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Philip Chan Yan-kin (born 25 January 1945) is a Hong Kong actor, film director, producer, screenwriter and music composer of Taishan
area origin.


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Career[edit] He worked as a Royal Hong Kong Police Force
Royal Hong Kong Police Force
police inspector before entering the entertainment industry. His most memorable moment as a police inspector was during a press conference he held with members of Hong Kong's press at the scene of the 1974 Po Sang Bank
Po Sang Bank
robbery, which was one of the biggest bank robbery cases up until then in Hong Kong history. He resigned as a Superintendent of Police in 1976 to join Bang Bang Films as a Producer and simultaneously headed its Advertising Department, marketing the then very popular jeans and apparel brand-name in Hong Kong. Chan first made his popularity in the then British Colony of Hong Kong by being the lead vocalist for the first all-Chinese college pop group, "The Astro-Notes" (taken after the Astronauts representing the US and the Sputniks representing the USSR during the space race in the early 60s. He became a household name when he joined the Royal Hong Kong Police in 1965 by displaying courage and leadership in solving several sensational, major crime cases in the British Colony, including the first ever armed bank robbery in 1974 in which 11 hostages were held at ransom. He was nicknamed the "Singing Inspector" when he wrote the lyrics and went on TV to promote road safety for school children. His success in police work earned him a quick promotion to Superintendent of Police in 1975. In 1976, he was invited by actress Josephine Siu (Siu Fong Fong) and director Pochi Leung to write a police screenplay involving heroin trafficking between Amsterdam and Hong Kong, "Jumping Ash". The upbeat detective movie hit an instant box-office success in 1976, grossing one million dollars in three days and caused the young policeman to consider pursuing his greatest love of his life, films and music. . He resigned from public service to head the film production department and marketing department for Bang Bang Group, which was then the most successful jeans company in Hong Kong. He also took the helm in producing two popular youth programs on Hong Kong Television Broadcasting Limited and the then Rediffusion Television respectively to promote Bang Bang Fashion. He went on to become a renowned actor, script-writer, director and producer, with 14 films under his direction from 1976 to 1990. He is the Honorable Lifetime Chairman of the Hong Kong Film Director's Guild and an Honorable committee member of the Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild. He was also one of the principal emcees in Hong Kong's leading television station, Hong Kong Television Broadcasting Limited (TVB) for over 15 years. Intending to strengthen his skills in Management and Marketing, he spent less and less time in acting and producing and eventually became a fully fledged executive working for several commercial conglomerates in Hong Kong:-

1980s general manager, Capital Artist Company (華星娛樂唱片公司) – creating numerous hits and propelling a string of singers into super stardom, including Aaron Kwok (郭富城), Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文), Andy Hui (許志安), Edmond Leung (梁漢文) and Coco Lee (李玟). 1990s managing director, Metro Broadcasts Limited (香港新城電臺) – Hong Kong’s youngest radio station, owned by business tycoon Li Ka Shing was running on loss for five consecutive years since it opened. It was during this time that he produced numerous stage award shows and events that gave Metro Broadcast the success and increase in revenue that was long overdue. In three years he turned the business around. Late 1990s until early 2000, chief operating officer, Star East Group (東方魅力集團) – a stars/celebrities owned company engaged in the running of themed restaurants (including the then very successful Planet Hollywood). Philip was involved in the opening of the Star East Entertainment complexes in Hong Kong, Guangzhou and the driver of the franchised project in Chengdu. The Group has been sold to another listed company in 2002. Since 2000 Proprietor and chief operating officer, Endless Idea Management Limited – A promoter of concerts and event marketing in Hong Kong. Apart from supplying Hong Kong stars’ performances and concerts to Mainland China, Singapore, Malaysia and Atlantic City, he also produced the very popular Winter Wonderland in Tsuen Wan for Sino Properties and the same show was, by demand, produced in Donguan, China. 2003–2005 He was the chief executive officer, Mandarin Films (東方電影). 2005–2007 chief operating officer, Emperor Motion Pictures (英皇電影). Once again he became a front-line filmmaker with the opening up of the China market. He simultaneously headed the Emperor Films/Shanghai Film Group joint-venture, the SFG Emperor Film Company (上映英皇电影有限公司)in Shanghai. During this period he produced two films, “Home Run” (回家的路)and the comedy ”The Fantastic Water babes” (出水芙蓉).

Since 1999 he started his penetration into the entertainment market of Mainland China in the fields of television production (the starting up of the Lucky Paid TV Channel in Shanghai), film production (for Emperor Films in the movie "Home Run" and its subsequent distribution. He acted as a consultant for the Canadian independent horror film “Walking the Dead” which was shot on location in Heibei, Northern China in 2009. For 32 years, he has been one of Hong Kong’s top masters of ceremony and show host. His unique style is the result of his congenial style and personality, his energy and humour. His TV appearances include “The Return Of Hong Kong’s Sovereignty to China”; the annual main Hong Kong beauty pageant “The Miss Hong Kong Pageant”; and the “Eastern China Flood Relief Charity Gala” at the People’s Hall in Beijing to “Miss Playboy International”. He is the chairman and chief executive officer of Endless Idea Management (Hong Kong) Limited and Fantasia Entertainment Production Group (Macao) Company Limited. These companies engage in event planning and production for major Casinos and Hotels in Macao and Mainland China. He has also formed a new film company, Good Earth Films, to consult and produce for overseas and Chinese film companies in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Chan is the CEO of Endless Idea Management (Hong Kong) Limited and Endless Idea Management (International) Limited, companies which he founded in the 1990s. The two companies engage in the work of artists agent, variety event production, event management and film production consultancy. He is also the CEO of Grand Olympia Films (Hong Kong) Limited. He heads the development of several films to be jointly produced by Mainland China and Hong Kong film companies. One of these films, The Tiger and I, is under pre-production and is due for principal photography in October 2014. Filmography as actor[edit]

