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This list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it. This is a list of notable streets in the city of Baltimore, Maryland, United States. A[edit]

Street Route Communities Landmarks Notes

Annapolis Road City line near Patapsco Avenue north to MD 295 (continues south to Annapolis as Baltimore Annapolis Boulevard) Westport, Mt. Winans RESCO waste incinerator Patapsco Flea Market and Arena Entire length is MD 648.

The Alameda Harford Road north to Limit Avenue at city line (continues south as St. Lo Drive; continues north as Sherwood Road) Ramblewood Wilson Park Pen Lucy Baltimore City College Planned as a road through a park when constructed.[1] Carries MD 542 from south end to Loch Raven Boulevard. Served by bus routes 3 and 36.

Aliceanna Street Boston Street west to dead end at Inner Harbor Inner Harbor East, Fells Point, Canton National Katyn Massacre Memorial Site of house where Frederick Douglass
Frederick Douglass
once lived as slave (not known by that name then).[2] Furniture store that was seed to Hecht's department store first opened on this street in the 1850s. Has a traffic circle with President Street.

Argonne Drive Old York Road east to Harford Road (continues west as E. 39th Street; continues east as Parkside Drive) Lauraville Pen Lucy Morgan State University House of Ruth Northwood Shop. Ctr. Herring Run Park

Art Museum Drive Howard Street east to Charles Street Charles Village Baltimore Museum of Art Street is one block long. Front of the Baltimore Museum of Art
Baltimore Museum of Art
is located on this street.


Street Route Communities Landmarks Notes

Baltimore National Pike Edmondson Avenue
Edmondson Avenue
west to city line near Charing Cross Road (continues to I-70 to Frederick) Ten Hills

Only a small portion of this road exists in the city; it continues US 40 westward through Catonsville
and Ellicott City before merging with I-70 at Exit 82.

Baltimore Street Caton Avenue to Haven Street Sowebo Downtown Baltimore Highlandtown Bon Secours Hospital Baltimore Arena The Block Phoenix Shot Tower Buildings at 409, 419, and 423 West Baltimore Street Lord Baltimore Hotel Alex. Brown & Sons Building Patterson Park Divides north and south of city. In downtown, forms one-way pair (eastbound) with Fayette Street.

Bellona Avenue York Road to Charles Street (in Baltimore County) Homeland Cedarcroft

Continues in semi-circular fashion in Baltimore County, then continues past Charles Street as Kenilworth Drive. Bellona Avenue name continues on another road north of beltway to York Road, where it continues as Margate Road. Part of route of Bus Route 11.

Bentalou Street Windsor Avenue to Edmondson Avenue Frederick Avenue to Wilkens Avenue Mondawmin Rosemont

Part of route of Bus Route 51.

Biddle Street Park Biddle Avenue to East Chase Street Berea

One-way pair (eastbound) with Preston Street. Named after Elizabeth Gordon Biddle.[3] Once viewed as home of gentlemen, but now considered to be a run-down area.[4] Former home of a railway station known as Biddle Street Station.[5] Part of route of Bus Route 5.

Boston Street Fleet Street to German Hill Road in Dundalk Canton, O'Donnell Heights

Has break in O'Donnell Heights area (near I-95). Part of bus routes 13 and 31. One of the streets on which the canceled Red Line would have operated.

Broadway Dead end south of Thames Street north to Harford Road (continues northwest past Harford as Bonaparte Avenue) Fells Point
Fells Point
Washington Hill Oliver Johns Hopkins Metro Subway Station, Eastern High School, Johns Hopkins Hospital A sign near the main Johns Hopkins Hospital
Johns Hopkins Hospital
near the Metro Subway station states that George Washington
George Washington
travelled Broadway as a portion of "The General's Highway", en route from New York to Annapolis in order to retire as Commander-in-Chief of the first American Army.

Broening Highway O'Donnell Street to Baltimore Beltway O'Donnell Heights Riverside Generating Station Former location of General Motors
General Motors
plant that closed in 2005[6] and the old Western Electric
Western Electric
"Point Breeze" plant. In the county, it is maintained by the state as MD 695A.

C[edit] "Cold Spring Lane" redirects here. For the Baltimore Light Rail station, see Cold Spring Lane station.

Street Route Communities Landmarks Notes

Calhoun Street Westwood Avenue to dead end south of Ramsay Street Upton Sandtown-Winchester

Part of route of Bus Route 1 southbound

Calvert Street Conway Street to Southway Charles Village Mount Vernon Clarence Mitchell Courthouse Battle Monument Center Stage Union Memorial Hospital Carries MD 2 north to North Avenue

Carey Street North Avenue to Nanticoke Street Upton Sandtown-Winchester Pigtown Sowebo poppleton

Part of route of Bus Route 1 northbound

Caroline Street North Avenue to Thames Street Fells Point Perkins Homes Douglass Homes Johns Hopkins Hosp. Church/Madison Squares Part of route of Bus Route 21 from Preston/Biddle to Fell's Point layover

Cathedral Street Mount Royal Avenue
Mount Royal Avenue
to Clay Street (continues as Liberty Street) Mount Vernon Lyric Opera House Enoch Pratt Free Library Central branch Baltimore Basilica Part is MD 139 southbound. Is continuous on map, but is split as a northbound continuance of Park Avenue north of Biddle Street, and a southbound continuance of Maryland
Avenue south of Chase Street.

