Presidential elections were held in Poland on 5 November 1995, with a second round on 19 November.Dieter Nohlen & Philip Stöver (2010) ''Elections in Europe: A data handbook'', p1491 The leader of Social Democracy of the Republic of Poland, Aleksander Kwaśniewski, and incumbent President Lech Wałęsa advanced to the second round. Kwaśniewski won the election, collecting 51.7 percent of votes in the Two-round system, run-off, against 48.3 percent for Lech Wałęsa.


The two favorites throughout the course of the campaign were the leader of the post-communist Democratic Left Alliance, SLD Aleksander Kwaśniewski and incumbent President Lech Wałęsa. Kwaśniewski ran a campaign of change and blamed the economic problems in Poland on the post-Solidarity right. His campaign slogan was "Let's choose the future" (''Wybierzmy przyszłość''). Political opponents challenged his candidacy, and produced evidence to show that he had lied about his education in registration documents and public presentations. There was also some mystery over his graduation from university. A law court confirmed that Kwaśniewski had lied about his record, but did not penalize him for it, judging the information irrelevant to the election result. Meanwhile, Wałęsa was a very unpopular President and some opinion polls even showed that he might not make it into the second round. He was challenged by other post-Solidarity politicians of all sides of the political spectrum ranging from liberal former Minister of Labour and Social Policy Jacek Kuroń to ultraconservative former Prime Minister of Poland, Prime Minister Jan Olszewski. Rather than focusing on his presidency, he focused on his personal image as an everyday man turned international hero that was created for him while he was chairman of Solidarity (Polish trade union), Solidarity. His campaign slogan was "There are many candidates but there is only one Lech Wałęsa" (''Kandydatów jest wielu – Lech Wałęsa tylko jeden'').


File:Leszek Bubel.JPG, Former Member of the Sejm Leszek Bubel (Independent), 38 File:Gronkiewicz 1 (cropped).jpg, Chairman of the National Bank of Poland, National Bank Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz (Independent), 43 File:Korwin.png, Former Member of the Sejm Janusz Korwin-Mikke (Real Politics Union), 53 File:1 Maja Jacek Kuroń (cropped).jpg, Former Minister of Labor and Social Policy Jacek Kuroń (Freedom Union (Poland), Freedom Union), 61 File:Aleksander Kwasniewski (cropped).jpg, Former Chairman of the Polish Olympic Committee Aleksander Kwaśniewski (Democratic Left Alliance), 40 File:Andrzej Lepper in his office 2002 (2) (cropped).jpg, Agriculturer Andrzej Lepper (Self-Defense of the Republic of Poland, Self-Defense), 41 File:Jan Olszewski 3.jpg, Former Prime Minister Jan Olszewski (:pl:Ruch_dla_Rzeczypospolitej, Movement for the Republic), 65 File:Waldemar Pawlak Srebrne Usta 2006.jpg, Former Prime Minister Waldemar Pawlak (Polish People's Party), 36 File:Jan Pietrzak.jpg, Comedian Jan Pietrzak (Independent), 58 File:Lech Wałęsa prezydent RP (cropped).jpg, Incumbent President Lech Wałęsa (Independent), 52 File:Tadeusz Zieliński (prawnik).JPG, Senator Tadeusz Zieliński (Labour Union (Poland), Labour Union), 69 *Jurist Tadeusz Koźluk (Independent), 65 *Mechanic Kazimierz Piotrowicz (Independent), 51


File:Lech Kaczyński cropped.png, Former Chairman of the Supreme Audit Office Lech Kaczyński (Centre Agreement), 46 File:Marek.Markiewicz.JPG, Former Chairman of the National Broadcasting Council Marek Markiewicz (The Republicans), 43 File:Moczulski Leszek 2009.jpg, Journalist Leszek Moczulski (Confederation of Independent Poland, KPN), 65 *Businessman Bogdan Pawłowski (Independent), 50


Kwaśniewski won with 51.7 percent of votes in the Two-round system, run-off. 64.7% of citizens cast their votes during the first round, 98.2% of those were valid. 68.2% of citizens cast their vote during the second round, 98.0% of those were valid.


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