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Quế Võ is a rural district of Bắc Ninh Province
Bắc Ninh Province
in the Red River Delta region of Vietnam. As of 2003, the district had a population of 154,694.[1] The district covers an area of 171 km². The district capital lies at Phố Mới.[1] References[edit]

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Coordinates: 21°07′59″N 106°10′01″E / 21.133°N 106.167°E / 21.133; 106.167

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Bắc Ninh
Bắc Ninh

Provincial cities

Bắc Ninh

District-level town

Từ Sơn


Gia Bình Lương Tài Quế Võ Thuận Thành Tiên Du Yên Phong

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Bắc Ninh
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