Caton Avenue (two sections) Allendale Street south to Hilton Street Frederick Avenue south to Washington Boulevard (continues south as Hammonds Ferry Road)

St. Agnes Hospital Seton Keough High School TESST College of Technology I-95 exit 50. Often said to be named after the suburb of Catonsville, although it does not go anywhere near that town. Part of Bus Route 16

Cedonia Avenue Walnut Avenue (in Baltimore County) to Cedegate Road (continues as Sinclair Lane) Cedonia

Part of Bus Routes 5 and 6

Central Avenue Harford Avenue to Lancaster Street Washington Hill Fells Point Paul Lawrence Dunbar Community High School Sojourner-Douglass College Paved over pre-settlement and colonial waterway "Harford Run". Originally constructed as a divided street with a canal in between carriageways. Originally named Canal Street. Part of Bus Routes 20, 23, and 40. Recently re-paved and landscaped with median strip in 2012-13 with possible new southern extension from new high-rise "Harbor East" urban renewal area near Lancaster Street to future redevelopment of old Allied-Signal chromium plant waterfront site along Block and Philpot Streets at mouth of Jones Falls
Jones Falls
as "Harbor Point"

Centre Street North Eutaw Street
Eutaw Street
to Guilford Avenue Mt. Vernon-Belvedere neighborhood Contemporary Museum Walters Art Museum Centre Street Light Rail Stop

North Charles Street Winder Street to Bellona Avenue (in Baltimore County) Federal Hill Downtown Baltimore Mount Vernon-Belvedere neighborhood Charles Village Homeland Charles Center Metro Subway Station Baltimore Arena Washington Monument Penn Station Johns Hopkins University Loyola University Notre Dame College Evergreen House Divides west and east side of Baltimore. Has entrance to I-83 across from Penn Station. Route north of North Avenue is MD 139.

Chase Street Howard Street to dead end east of Kenwood Avenue
Kenwood Avenue
(not Kenwood Avenue in Baltimore County)

Buildings at 10, 12, 14, and 16 East Chase Street I-83 exit 3 northbound

Cherry Hill Road Waterview Avenue to Hanover Street Cherry Hill Cherry Hill Light Rail Stop Cherry Hill Town Center Harbor Hospital Cherry Hill Senior Home Apartment Complex Veolia Transport
Veolia Transport
bus yard Is the main street of the Cherry Hill neighborhood. Part of route of bus routes 27, 29, and 51.

Clarks Lane Reisterstown Road to Willowglen Drive (continues as Sanzo Road in Baltimore County
Baltimore County
to Smith Avenue) Fallstaff Pickwick

Part of route of bus routes 58 and 60

Cold Spring Lane Eldorado Avenue east to Harford Road (continues as Moravia Road) Arlington Park Heights Roland Park Guilford Northwood Morgan State University Cold Spring Lane Light Rail Station West Cold Spring (Metro Subway station) Loyola University Baltimore Polytechnic Institute I-83 exits 9A & 9B. Largely served by bus route 33

Cooks Lane US 40 (Edmondson Avenue) north to city line near Forest Park Avenue (continues as Security Boulevard)

Part of bus route 40

Cross Country Boulevard Fallstaff Road to Enslow Avenue Cheswolde Mt. Washington Mount Washington Arboretum Western Run Part of Bus Routes 27 and 58, and the streetcar predecessors.[7]

Curtis Avenue Patapsco Avenue to Aspen Street Curtis Bay


Street Route Communities Landmarks Notes Division St.

Dolfield Avenue Garrison Boulevard to Hilton Street Arlington

Part of route of bus Routes 33 and 51.

Dolphin Street Fremont Avenue to Mt. Royal Avenue State Center

Light Rail runs on block between Howard Street and Mt. Royal

Druid Hill Avenue Fulton Avenue to Eutaw Street Reservoir Hill

Part of Bus Route 5

Druid Park Drive Clipper Road to Liberty Heights Avenue Woodberry Park Heights Druid Hill Park
Druid Hill Park
(northern border) The section between Park Circle and Clipper Road is named "Al Sanders Way" in memory of the late Al Sanders. Part of route of bus routes 1, 22, and 97

Druid Park Lake Drive Druid Hill Avenue to I-83 (continues as 28th/29th Streets) Reservoir Hill Druid Hill Park
Druid Hill Park
(southern border) I-83 exit 7. Built in the 1940s as a barrier between Druid Hill Park and the neighborhoods to the south.[8] Part of what was once planned as an interstate.

Dundalk Avenue Eastern Avenue to Bullneck Road (in Baltimore County)

I-95 exit 58. Part of Bus Route 10.


Street Route Communities Landmarks Notes

Eager Street Three discontinuous streets: Park Avenue to Guilford Avenue Fallsway to dead end east of Collington Avenue Madeira Street to alley between Linwood Avenue and Curley Street Collington Square One of three streets in Baltimore named after John Eager Howard. Had the only bridge not destroyed in the flood of 1854.[9] Part of route of Bus Route 15.

East Belvedere Avenue Northern Parkway to Perring Parkway Ramblewood Belvedere Square Good Samaritan Hospital Continues east of Perring Parkway as Echodale Avenue. See also West Belvedere Avenue

Eastern Avenue Pier 6 east to 45th Street (in Baltimore County); continues east as Eastern Boulevard Inner Harbor East Fells Point Highlandtown Greektown Patterson Park Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center Carries MD 150 from Ponca Street eastward. I-95 exit 59. Parts of route of bus routes 10, 23 and QuickBus 40.

Echodale Avenue Perring Parkway to Belair Road Hamilton Waltherson

Continues west of Perring Parkway as East Belvedere Avenue. Slightly west of Belair Road, the road leads via Corse Avenue to Frankford Avenue as one long road.

