In the 10th edition of ''Systema Naturae'', Carl Linnaeus described the Fish, Pisces as:
Always inhabiting the waters; are swift in their motion and voracious in their appetites. They breathe by means of gills, which are generally united by a bony arch; swim by means of radiate fins, and are mostly covered over with cartilaginous scales. Besides the parts they have in common with other animals, they are furnished with a nictitant membrane, and most of them with a swim-bladder, by the contraction or dilatation of which, they can raise or sink themselves in their element at pleasure.
Linnaean Characteristics *Heart: 1 auricle, 1 ventricle. Cold, dark red blood *Gills: external *Jaw: incumbent *Penis: (usually) none *Eggs: without whites *Organs of Sense: tongue, nostrils?, eyes, ears *Covering: imbricate scales *Supports: fins. Swims in the Water & Smacks.


;''Muraena'' (eels) *''Muraena helena'' – Mediterranean moray *''Muraena ophis'' – Ophichthus ophis, Spotted snake eel *''Muraena serpens'' – Serpent eel *''Muraena anguilla'' – European eel *''Muraena myrus'' – Painted eel *''Muraena conger'' – European conger *''Muraena caeca'' – European finless eel ;''Gymnotus'' (Gymnotus, electric knifefishes) *''Gymnotus carapo'' – Banded knifefish *''Gymnotus asiaticus'' – Channa asiatica, Snakehead ;''Trichiurus'' (cutlassfishes) *''Trichiurus lepturus'' – Largehead hairtail ;''Anarhichas'' (wolffishes) *''Anarhichas lupus'' – Seawolf (fish), seawolf ;''Ammodytes'' (Sand lance, sand eels) *''Ammodytes tobianus'' – Lesser sand eel ;''Stromateus'' (Stromateidae, butterfishes) *''Stromateus fiatola'' – Blue Butterfish *''Stromateus paru'' – American Harvestfish ;''Xiphias'' (swordfishes) *''Xiphias gladius'' – Swordfish


;''Callionymus'' (dragonets) *''Callionymus lyra'' & ''Callionymus dracunculus'' – Callionymus lyra, Common Dragonet *''Callionymus indicus'' – Bartail flathead ;''Uranoscopus'' (Stargazer (fish), stargazers) *''Uranoscopus scaber'' – ''Uranoscopus scaber'' ;''Trachinus'' (weevers) *''Trachinus draco'' – Greater weever ;''Gadus'' (cod & kin) *''Gadus aeglefinus'' – Haddock *''Gadus morhua'' & ''Gadus callarias'' – Atlantic Cod *''Gadus luscus'' & ''Gadus barbatus'' – Trisopterus luscus, Pouting *''Gadus minutus'' – Poor cod *''Gadus virens'' & ''Gadus carbonarius'' – Pollachius virens, Coalfish *''Gadus merlangus'' – Merlangius merlangus, Whiting *''Gadus pollachius'' – Pollachius pollachius, Pollock *''Gadus merluccius'' – European hake *''Gadus molva'' – Common ling *''Gadus lota'' – Burbot *''Gadus mustela'' – Fivebeard rockling *''Gadus mediterraneus'' – Shore rockling ;''Blennius'' (Blennioidei, blennies) *''Blennius galerita'' – Coryphoblennius, Montagu's blenny *''Blennius cristatus'' – Molly Miller *''Blennius cornutus'' – Parablennius cornutus, Horned blenny *''Blennius ocellaris'' – Butterfly Blenny *''Blennius gattorugine'' – Parablennius gattorugine, Tompot blenny *''Blennius superciliosus'' – ''Clinus superciliosus'' *''Blennius mustelarius'' – nomen dubium *''Blennius pholis'' – Lipophrys pholis, Combtooth blenny *''Blennius gunnellus'' – Rock gunnel *''Blennius viviparus'' – Viviparous eelpout *''Blennius lumpenus'' – unknown *''Blennius raninus'' – Raniceps raninus, Tadpole fish ;''Ophidion'' (Ophidiidae, cusk-wels) *''Ophidion barbatum'' – Snake blenny *''Ophidion imberbe'' – Rock gunnel *''Ophidion macrophthalmum'' – Cepola macrophthalma, Red bandfish



