comedies and an occasional dramatic role during the 1930s and 1940s.

Life and career

Born in Plymouth, Indiana, Walburn moved to Oakland, California, and took up acting on the stage, the same profession as his mother. He made his debut on Broadway in Cordelia Blossom in 1914. He did not make an impact in films until the release of The Count of Monte Cristo, which starred Robert Donat, in 1934. His filmography includes nearly 100 films, with his best known roles as a stereotypical bumbler and as a pompous snob. He could also be villainous, as he was when he played Baron Danglars in the 1934 film version of The Count of Monte Cristo, and was a favourite of such celebrated comedy directors as Preston Sturges and Frank Capra, with whom he made several appearances.

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