Edison Highway Erdman Avenue
Erdman Avenue
to Monument Street Berea

Part of route of Bus Route 22

Edmondson Avenue Stonewall Road to Fremont Avenue Catonsville Edmondson Village Rosemont Poppleton Baltimore National Pike Franklin Street Mulberry Street I-695 exit 14. Part of Edmondson Avenue
Edmondson Avenue
is US 40. Part of route of Bus Routes 15, 20, 23, and 40. Another two blocks of Edmondson Avenue exist east of Fremont Avenue as side street.

Erdman Avenue Harford Road to Kane Street/Rolling Mill Road Belair-Edison

Part of route of Bus Route 22

Eutaw Place/Street Druid Park Lake Drive to Camden Street Reservoir Hill Bolton Hill Lexington Market Beth Am Known as "Eutaw Place" from Druid Park Lake Drive to Dolphin Street and "Eutaw Street" from Dolphin Street to Camden Street.


Street Route Communities Landmarks Notes

Falls Road Maryland
Avenue to Schalk Road No. 1 (in Carroll County) Mt. Vernon, Hampden, Medfield, Roland Park, Mt. Washington Village of Cross Keys Baltimore Streetcar Museum I-83 exit 8. Part of route of bus routes 27 and 60.

Fallsway I-83 north to Guilford Avenue Jonestown

Carries northbound traffic for part of Guilford Avenue that is one way. Built originally to accommodate railroad and subway lines.[10] Construction later seen as a "mistake" by urban planners.[11]

Fayette Street Warwick Avenue to North Dean Street (Small extra section exist to the east and west of these ends) Poppleton Washington Hill

Marks the south end of the Jones Falls
Jones Falls
Expressway. Served by bus routes 1, 5, 6, 8, 10, 20, 23, 26, 36, 40, 48, 91, 150, 160, Light Rail station Lexington Market
Lexington Market
and Metro Subway stations Charles Center and Shot Tower

Federal Street Aisquith Street
Aisquith Street
to Orville Avenue (shortly past Erdman Avenue) Collington Square

Bus routes 5 and 6 operate on part of Federal Street Another small section of Federal Street exists west of Green Mount Cemetery

Fleet Street President Street to Haven Street Inner Harbor East Fells Point Highlandtown Brewer's Hill

Formerly known as Canton Avenue.[12] Part of route of Bus Route 31

Forest Park Avenue Hilton Street to Security Boulevard in Baltimore County
Baltimore County
(continues as Ingleside Avenue) Forest Park Lorraine Dickeyville Historic District Kernan Hospital Part of route of Bus Route 15

Fort Avenue Race Street to Ft. McHenry South Baltimore, Riverside, Locust Point Ft. McHenry Marks entrance to Ft. McHenry. Part of Bus Route 1 operates on Fort Avenue.

Frankford Avenue Hamilton Avenue to Moravia Park Drive Hamilton Gardenville

Part of route of Bus Route 44

Franklin Street Orleans Street to Edmondson Avenue Rosemont Poppleton West Baltimore MARC Station Part of US 40

Franklintown Road Frederick Avenue to Old Ingleside Avenue in Baltimore County (continues as Dogwood Road) Rosemont Gwynns Falls Leakin Park Along with the Gwynns Falls Trail, traces the once-proposed path of Interstate 70 east of the city limits.

Frederick Road Gilmor Street to Baltimore City line near Overbrook Road (continues to Frederick)

Former route of US 40. Part of route of Bus Route 10.

Fremont Avenue Pennsylvania
Avenue to Booth Street Upton Sandtown-Winchester

Interrupted by US 40, where there is no crossing over the former I-170 freeway. Former route of the Fremont Avenue Streetcar Line and Bus Route 102 (both now defunct).[13]

Fulton Avenue Druid Hill Avenue south to dead end south of Eagle Street Sandtown-Winchester

Carries northbound US 1 from Wilkens Avenue to North Avenue. Part of route of Bus Route 1.


Street Route Communities Landmarks Notes

Garrison Boulevard Greenspring Avenue
Greenspring Avenue
to Clifton Avenue Pimlico Forest Park Garrison Middle School Langston Hughes Elementary School Part of route of Bus Route 91, formerly Garrison Boulevard Streetcar.[14] Was original location of Beth Tfiloh Congregation.[15]

Gay Street North Avenue at Belair Road south to Pratt Street

American Brewery (building) Gay Street is discontinuous in several places. The first starts in the downtown area off of East Pratt Street, where it is named South Gay Street. It proceeds northbound, becoming North Gay Street after passing East Baltimore Street, passing the [[War Memorial Building (Baltimore, Maryland) War Memorial Building]] and the adjacent War Memorial and City Hall Plazas facing the west front of the Baltimore City Hall and in the following block, the historic Zion Lutheran Church, founded 1755, and constructed here by East Lexington Street in 1807-08. Where it goes underneath the Jones Falls
Jones Falls
Expressway, where there is an entrance ramp to the left going north, is also the site of a landmark series of former bridges here crossing the Jones Falls stream, both wooden plank and later cast-iron dating back to the 1740s, which connected old Baltimore Town with old Jones's Town to the northeast. Since 1913, the Jones Falls
Jones Falls
however has been run underground through several conduit pipes constructed under "The Fallsway" between East Fayette Street all the way north to near the Pennsylvania
railroad station by Mount Royal Avenue. During the 18th Century, Gay Street was then known as "Bridge Street", later it was renamed after the family of Nicholas Ruxton Gay, a prominent early citizen. Beyond I-83, the street enters a slender commercial district of "Old Town" (formerly known as Jonestown). After passing Orleans Street, and the eastern end of the Orleans Street Viaduct, it continues through more commercial area of the former "Oldtown Mall", and becomes Ensor Street several blocks further north, which becomes Harford Road. There is another major street called "Gay Street" which runs from Bond Street to North Avenue that is one-way northbound, which becomes Belair Road. There is also another side street called "Gay Street" which runs from Caroline Street to East Madison Street. The downtown section is served by bus routes 5, 6, 8, 15, and 19, and the northern section by Bus Route 15.

