Rail or rails may refer to:

Rail transport

*Rail transport and related matters *Rail (rail transport) or railway lines, the running surface of a railway


*''Rails'' (film), a 1929 Italian film by Mario Camerini *''Rail'' (1967 film), a film by Geoffrey Jones for British Transport Films *''Mirattu'' or ''Rail, a Tamil-language film and its Telugu dub


*''Rail'' (magazine), a British rail transport periodical *''Rails'' (magazine), a former New Zealand based rail transport periodical

Other uses

*Rail (bird), a family of birds *Rail (name) *Rail (theater) or batten *The Rails, a British folk-rock band *Rail, Missouri, a ghost town in the United States *Rail drink, an alcoholic beverage ordered with house liquors *Rails framework or Ruby on Rails, a web application framework *Rail system (firearms), a mounting system for firearm attachments *Rural Appalachian Improvement League, an American non-profit organisation *Front engine dragster or rail *Runway alignment indicator lights or RAIL, a configuration of an approach lighting system *Rail, a line of cocaine *RAIL (Rule Augmented Interconnect Layout), a specification for electronic expression of timing and layout guidelines for printed circuit boards; a companion to the Input/output Buffer Information Specification

See also

*Curtain rail, a rail from which curtains are hung *Door rails, a horizontal outside member on a door or in a frame and panel construction *Guard rail, for protective separation *Hand rail, for physical support, such as on stairways and steps *Picatinny rail, a bracket used on some firearms as a mounting platform *Power supply rail or voltage rail, a single voltage provided by a power supply unit *Rail profile, the cross sectional shape of a railway rail *Railing (disambiguation) *Railway (disambiguation) *Railways (disambiguation) *Rayl (disambiguation) *Riding a rail or being run out of town on a rail *Third rail, a method of providing electric power to a railway train * * * {{Disambiguation