OCTB (2017) (TV series) Tale of Three Cities
Tale of Three Cities
(2015) Inflection (2014) I Love The Way You Love Me (2013) Winner Takes It All A Short film (2012) The Fantastic Water Babes (2008) Home Run (2008) Good Times, Bed Times (2003) Nine Girls and a Ghost (2002) Love on Delivery
Love on Delivery
(1994) – Television Commercial Pitchman Fight Back to School III (1993) – Officer Chan Police Story 3
Police Story 3
(1992) – Insp. Y.K. Chen Hard Boiled
Hard Boiled
(1992) – Supt. Pang Heart Against Hearts (1992) – Phillip The Magic Touch (1992) – Commissioner Twin Dragons
Twin Dragons
(1992) – Hotel Manager Sisters of the World Unite (1991) The Banquet (1991) – Policeman Double Impact
Double Impact
(1991) – Raymond Zhang The Tigers (1991) – Supt. Tsao Siu-Ping Pantyhose Hero
Pantyhose Hero
(1990) – Cameo appearance The Musical Vampire
The Musical Vampire
(1990) Eat a Bowl of Tea (1989) – Henry Wang Carry On Yakuzas!! (1989) – Willie Widow Warriors (1989) – Liu Chuan-Hau The Immigrant Policeman (1989) City Warriors (1988) – Supt. Chan Bloodsport (1988) – Captain Chen Hero of Tomorrow
Hero of Tomorrow
(1988) – Crow's Target Spy Games (1988) .... Ken's Boss The Romancing Star
The Romancing Star
(1987) – Kenny Flaming Brothers
Flaming Brothers
(1987) – Chen Crazy Spirit (1987) – Inspector
Chen Pom Pom Strikes Back (1986) – Inspector
Chan Mr. Boo Meets Pom Pom (1985) – Inspector
Chan Night Caller (1985) – Steve Chan The Owl vs Bombo
The Owl vs Bombo
(1984) – Cop The Return of Pom Pom (1984) – Inspector
Chan Pom Pom (1984) – Inspector
Chan Red Panther (1983) – Lai's Superior The Return of the Condor Heroes (1983) TV Series – Luk Jin-yuan Gun Is Law (1983) – Chan Shing-Fung Winners and Sinners
Winners and Sinners
(1983) – Inspector Esprit d'amour
Esprit d'amour
(1983) – John Tang Secret Ninja, Roaring Tiger (1982) Hunting Head (1982) – Kim Tai-Yung Avengers from Hell (1981) Encore (1980) – The Uncle The Servant (1979) Between the Twins (1978) TV Series Foxbat (1977) The Extra (1977) Jumping Ash (1976)

Filmography as director[edit]

1979 The Servants 牆內牆外 1981 Charlie's Bubbles 文仔的肥皂泡 1984 The Return of Pom Pom 雙龍出海 1985 Night Caller 平安夜 1986 Chocolate Inspector
神探朱古力 1986 Tongs, a Chinatown story 堂口故事 1986 Inspector
Tuber 霹靂大喇叭 1986 From Here to Prosperity 奪寶計上計 1989 Carry On Yakuza 黑道福星 1989 Mr Sunshine 開心巨無霸 1990 Front Page 新半斤八兩

Filmography as Producer or Production Adviser[edit]

1977 Foxbat 狐蝠 1978 The Extras 茄哩啡 1979 Cops and Robbers 點指兵兵 1980 Encore 喝采 1985 Mr Boo Meets Pom Pom 智勇三寶 1989 Path of Glory沖天小子 2002 Nine Girls and a Ghost 九個女仔一隻鬼 2003 Cross Marriages in China 外地媳婦本地郎 2006 Hone Run 回家的路 2006 The Fantastic Water Babes 出水芙蓉 2011 33 Postcards 幸福卡片 2014 The Tiger and I (in pre-production)

Filmography as Scriptwriter[edit]

1975 Jumping Ash 跳灰 1977 Foxbat 狐蝠 1978 The Extras 茄哩啡 1979 Cops and Robers 點指兵兵 1981 Charlie's Bubbles 文仔的肥皂泡 1981 Krazy Kops 撞板神探電子龜 1984 Long Arm of the Law 省港旗兵 1986 Long Arm of the Law II 省港旗兵 II 1985 Night Caller 平安夜 1986 Chocolate Inspector
神探朱古力 1988 Edge of Darkness 陷阱邊沿 1989 Carry On Yakuzas 黑道福星 1989 Mr Sunshine 開心巨無霸 1989 Path of Glory 沖天小子 1990 Front Page 新半斤八兩 2014 The Tiger and I (in pre-production)

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