Gilmor Street Calhoun Street south to dead end beyond Cole Street Upton Sandtown-Winchester Poppleton

Part of route of Bus Route 21

Gittings Avenue Charles Street east to Loch Raven Boulevard Bellona–Gittings

Continues east of York Road as Walker Avenue; to the immediate south of Walker Avenue, a separate section runs from The Alameda to Loch Raven Boulevard.

Gittings Street Charles Street east to Jackson Street Federal Hill

Not to be confused with Gittings Avenue.

Glen Avenue Reisterstown Road to Cross Country Boulevard Glen

Reisterstown Road to Park Heights
Park Heights
Avenue section is one way. Part of Bus Route 58.

Gorsuch Avenue Greenmount Avenue to Harford Road Waverly Clifton Park

Divides Loch Raven Boulevard and Loch Raven Road.

Greenmount Avenue Monument Street to 42nd Street (continues north as York Road) Waverly Pen Lucy Green Mount Cemetery Served by bus routes 8 and QuickBus 48

Greene Street Franklin Street south to Washington Boulevard (continues south as Russell Street, continues north as Pennsylvania

University of Maryland
at Baltimore University of Maryland
Hospital One-way pair (southbound) with Paca Street

Greenspring Avenue Druid Park Drive to Tufton Avenue (in Baltimore County, continues as Worthington Road) Park Heights Pimlico Cheswolde Cylburn Arboretum Starts out by running to Northern Parkway. A new section continues north off of Northern Parkway slightly west. When this approaches 5-way intersection in Cheswolde, continues north into Baltimore County. When coming south at 5-way intersection, a left turn is required to continue onto Greenspring, and going straight will come onto Pimlico Road. South of Druid Park Drive, road continues unnamed into Druid Hill Park
Druid Hill Park
to Swan Drive. Cheswolde
section served by Bus Route 58. Cylburn section served by Bus Route 1.

Guilford Avenue University Parkway to Baltimore Street (continues as South Street) Charles Village Copycat Building Exit 3 off southbound Jones Falls
Jones Falls
Expressway. Served by bus route 36. Major rail center from the 1850s to 1950s.[16] Former location of the Guilford Avenue Elevated Streetcar Trestle Line.[17]

Gwynns Falls Parkway Windsor Mill Road
Windsor Mill Road
east to Reisterstown Road Forest Park Mondawmin Mall Frederick Douglass
Frederick Douglass
High School Once planned as part of Interstate 70[citation needed]


Street Route Communities Landmarks Notes

Hanover Street Hill Street to Jack Street Federal Hill Cherry Hill Brooklyn Hanover Street Bridge Harbor Hospital One-way pair (southbound) with Potee Street in South Baltimore, which is I-895 exit 7. Part of route of bus routes 1, 14, 29, and 64. Continues as Ritchie Highway in Anne Arundel County.

Harford Road Eager Street to Belair Road (in Harford County) Hamilton Clifton Park

Extends south as Ensor Street, which is in turn an extension of Gay Street. Known as "Harford Avenue" south of North Avenue. Harford Avenue section is one-way northbound. Southbound traffic is routed onto Aisquith Street. MD-147 designation begins north of North Avenue. Route is served largely by Bus Route 19.

Hamburg Street Williams Street to Bush Street Otterbein Federal Hill M&T Bank Stadium Hamburg Street Light Rail Stop

Haven Street Ashland Avenue south to dead end beyond Boston Street Highlandtown Brewer's Hill Kresson Part of MD 150, a designation mostly known as Eastern Avenue

Hawkins Point Road Pennington Avenue to Cabot Drive (continues as Fort Smallwood Road)

Highland Avenue Monument Street to Holabird Avenue Ellwood Park Highlandtown

Part of route of Bus Route 20

Hillen Road Harford Road north to Loch Raven Boulevard (in Baltimore County) Northwood Morgan State University Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School Southernmost four- and six-lane segment is MD 41; road then becomes #Perring Parkway and the name turns west onto different, narrow alignment near Morgan State University. Once incorporated parts of present-day Loch Raven Boulevard and Goucher Boulevard in Baltimore County; one remaining segment of Hillen Road exists between Goucher and Putty Hill Avenue in Towson.

Hilton Street/Hilton Parkway Wabash Avenue to Frederick Road (continues as Caton Avenue) Ashburton Edmondson Village Hanlon Park Lake Ashburton Gwynns Falls Park Starts off as Hilton Street off of Wabash (with most northern block one-way northbound). Continues to North Avenue, where it becomes Hilton Parkway, which has a lone interchange with Edmondson Avenue. It once had an interchange with Franklintown Road, but it has since been dismantled. South of Edmondson Avenue, it returns to being Hilton Street. Bus Routes 16, 51, and 97 operate along parts of Hilton Street.

Hollins Ferry Road Washington Boulevard to dead end west of Halethorpe Farms Road (in Baltimore County) Mt. Winans

Part of route of bus routes 36, 51, 77.