;''Cyclopterus'' (Lumpsucker, Lumpfishes) *''Cyclopterus lumpus'' – ''Cyclopterus lumpus'' *''Cyclopterus nudus'' – ''Gobiesox nudus''


;''Echeneis'' (Remoras) *''Echeneis remora'' – Common remora *''Echeneis neucrates'' – Live sharksucker


;''Coryphaena'' (Coryphaenidae, Dolphinfishes) *''Coryphaena hippurus'' – Mahi-mahi, Common dolphinfish *''Coryphaena equiselis'' – Pompano dolphinfish *''Coryphaena pentadactyla'' – Fivefinger wrasse *''Coryphaena novacula'' – Pearly razorfish *''Coryphaena pompilus'' – Coryphaena pompilus, Rudderfish


;''Gobius'' (Goby, Gobies) *''Gobius niger'' & ''Gobius jozo'' – Black goby *''Gobius paganellus'' – Rock goby *''Gobius eleotris'' *''Gobius aphya'' *''Gobius pectinirostris'' – Blue-spotted mud hopper *''Gobius anguillaris'' – ''Taenioides anguillaris''


;''Cottus'' (Cottidae, Sculpins) *''Cottus cataphractus'' – ''Agonus cataphractus'' *''Cottus quadricornis'' – Fourhorn sculpin *''Cottus grunniens'' – ''Allenbatrachus grunniens'' *''Cottus scaber'' – ''Grammoplites scaber'' *''Cottus scorpius'' – Myoxocephalus scorpius, Shorthorn sculpin *''Cottus gobio'' – European bullhead


;''Scorpaena'' (Scorpaenidae, Scorpionfishes) *''Scorpaena porcus'' – Black scorpionfish, European scorpionfish *''Scorpaena scrofa'' – Bigscale scorpionfish


;''Zeus'' (John Dory, John Dories & kin) *''Zeus vomer'' – Lookdown *''Zeus gallus'' – ''Selene gallus'' *''Zeus faber'' – John Dory *''Zeus aper'' – ''Capros aper''


;''Pleuronectes'' (Flatfishes) *''Pleuronectes achirus'' – ''Achirus achirus'' *''Pleuronectes trichodactylus'' – ''Monochirus trichodactylus'' *''Pleuronectes lineatus'' – Achirus lineatus, Lined sole *''Pleuronectes ocellatus'' – ''Microchirus ocellatus'' *''Pleuronectes lunatus'' – Plate fish *''Pleuronectes hippoglossus'' – Atlantic halibut *''Pleuronectes cynoglossus'' – Witch (righteye flounder), Trobay sole *''Pleuronectes platessa'' – European plaice *''Pleuronectes flesus'' & ''Pleuronectes passer'' – European flounder *''Pleuronectes limanda'' – Common dab *''Pleuronectes solea'' – Common sole *''Pleuronectes linguatula'' – ''Citharus linguatula'' *''Pleuronectes rhombus'' – Brill (fish), Brill *''Pleuronectes maximus'' – Turbot *''Pleuronectes papillosus'' – ''Syacium papillosum''


;''Chaetodon'' (Butterflyfishes, Pomacanthidae, Angelfishes, & kin) *''Chaetodon canescens'' & ''Chaetodon cornutus'' – Moorish idol *''Chaetodon argenteus'' – Silver moony *''Chaetodon acuminatus'' & ''Chaetodon macrolepidotus'' – Pennant coralfish *''Chaetodon pinnatus'' – Platax pinnatus, Dusky batfish *''Chaetodon punctatus'' – ''Drepane punctata'' *''Chaetodon arcuatus'' – Gray angelfish *''Chaetodon rostratus'' – Copperband butterflyfish *''Chaetodon nigricans'' – ''Acanthurus nigricans'' *''Chaetodon triostegus'' – Acanthurus triostegus, Convict surgeonfish *''Chaetodon lineatus'' – Acanthurus lineatus, Striped surgeon *''Chaetodon striatus'' – Banded butterflyfish *''Chaetodon aruanus'' – Whitetail dascyllus *''Chaetodon capistratus'' – Foureye butterflyfish *''Chaetodon vagabundus'' – Vagabond butterflyfish *''Chaetodon ciliaris'' – Queen angelfish *''Chaetodon saxatilis'' – Sergeant major (fish), Sergeant major *''Chaetodon rotundus'' – ''Abudefduf septemfasciatus'' *''Chaetodon lanceolatus'' – Jack-knifefish


