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Puzzle of a Downfall Child
Puzzle of a Downfall Child
is a 1970 film drama directed by Jerry Schatzberg and starring Faye Dunaway, Barry Morse, Viveca Lindfors, Roy Scheider
Roy Scheider
and Barry Primus.


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Plot[edit] A beautiful but disturbed young woman lives alone at a beach cottage, reliving her past, a life of delusions and lies. Lou Andreas Sand (Dunaway) is a former fashion model whose life has gone into a downward spiral including drug use and a nervous breakdown. She tells an acquaintance, Aaron Reinhardt (Primus), her story for a film he is planning on her, but the details do not ring true. Lou evidently had a lover who abused her and a penchant for sex with strange men. Along the way, she became engaged to marry Mark (Scheider), an ad executive, but apparently jilted him on the day of their wedding, leading to her descent into drugs and an attempted suicide. Cast[edit]

Faye Dunaway
Faye Dunaway
as Lou Andreas Sand Barry Primus as Aaron Reinhardt Viveca Lindfors
Viveca Lindfors
as Pauline Galba Barry Morse
Barry Morse
as Dr. Galba Roy Scheider
Roy Scheider
as Mark Ruth Jackson as Barbara Casey John Heffernan as Dr. Sherman Sydney Walker as Psychiatrist Clark Burckhalter as Davy Bright Shirley Rich as Peggy McCavage Emerick Bronson as Falco Joe George as 1st Man in Bar John Eames as 1st Doctor Harry Lee as Mr. Wong Jane Halleran as Joan Susan Willis as Neighbor Barbara Carrera
Barbara Carrera
as T.J. Brady Sam Schacht as George

Production[edit] The film was Schatzberg's first foray into feature film making; he was at the time known primarily as a fashion photographer, and had directed a few commercials.[1] Schatzberg initially worked with French screenwriter Jacques Sigurd, who had written a script involving a woman having an abortion, but the collaboration came to an end due to creative differences. Carole Eastman, whose unused draft for Petulia
Schatzberg had enjoyed, was approached to write a new screenplay, and only the title from Sigurd's script was kept on the insistence of Schatzberg.[2] Eastman based the new script on recordings Schatzberg had made of his friend, model Anne St. Marie,[3] while Aaron was in part based on Schatzberg himself.[2] The phrase downfall child came from a friend of Schatzberg's who had recounted a nightmare where she was trying to save a child falling from a building.[1] The name of Faye Dunaway's character is an allusion to Lou Andreas-Salomé.[1] Theatre[edit] The movie was adapted as a two-character play by Elisabeth Bouchaud (in French) and put on at La Reine Blanche (Paris) in 2017.[4] See also[edit]

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Puzzle of a Downfall Child
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