Howard Street Conway Street to 29th Street (continues south as I-395) north to 29th Street (splits into Wyman Park Drive and Art Museum Drive) Remington Baltimore Convention Center Maryland
General Hospital Camden Station Several Light Rail stops Carries the Light Rail through downtown. Served by bus routes 19 and 27.

Heath St. Route 64. (MTA Maryland)


Street Route Communities Landmarks Notes

Keith Avenue Haven Street to Broening Highway

I-95 exit 56[18]

Kelly Avenue Cross Country Boulevard to Falls Road Mt. Washington Mount Washington Arboretum Part of route of Bus Route 27. Prior to 1950, was not a road, but a streetcar track path. Was modified then in order to accommodate a change from streetcars to buses.[19][20]

Key Highway McComas Street to Light Street South Baltimore American Visionary Arts Museum Baltimore Museum of Industry Federal Hill Park Designated as Maryland
Route 2 Truck

Kirk Avenue Homewood Avenue to The Alameda Waverly

Part of route of Bus Route 36.


Street Route Communities Landmarks Notes

Lafayette Avenue Franklintown Road to Greenmount Avenue Aisquith Street
Aisquith Street
to Collington Avenue Bradford Street to Milton Street Rosemont

Lake Avenue Falls Road (in Baltimore County) to Chinquapin Parkway Roland Park
Roland Park
North Cedarcroft Boys' Latin School of Maryland

Lanvale Street Franklintown Road to Fremont Avenue Druid Hill Avenue to Greenmount Avenue Aisquith Street
Aisquith Street
to Chester Street Patterson Park
Patterson Park
Avenue to Milton Street Decker Street to Edison Highway Rosemont

Lexington Street Six discontinuous streets: Franklintown Road to Violet Hill White Way Pine Street to Paca Street Eutaw Street
Eutaw Street
to Liberty Street Charles Street to W Saratoga Street Fallsway to Front Street Colvin Street west to dead end stub Poppleton downtown Baltimore Lexington Market
Lexington Market
Metro Subway Station Market Center Part of route of Bus Route 15

Liberty Heights Avenue Reisterstown Road to Kelox Road (continues as Liberty Road after crossing city/county line) Howard Park Baltimore City Community College

Liberty Street Clay Street to Baltimore Street (continues as Hopkins Place Downtown Baltimore

Carries MD 139 traffic southbound. Path of former railroad.

Linwood Avenue Federal Street to Boston Street Berea Canton

Bisects Patterson Park

Loch Raven Boulevard Cokesbury Avenue to Cromwell Bridge Road
Cromwell Bridge Road
(in Baltimore County) Waverly Northwood Ramblewood Good Samaritan Hospital Known as Loch Raven Road south of Gorsuch Avenue. MD 542 designation begins at The Alameda. Served by Bus Route 3.

Lombard Street Frederick Avenue to # Patterson Park
Patterson Park
Avenue Linwood Avenue to Kane Street Butcher's Hill Emerson Bromo-Seltzer Tower Mostly one-way pair (westbound) with Pratt Street. Split by Patterson Park. Carries MD 150 between Haven Street and Bayview Boulevard; this section meets I-895's only full interchange (exit 12). Parts of Lombard Street are served by bus routes 7, 10, 11, 19, 23, 35 and QuickBus 40.


Street Route Communities Landmarks Notes

Madison Street Highland Avenue to Eutaw Street Mount Vernon Johns Hopkins Hospital Maryland
General Hospital One-way pair with Monument Street. Not to be confused with Madison Avenue, which runs from Druid Hill Park
Druid Hill Park
to Eutaw Street
Eutaw Street
(with a one-block interruption). Part of route of bus routes 5, 6, and 35.

Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard Howard Street south to I-395 Bolton Hill

Once part of a planned interstate. Originally called "Harbor City Boulevard." Is the route of the annual Martin Luther King's Day Parade in Baltimore.[21]

Avenue 29th Street to Chase Street Charles Village

One-way pair with Charles Street. I-83 exit 5. Part of route of Bus Route 11.

McClean Boulevard Evergreen Avenue to Perring Parkway (continues as Hillsway Avenue) Hamilton

Part of route of bus routes 19 and 55.

Milton Avenue North Avenue to Baltimore Street Eastern Avenue to Hudson Street Berea Patterson Park Canton Patterson Park Split by Patterson Park. Part of route of Bus Route 13.

Monroe Street Gwynns Falls Parkway
Gwynns Falls Parkway
to Annapolis Road Rosemont Sandtown-Winchester Westport

Carries US 1 southbound from North Avenue to Wilkens Avenue. In the past, the section to the south of this point was designated MD 3. Part of route of Bus Route 51.

Monument Street Paca Street to Pulaski Highway Mount Vernon Ellwood Park McElderry Park Washington Monument, Baltimore Johns Hopkins Hospital Maryland
Historical Society Ira Remsen House One-way pair with Madison Street. Part of route of bus routes 5, 6, and 35.

Moravia Road I-95 west to Harford Road (continues as Cold Spring Lane) Moravia

I-95 exit 60 (partial interchange; was once proposed to continue eastward as the Windlass Freeway
Windlass Freeway
before it was largely cancelled) and I-895 exit 14. Part of route of Bus Route 33.

Mount Royal Avenue Reservoir Street to Guilford Avenue Reservoir Hill Bolton Hill Lyric Opera House University of Baltimore Maryland
Institute College of Art Starts as side street, where it merges into Exit 6 of I-83(North Avenue, then continues by going straight from the ramp. Entry to I-83 south from Druid Park Lake Drive leads onto this street.