;''Sparus'' (Sparidae, Breams and Porgies) *''Sparus aurata'' – Gilt-head bream *''Sparus annularis'' – ''Diplodus annularis'' *''Sparus sargus'' – ''Diplodus sargus'' *''Sparus melanurus'' – Saddled seabream *''Sparus smaris'' – ''Spicara smaris'' *''Sparus maena'' – ''Spicara maena'' *''Sparus saxatilis'' – ''Crenicichla saxatilis'' *''Sparus orphus'' & ''Sparus pagrus'' – Red porgy *''Sparus hurta'' & ''Sparus mormyrus'' – ''Lithognathus mormyrus'' *''Sparus erythrinus'' – Pagellus erythrinus, Common pandora *''Sparus boops'' – ''Boops boops'' *''Sparus cantharus'' – Black seabream *''Sparus chromis'' – ''Chromis chromis'' *''Sparus salpa'' – Sarpa salpa, Salema porgy *''Sparus synagris'' – Lane snapper *''Sparus dentex'' – Common dentex *''Sparus spinus'' – ''Siganus spinus'' *''Sparus virginicus'' – Anisotremus virginicus, Porkfish *''Sparus capistratus'' *''Sparus galilaeus'' – Mango tilapia


;''Labrus'' (Wrasses, Parrotfishes, & kin) *''Labrus scarus'' *''Labrus cretensis'' – Sparisoma cretense, Mediterranean parrotfish *''Labrus anthias'' – ''Anthias anthias'' *''Labrus hepatus'' – ''Serranus hepatus'' *''Labrus griseus'' – Mangrove snapper *''Labrus lunaris'' – Moon wrasse *''Labrus opercularis'' – Paradise fish *''Labrus pavo'' – Thalassoma pavo, Ornate wrasse *''Labrus auritus'' – Redbreast sunfish *''Labrus falcatus'' – Permit (fish), Permit *''Labrus rufus'' – Spanish hogfish *''Labrus marginalis'' *''Labrus ferrugineus'' *''Labrus julis'' & ''Labrus paroticus'' – Mediterranean rainbow wrasse *''Labrus suillus'' & ''Labrus rupestris'' – Goldsinny wrasse *''Labrus striatus'' – Black sea bass *''Labrus gvaza'' – Venezuelan grouper *''Labrus ocellaris'' *''Labrus tinca'' – ''Symphodus tinca'' *''Labrus bimaculatus'' – ''Cichlasoma bimaculatum'' *''Labrus punctatus'' – ''Polycentrus schomburgkii'' *''Labrus melops'' – Corkwing wrasse *''Labrus niloticus'' – Nile perch *''Labrus ossifagus'', ''Labrus mixtus'', & ''Labrus varius'' – Cuckoo wrasse *''Labrus onitis'' – Tautog *''Labrus viridis'' – Green wrasse *''Labrus luscus'' – Green wrasse *''Labrus livens'' – ''Labrus merula'' *''Labrus turdus'' – ''Labrus viridis'' *''Labrus exoletus'' & ''Labrus chinensis'' – ''Centrolabrus exoletus'' *''Labrus linearis'' *''Labrus fulvus'' – ''Cephalopholis fulva'' *''Labrus radiatus'' – Puddingwife wrasse *''Labrus merula'' – Brown wrasse *''Labrus cynaedus''


;''Sciaena'' (Lutjanidae, Snappers & Sciaenidae, Croakers) *''Sciaena cappa'' *''Sciaena lepisma'' *''Sciaena unimaculata'' *''Sciaena umbra'' – Brown meagre *''Sciaena cirrosa'' – ''Umbrina cirrosa''


;''Perca'' (Perch, Grouper, & kin) *''Perca fluviatilis'' – European perch *''Perca lucioperca'' – Zander (''Sander lucioperca'') *''Perca asper'' – Zingel, Asper (''Zingel asper'') *''Perca labrax'' – European seabass (''Dicentrarchus labrax'') *''Perca nilotica'' – Oreochromis niloticus, Nile tilapia (''Oreochromis niloticus'') *''Perca marina'' – Painted comber (''Serranus scriba'') *''Perca nobilis'' – Barred grunt (''Conodon, Conodon nobilis'') *''Perca polymna'' – Saddleback clownfish (''Amphiprion polymnus'') *''Perca cottoides'' – Marbled stingfish (''Cottapistus, Cottapistus cottoides'') *''Perca philadelphica'' – ''Centropristis, Centropristis philadelphica'' *''Perca mediterranea'' – Axillary wrasse (''Symphodus mediterraneus'') *''Perca vittata'' – Oriental Sweetlips (''Plectorhinchus vittatus'') *''Perca punctata'' – Coney (''Cephalopholis fulva'') *''Perca guttata'' – Red hind (''Epinephelus, Epinephelus guttatus'') *''Perca scriba'' – Painted comber (''Serranus scriba'') *''Perca venenosa'' – Yellowfin grouper (Mycteroperca venenosa) *''Perca melanura'' – Cottonwick grunt (''Haemulon, Haemulon melanurum'') *''Perca gibbosa'' – Pumpkinseed (''Lepomis gibbosus'') *''Perca saltatrix'' – ''Perca sectatrix'' *''Perca stigma'' *''Perca diagramma'' – Striped sweetlips (''Plectorhinchus diagrammus'') *''Perca striata'' – Striped grunt (''Haemulon, Haemulon striatum'') *''Perca lineata'' – Yellowbanded sweetlips (''Plectorhinchus lineatus'') *''Perca rhomboidalis'' – Western Atlantic seabream (''Archosargus rhomboidalis'') *''Perca cernua'' – Ruffe (''Gymnocephalus cernua'') *''Perca schraetser'' – Striped ruffe ''Gymnocephalus schraetser'' *''Perca argentea'' – ''Terapon, Terapon theraps'' *''Perca cabrilla'' – Comber (fish), Comber (''Serranus cabrilla'') *''Perca radula''


;''Gasterosteus'' (Sticklebacks & kin) *''Gasterosteus aculeatus'' – Three-spined stickleback *''Gasterosteus ductor'' – Pilot fish *''Gasterosteus occidentalis'' *''Gasterosteus ovatus'' – ''Trachinotus ovatus'' *''Gasterosteus pungitius'' – Ninespine stickleback *''Gasterosteus volitans'' – Red lionfish *''Gasterosteus spinachia'' – ''Spinachia spinachia'' *''Gasterosteus spinarella'' – Dactylopterus volitans, Flying gurnard


;''Scomber'' (Mackerel & Tuna) *''Scomber scombrus'' – Atlantic mackerel *''Scomber pelamis'' – Skipjack tuna *''Scomber thynnus'' – Atlantic bluefin tuna *''Scomber cordyla'' – Torpedo scad *''Scomber glaucus'' – ''Trachinotus ovatus'' *''Scomber trachurus'' – Atlantic horse mackerel *''Scomber amia'' – ''Lichia amia'' *''Scomber pelagicus'' – Mahi-mahi, Dolphinfish


;''Mullus'' (Mullus, Goatfishes) *''Mullus barbatus'' – Mullus barbatus, Bluntsnouted mullet *''Mullus surmuletus'' – Mullus surmuletus, Red mullet *''Mullus imberbis'' – ''Apogon imberbis, Cardinalfish''


;''Trigla'' (Sea robins) *''Trigla cataphracta'' – ''Peristedion cataphractum'' *''Trigla lyra'' – Piper gurnard *''Trigla gurnardus'' – Eutrigla gurnardus, Grey gurnard *''Trigla cuculus'' – Aspitrigla cuculus, East Atlantic red gurnard *''Trigla lucerna'' – Tub Gurnard *''Trigla hirundo'' – ''Chelidonichthys gabonensis'' *''Trigla asiatica'' *''Trigla volitans'' – Dactylopterus volitans, Flying gurnard