Montgomery Street Battery Avenue to Sharp Street Federal Hill Otterbein Little Montgomery Street Historic District Carries northbound MD 2 (between Hanover Street and Light Street)

Mosher Street Four discontinuous streets: Malster Avenue to Eutaw Place Morris Avenue to dead end west of Payson Street Whitmore Avenue to dead end east of Bentalou Street Braddish Avenue to Franklintown Road Rosemont Mosher Sandtown-Winchester Bolton Hill

Former route of now-defunct No. 30 Streetcar and bus

Mulberry Street Pulaski Street to Orleans Street Rosemont Poppleton West Baltimore MARC Station Carries US 40 traffic eastbound. Part of route of bus routes 23 and 40.


Street Route Communities Landmarks Notes

North Avenue Edgewood Street west to Rose Street Walbrook Sandtown-Winchester Reservoir Hill Bolton Hill Coppin State University Great Blacks in Wax Museum Greenmount Cemetery Baltimore Cemetery Penn–North Metro Subway Station North Avenue Light Rail Stop At one time was the northern boundary for the city of Baltimore. The main section carries US 1 from Monroe Street to Belair Road, and carries US 40 Truck from Hilton Parkway
Hilton Parkway
to Belair Road (almost its full length). I-83 exit 6. Served almost entirely by bus route 13 and partly by bus routes 15, 16, 36, 91. Also two smaller alignments: one on city line and one off Edison Highway.

North Point Boulevard Rolling Mill Road south to city line at Kane Street (continues to Sparrows Point Boulevard in Baltimore County)

Exists only partly inside the Baltimore line; from intersection east of I-95 to line.

Northern Parkway Liberty Heights Avenue to Belair Road Pimlico Homeland Ramblewood Hamilton Pimlico Race Course Sinai Hospital St. Mary's Seminary I-83 exit 10. Part of route of bus routes 11, 19, 27, 36, 44, 55, and 58.


Street Route Communities Landmarks Notes

O'Donnell Street Lakewood Avenue to Fait Avenue Canton O'Donnell Heights Baltimore Travel Plaza O'Donnell Street is also within the path of I-83's cancelled extension to I-95. It meets both I-95 (exit 57) and I-895 (exit 11B) in its place. Part of route of Bus Route 20.

Old Harford Road Harford Road north to dead end beyond Cub Hill Road (in Baltimore County) Hamilton Cub Hill fire tower and Maryland
Department of Natural Resources / U.S. Forest Service station Present-day Old Harford Road
Old Harford Road
may be a remnant of the original alignment of Harford Road that existed prior to construction of Harford Turnpike from Harford County, Maryland
south to the Old Town section of Baltimore City in the early 19th century

Oliver Street Three discontinuous sections: Mt. Royal Avenue to Charles Street Guilford Avenue to Greenmount Avenue Ensor Street to Edison Highway Station North Arts and Entertainment District Oliver

Exit 5 ( Maryland
Avenue) lets off on Oliver Street.

Orleans Street St. Paul Street to Pulaski Highway Downtown Baltimore Paul Laurence Dunbar High School Johns Hopkins Hospital
Johns Hopkins Hospital
oncology center Carries US 40 from split into Franklin and Mulberry Streets to Pulaski Highway. Originally planned to have an interchange with I-83 at Orleans Street Viaduct.


Street Route Communities Landmarks Notes

Paca Street Pratt Street
Pratt Street
to Druid Hill Avenue Downtown Baltimore

One-way pair with Greene Street. Carries MD 129 northbound. Part of route of Bus route 7.

Park Avenue 28th Street to Baltimore Street Reservoir Hill Bolton Hill Chinatown Brown Memorial Presbyterian Church Baltimore City Paper
Baltimore City Paper
headquarters Park Avenue is one-way from Baltimore Street north to Chase Street. After an interruption, it restarts off of Dolphin Street and continues to 28th Street. Part of route of Bus Route 5.

Park Circle Intersection of Reisterstown Road, Park Heights
Park Heights
Avenue, and Druid Park Drive

Druid Hill Park

Park Heights
Park Heights
Avenue Park Circle to Garrison Forest Road (in Baltimore County) Park Heights Pimlico Glen Fallstaff Pimlico Race Course Northwestern High School Part of route of Bus Routes 54, 58, and 97.

Patapsco Avenue Caton Avenue east to Fairfield Road (continues as Asphalt Street to dead end) Brooklyn Curtis Bay Wagner's Point Patapsco Light Rail Stop Carries MD 173 from MD 2 to Curtis Avenue. Part of route of Bus Routes 14, 16, 17, 51, and 77.

Patterson Park
Patterson Park
Avenue Sinclair Lane to Essex Street Collington Square Butcher's Hill Canton McElderry Park Patterson Park Western boundary of Patterson Park.[22] Part of route of bus routes 5, 7, and 13

Avenue Fulton Avenue to Franklin Street Upton Penn-North Metro Subway Station Upton Metro Subway Station Continues northbound as Reisterstown Road and southbound as Greene Street. Part of route of Bus Route 7.

Perring Parkway Hillen Road north to city line south of McClean Boulevard (continues to Waltham Woods Road in Baltimore County)

Morgan State University

Pimlico Road Park Heights
Park Heights
Avenue to city line (continues as Old Pimlico Road in Baltimore County) Park Heights Pimlico Cheswolde Pimlico Race Course A section around Pimlico Race Track is closed to traffic. At 5-way intersection in Cheswolde, this section ends, and going straight continues onto Greenspring Avenue. But a block later, Pimlico Road restarts as a split off Greenspring. When it hits the city line, it becomes Old Pimlico Road, which continues to Falls Road. One block is served by Bus Route 27.

Potee Street Waterview Avenue to Belle Grove Road (in Anne Arundel County Brooklyn

One-way pair with Hanover Street, carrying MD 2 traffic south. Part of route of Bus Routes 14 and 64.

Pratt Street Frederick Avenue to Patterson Park
Patterson Park
Avenue Butcher's Hill Inner Harbor National Aquarium World Trade Center Baltimore Convention Center One-way pair with Lombard Street. Carries a one-way section of Maryland
Route 144 from Frederick Avenue to US 1. Served by bus routes 7, 10, 11, 19, 35.

President Street Fayette Street to Fleet Street Little Italy Inner Harbor East Phoenix Shot Tower Shot Tower Metro Subway Station President Street forms the path of a cancelled extension of I-83 to I-95. President Street was built in its place to absorb traffic from the Interstate.

Preston Street Pennsylvania
Avenue to Edison Highway Collington Square State Center Metro Subway Station Largely one-way pair (westbound) with Biddle Street. Part of route of Bus Route 5.

Pulaski Highway Fayette Street east to city line at Moravia Park Drive (continues to US 13 in New Castle, Delaware) Patterson Park

Carries US 40 from Orleans Street/Elwood Avenue intersection eastward; the remaining several blocks are a one-way side street. I-95 exit 61. Served by bus route 35. Also has interchanges with Moravia Road and Erdman Avenue. Not to be confused with Pulaski Street.

Pulaski Street Gwynns Falls Parkway
Gwynns Falls Parkway
south to Presstman Street Mosher Street to Wilkens Avenue Mondawmin, Rosemont Bon Secours Hospital West Baltimore MARC Station Once served as a backdrop of the failed I-170 project, with a mural painted onto the wall of what was to be the eastern end of that freeway's viaduct. Part of route of Bus Route 51.

R[edit] Ramsay st

Street Route Communities Landmarks Notes

Redwood Street various discontinuous sections between Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and South Street Downtown Baltimore Old Saint Paul's Cemetery University of Maryland
at Baltimore University of Maryland
Medical Center There are three discontinuous sections of Redwood Street: one from Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard to a dead end just east of Penn Street, one from Greene Street to a dead end just east of Eutaw Street, and one from Charles Street to South Street. Formerly known as German Street, and before that Lovely Lane. Named after George Redwood, the first officer killed in France
in World War I.[23][24]

Reisterstown Road North Avenue to Caraway Road (in Baltimore County; continues as Main Street) Park Heights Reisterstown Road Plaza Served by bus routes 53 and 59.

Rogers Avenue California Boulevard to Northern Parkway Arlington Pimlico Mt. Washington Rogers Avenue Metro Subway Station Pimlico Race Course Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital Temporarily ends at Northern Parkway around Pimlico Race Track, then restarts a block later. Ends again at Northern Parkway near interchange with I-83. Served by Bus Route 44.

Roland Avenue Falls Road to Overlook Place (in Baltimore County) Hampden Roland Park Wyndhurst Keswick Gilman School Roland Park
Roland Park
Country School Served by bus routes 61 and 98.

Russell Street Washington Boulevard to I-95 Pigtown West side of Oriole Park at Camden Yards Continues south as Baltimore-Washington Parkway
Baltimore-Washington Parkway
and north as Paca Street, with Greene Street flowing southbound into Russell Street.


Street Route Communities Landmarks Notes

St. Paul Street Charles Street to Baltimore Street (continues south as Light Street Charles Village Mount Vernon-Belvedere Station North Arts District Tremont Plaza Hotel Red Emma's Bookstore Coffeehouse One-way pair with Calvert Street. Designated as MD 2 southbound south of North Avenue. I-83 exit 4. Becomes divided Saint Paul Place from East Centre Street south to East Lexington Street, with terraced "Preston Gardens" inbetween. Served by Bus Route 3 north of Chase Street and Bus Route 64 south of North Avenue.

Saratoga Street Bentalou Street to Fayette Street Poppleton Lexington Market
Lexington Market
Metro Subway Station Served by bus routes 15 and 23

Sinclair Lane Wolfe Street to Radecke Avenue (continues as Cedonia Avenue, which continues to Walnut Avenue in Overlea) Berea Belair-Edison Moravia Maritime Industal Academy Served by bus routes 5 and 46.

Smith Avenue Falls Road to dead end Newberry Street to Seven Mile Lane Mt. Washington Mt. Washington Mills Mt. Washington Light Rail Stop There are two Smith Avenues in Mount Washington. One to the east of I-83 is the entrance to the Mount Washington Mills complex. The other is a major road that eventually becomes Slade Avenue and then Milford Mill Road, ending in Milford Mill. They were a single road before I-83 was built.

Swann Drive Fulton Avenue to Reisterstown Road

Druid Hill Park Part of MD 129. Named after Mayor Thomas Swann.


Street Route Communities Landmarks Notes

University Parkway Roland Avenue to 33rd Street Roland Park Charles Village Guilford Wyman Park Tuscany-Canterbury Johns Hopkins University Used to be called Merrymans Lane. Part of route of bus routes 22 and 61.


Street Route Communities Landmarks Notes

Wabash Avenue Patterson Avenue to Hilton Road Arlington Reisterstown Plaza Metro Subway Station Rogers Avenue Metro Subway Station West Cold Spring Metro Subway Station Built on the footprints of a canceled interstate. The final few blocks are a one-way pair with Dorithan Road. There is another side street called "Wabash Avenue" off Liberty Heights Avenue that follows the same continued path and runs parallel to and west of the Metro Subway, but is interrupted.