;''Cobitis'' (Cobitis, Loaches) *''Cobitis anableps'' – Four-eyed fish *''Cobitis barbatula'' – Stone loach *''Cobitis taenia'' – Spined loach *''Cobitis fossilis'' – Misgurnus fossilis, European weatherfish ;''Silurus'' (Catfishes) *''Silurus asotus'' – Parasilurus asotus, Amur catfish *''Silurus glanis'' – Wels catfish *''Silurus aspredo'' – ''Aspredo aspredo'' *''Silurus mystus'' – African Butter catfish *''Silurus anguillaris'' – Clarias anguillaris, Mudfish *''Silurus batrachus'' – Walking catfish *''Silurus undecimalis'' *''Silurus militaris'' – ''Osteogeneiosus militaris'' *''Silurus catus'' – Ictalurus catus, White catfish *''Silurus clarias'' – ''Synodontis clarias'' *''Silurus ascita'' *''Silurus costatus'' – ''Platydoras costatus'' *''Silurus callichthys'' – Callichthys callichthys, Armored catfish *''Silurus cataphractus'' – ''Acanthodoras cataphractus'' ;''Loricaria'' (Loricariidae, Suckermouth Catfishes) *''Loricaria cataphracta'' – Loricaria, Suckermouth catfish ;''Salmo'' (Salmon, Trout, & kin) *''Salmo salar'' – Atlantic salmon *''Salmo eriox'', ''Salmo trutta'', ''Salmo fario'', & ''Salmo lacustris'' – Brown trout *''Salmo hucho'' – Huchen *''Salmo carpio'' – Salmo carpio, Carpione *''Salmo alpinus'' – Arctic char *''Salmo salvelinus'', ''Salmo salmarinus'', & ''Salmo umbla'' – ''Salvelinus umbla'' *''Salmo eperlanus'' – European smelt *''Salmo saurus'' – Atlantic lizardfish *''Salmo lavaretus'' – Coregonus lavaretus, Common whitefish *''Salmo albula'' & ''Salmo vimba'' – Coregonus albula, Vendace *''Salmo thymallus'' – Thymallus thymallus, Grayling *''Salmo oxyrinchus'' – Houting *''Salmo gibbosus'' – ''Charax gibbosus'' *''Salmo bimaculatus'' – ''Astyanax bimaculatus'' *''Salmo immaculatus'' – ''Curimata cyprinoides'' *''Salmo niloticus'' – nomen dubium *''Salmo pulverulentus'' – ''Acestrorhynchus falcatus'' *''Salmo anostomus'' – ''Anostomus anostomus'' ;''Fistularia'' (Cornetfishes) *''Fistularia tabacaria'' – Cornetfish, Bluespotted cornetfish ;''Esox'' (Esox, Pike, Gar, and kin) *''Esox sphyraena'' – European barracuda *''Esox osseus'' – Longnose gar *''Esox vulpes'' – Bonefish *''Esox synodus'' – Diamond lizardfish *''Esox lucius'' – Northern pike *''Esox hepsetus'' – ''Anchoa hepsetus'' *''Esox bellone'' *''Esox brasiliensis'' – Ballyhoo *''Esox gymnocephalus'' – unknown ;''Argentina'' (Herring smelts) *''Argentina sphyraena'' – Herring smelt, European argentine ;''Atherina'' (Old World silverside, Silversides) *''Atherina hepsetus'' – Mediterranean sand smelt ;''Mugil'' (Mullet (fish), Mullet) *''Mugil cephalus'' – Flathead mullet ;''Exocoetus'' (Flying fishes) *''Exocoetus volitans'' – Flying fish, Tropical two-winged flying fish ;''Polynemus'' (Threadfins) *''Polynemus quinquarius'' – ''Pentanemus quinquarius'' *''Polynemus virginicus'' – Polydactylus virginicus'' *''Polynemus paradiseus'' – Paradise threadfin ;''Clupea'' (Herring, Freshwater hatchetfish, Hatchetfishes, & kin) *''Clupea harengus'' – Atlantic herring *''Clupea sprattus'' – European sprat *''Clupea alosa'' – Allis shad *''Clupea encrasicolus'' – European anchovy *''Clupea thrissa'' – ''Clupanodon thrissa'' *''Clupea sima'' *''Clupea sternicla'' – Common hatchetfish *''Clupea mystus'' – ''Coilia mystus'' *''Clupea tropica'' *''Clupea sinensis'' – ''Tenualosa reevesii'' ;''Cyprinus'' (Cyprinus, Carp & kin) *''Cyprinus barbus'' – Barbus barbus, Common barbel *''Cyprinus carpio'' – Common carp *''Cyprinus gobio'' – ''Gobio gobio'' *''Cyprinus americanus'' – ''Menticirrhus americanus'' *''Cyprinus carassius'' – Crucian carp *''Cyprinus tinca'' – Tench *''Cyprinus cephalus'' – European chub *''Cyprinus auratus'' – Goldfish *''Cyprinus niloticus'' *''Cyprinus phoxinus'' & ''Cyprinus aphya'' – Common minnow *''Cyprinus leuciscus'', ''Cyprinus dobula'', & ''Cyprinus grislagine'' – Common dace *''Cyprinus idbarus'', ''Cyprinus idus'', ''Cyprinus orfus'', & ''Cyprinus jeses'' – Ide (fish), Ide *''Cyprinus rutilus'' – Common roach *''Cyprinus erythrophthalmus'' – Common rudd *''Cyprinus nasus'' – Common Nase *''Cyprinus aspius'' – Asp (fish), Asp *''Cyprinus alburnus'' – Common Bleak *''Cyprinus vimba'' – Vimba vimba, Vimba bream *''Cyprinus dentex'' – ''Alestes dentex'' *''Cyprinus brama'' – Carp bream *''Cyprinus cultratus'' – Ziege *''Cyprinus bjoerkna'' – Blicca bjoerkna, Silver bream *''Cyprinus farenus'' & ''Cyprinus ballerus'' – Abramis ballerus, Blue bream