Walther Avenue Northern Parkway to Harford Road Hamilton

There is an unrelated road called Walther Boulevard in Baltimore County that follows that same path.

Washington Boulevard Dover Street to near Cherry Lane (in Prince George's County) Pigtown Morrell Park

Carries US 1 Alternate from city line to Caton Avenue. I-95 exit 51. Served by Bus Route 36. Entire length is erroneously signed as US 1 in Baltimore.

Washington Street Aliceanna Street north to Sinclair Lane (continues as St. Lo Drive through Clifton Park, which continues as The Alameda) Fells Point Butcher's Hill Johns Hopkins Hospital One way pair (northbound) with Wolfe Street. Served by Bus Route 13.

Waterview Avenue Puget Street to Potee Street Westport Cherry Hill

Part of route of Bus Route 29.

West Belvedere Avenue Garrison Boulevard to Northern Parkway Arlington Pimlico Pimlico Race Course Sinai Hospital Part of route of bus routes 27, 44, 57, and 91. Not to be confused with East Belvedere Avenue.

Wilkens Avenue Gilmor Street to Rolling Road
Rolling Road
(in Baltimore County

St. Agnes Hospital Cardinal Gibbons School Designated as US 1 from Fulton Avenue to Southwestern Boulevard and MD 372 from Southwestern Boulevard to its end at Rolling Road. Served by Bus Route 35.

Windsor Mill Road Gwynn Falls Parkway to Old Court Road
Old Court Road
(in Baltimore County) Forest Park Walbrook Kernan Hospital Leakin Park Gwynns Falls Park Served by Bus Route 15.

Wolfe Street 25th Street to Fell Street Butcher's Hil Fells Point Johns Hopkins Hospital General Wolfe Elementary School One way pair (southbound) with Washington Street. Part of route of Bus Route 13.


Street Route Communities Landmarks Notes

York Road 42nd Street (continues south as Greenmount Avenue) north to city line at Schwartz Avenue (continues north through Baltimore County
Baltimore County
as Maryland
Route 45 and York Road and further into Pennsylvania
as the Susquehanna Trail to York, Pennsylvania) Govans/Govanstown, Guilford Senator Theater, Belvedere Square shopping center Served by bus routes 8, 12, and 48.

Numbered streets[edit] In Baltimore, numbered streets are found in the north-central part of the city, mostly in the communities of Charles Village, Hampden, and Waverly. The numbered streets, which run west-east, start with 20th Street (excluding 19½ Street, a short alley crossing Howard Street), which runs parallel to and one block north of North Avenue. The highest numbered street in Baltimore is 43rd Street, which runs from York Road several block east to Marble Hall Road near Cold Spring Lane. The numbered streets correspond with the first two digits in address numbers on north-south streets in this part of the city.

Street Route Communities Landmarks Notes

25th Street Howard Street to Wolfe Street Remington

This street serves as a two way east-west large thoroughfare into lower/southern Charles Village. Formerly known as Huntingdon Avenue (for the old village named along the Greenmount Avenue/Old York Road in the now Waverly residential neighborhood and commercial strip.[25] A part of Huntingdon Avenue between 25th and 31st Streets in Remington still exists under that name.

28th Street Lakeview Avenue to Matthews Street (known as Druid Park Lake Drive, a major two-way boulevard, prior to assuming this name near I-83 entrance) Hampden, Charles Village, Waverly, Remington, Druid Hill Park I-83 exit 7. One-way pair (eastbound) with 29th Street.

29th Street Greenmount Avenue to I-83 (exit 7) Hampden, Charles Village, Waverly, Remington

I-83 exit 7. One-way pair (westbound) with 28th Street. Exists as Exeter Hall Avenue, a two-way street east of and before Greenmount Avenue. West of I-83, becomes a major boulevard known as Druid Park Lake Drive, along south side of Druid Lake and Druid Hill Park
Druid Hill Park

33rd Street Charles Street to Hillen Road Charles Village, Waverly, Coldstream-Homestead-Montebello

A long, wide east-west parkway with a broad tree-shaded median strip surrounded by 1920's-era "Daylight-styled" rowhouses.

West 34th Street Hickory Avenue to Gilman Terrace Hampden

Location of "Miracle on 34th Street" annual holiday/Christmas decorated-light show of rowhouses, porches and street.

West 36th Street Ash Street to Beech Avenue Hampden Wyman Park and Dell Grace-Hampden Methodist Episcopal Church "Cafe Hon" Known as "The Avenue" commercial business district in Hampden

40th Street Falls Road to University Parkway Roland Park Homewood Wyman Park and Dell The Rotunda There is a small section from Falls Road to Evans Chapel Road that is one-way eastbound. While traveling westbound, traffic at this point is directed onto 41st Street; the two have the appearance of being one long single street. Part of route of Bus Route 22.

41st Street Druid Park Drive to Evans Chapel Road Hampden Roland Park "Television Hill" WIYY, WJZ-TV, WBFF, WBAL-TV, WBAL TV and Radio studios 40th and 41st Streets are effectively one long street the way they are set up. 41st Street has very high overpass over the Jones Falls Expressway, I-83, but with no interchange; it is referred to by locals as the "41st Street Bridge." It is the only numbered street that crosses over I-83 in Baltimore. Part of route of Bus Route 22.

See also[edit]

List of roads in Baltimore County, Maryland


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