;''Mormyrus'' (Mormyridae, Elephantfishes) *''Mormyrus cyprinoides'' – ''Marcusenius cyprinoides'' *''Mormyrus anguilloides'' – Cornish jack *''Mormyrus caschive'' – ''Mormyrus caschive'' ;''Balistes'' (Triggerfishes) *''Balistes monoceros'' – Unicorn leatherjacket *''Balistes tomentosus'' – ''Acreichthys tomentosus'' *''Balistes papillosus'' – Papillose filefish *''Balistes verrucosus'' – ''Rhinecanthus verrucosus'' *''Balistes aculeatus'' – Lagoon triggerfish *''Balistes vetula'' – Queen triggerfish *''Balistes ringens'' – ''Xanthichthys ringens'' *''Balistes scolopax'' – Longspine snipefish ;''Ostracion'' (Ostraciidae, Boxfishes & Cowfishes) *''Ostracion triqueter'' – ''Lactophrys triqueter'' *''Ostracion trigonus'' – ''Lactophrys trigonus'' *''Ostracion bicaudalis'' – Spotted trunkfish *''Ostracion tricornis'' & ''Ostracion quadricornis'' – scrawled cowfish *''Ostracion cornutus'' – longhorn cowfish *''Ostracion tuberculatus'' & ''Ostracion cubicus'' – yellow boxfish *''Ostracion gibbosus'' – ''Tetrosomus gibbosus'' ;''Tetraodon'' (Tetraodontidae, Pufferfishes & Molidae, Sunfishes) *''Tetraodon testudineus'' – Checkered puffer *''Tetraodon lagocephalus'' – Oceanic puffer *''Tetraodon lineatus'' – Fahaka pufferfish *''Tetraodon ocellatus'' – ''Takifugu ocellatus'' *''Tetraodon hispidus'' – White-spotted puffer *''Tetraodon mola'' – Ocean sunfish ;''Diodon'' (Diodon, Porcupinefishes) *''Diodon atringa'' – ''Chilomycterus atringa'' *''Diodon reticulatus'' & ''Diodon echinatus'' – ''Chilomycterus reticulatus'' *''Diodon spinosus'' – ''Chilomycterus spinosus'' *''Diodon hystrix'' – Spot-fin porcupinefish *''Diodon holocanthus'' – Long-spine porcupinefish *''Diodon raninus'' ;''Centriscus'' (Shrimpfishes) *''Centriscus scutatus'' – Grooved shrimpfish ;''Syngnathus'' (Pipefishes & Seahorses) *''Syngnathus typhle'' – Broad-nosed pipefish *''Syngnathus acus'' – Common pipefish *''Syngnathus pelagicus'' – Pelagic pipefish *''Syngnathus aequoreus'' – ''Entelurus aequoreus'' *''Syngnathus ophidion'' & ''Sygnathus barbarus'' – ''Nerophis ophidion'' *''Syngnathus hippocampus'' – Short-snouted seahorse ;''Pegasus'' (Pegasidae, Seamoths) *''Pegasus volitans'' – Longtail seamoth


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