Philip is a male given name, derived from the Greek (''Philippos'', lit. "horse-loving" or "fond of horses"Liddell, Henry George & al.
), from a compound of (''phílos'', "dear", "loved", "loving") and (''hippos'', "horse"). Prominent Philips who popularized the name include kings of Macedonia and one of the apostles of early
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. ''Philip'' has many alternative spellings. One derivation often used as a surname is Phillips (surname), Phillips. It was also found during ancient Greek times with two Ps as Philippides (disambiguation), Philippides and Philippos. It has many diminutive (or even hypocorism, hypocoristic) forms including Phil, Filip (disambiguation)#People, Filip, Philly (disambiguation)#People, Philly, Lip (disambiguation), Lip, Pip (disambiguation), Pip, Pep (disambiguation), Pep or Peps, and Pippo (disambiguation), Pippo. There are also feminine forms such as Philippine de Rothschild, Philippine and Philippa.


Kings of Macedon

* Philip I of Macedon * Philip II of Macedon, father of Alexander the Great * Philip III of Macedon, half-brother of Alexander the Great * Philip IV of Macedon * Philip V of Macedon


* Philippus of Croton (c. 6th century BC) Olympic victor and legendary hero * Philip of Opus, one of Plato's students * Philip (son of Antipater), general of Alexander the Great * Philip (son of Machatas) builder of Alexandria on the Indus * Philip (first husband of Berenice I of Egypt), son of Amyntas and first husband of Berenice I * Philip (son of Agathocles of Pella), Philip, brother of Lysimachus and youngest son of Agathocles of Pella * Philip (son of Lysimachus), Philip, one of the sons of Lysimachus from his wife Arsinoe II * Philip (satrap), Greek satrap of Sogdiana and governor of Parthia * Philip I Philadelphus, ruler of the Hellenistic Seleucid kingdom * Philip II Philoromaeus, last ruler of the Hellenistic Seleucid kingdom * Lucius Marcius Philippus (disambiguation), multiple Roman statesmen * Philippides of Paiania, Greek son of Philomelos, archon of nobility, basileus 293/2 B.C. * Herod Philip I, son of Herod the Great and husband of Herodias * Herod Philip II, "the Tetrarch", son of Herod the Great and ruler of Ituraea and Trachonitis * Philippus of Thessalonica, epigrammatic Greek poet and compiler of an Anthology * Philip the Arab, Roman emperor from 244 to 250 * Philip of Side, Byzantine historian of the early Christian church * Philippikos Bardanes, Byzantine Emperor * Antipope Philip * Philip the Apostle * Philip the Evangelist

Rulers and royalty

King of Belgium

* Philip of Belgium

Kings of France

* Philip I of France * Philip II of France * Philip III of France, "the Bold" * Philip IV of France, "the Fair"; also known as Philip I of Navarre * Philip V of France, "the Tall"; also known as Philip II of Navarre * Philip VI of France, "the Fortunate"

Counts and Dukes of Savoy

* Philip I, Count of Savoy (1207–1285) * Philip II, Duke of Savoy (1438–1497)

Dukes of Burgundy

* Philip I, Duke of Burgundy * Philip the Bold, also known as Philip II, Duke of Burgundy * Philip the Good, also known as Philip III, Duke of Burgundy

Kings of Castile and Spain

* Philip I of Castile, "the Handsome"; also known as Philip IV, Duke of Burgundy * Philip II of Spain, also known as Philip I of Portugal and Philip V of Burgundy * Philip III of Spain, also known as Philip II of Portugal and Philip VI of Burgundy * Philip IV of Spain, also known as Philip III of Portugal and Philip VII of Burgundy * Philip V of Spain * Philip VI of Spain

Kings of Portugal

* Philip II of Spain, Philip I of Portugal, also known as Philip II of Spain and Philip V of Burgundy * Philip III of Spain, Philip II of Portugal, also known as Philip III of Spain and Philip VI of Burgundy * Philip IV of Spain, Philip III of Portugal, also known as Philip IV of Spain and Philip VII of Burgundy

Kings of Navarre

* Philip IV of France, Philip I of Navarre, also known as Philip IV of France * Philip V of France, Philip II of Navarre, also known as Philip V of France * Philip III of Navarre


* Philip of Courtenay, titular Latin Emperor of Constantinople * Philip of Swabia, King of Germany and Duke of Swabia * Philip of Milly, seventh Grand Master of the Knights Templar * Philip, Count of Flanders * Philip of Artois (1269–1298), heir to the countship * Philip of Artois, Count of Eu * Philip I, Prince of Taranto * Philip II, Prince of Taranto * Philip of Burgundy, Count of Auvergne * Philip of Poitou, Prince-Bishop of Durham * Philip Simonsson, claimant to the throne of Norway * Philip of Saint-Pol, Duke of Brabant * Philip, Duke of Parma * Philip I, Landgrave of Hesse * Philip II, Duke of Pomerania (1573–1618) * Prince Philippe, Count of Flanders, father to Albert I of Belgium * Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (1921–2021), prince consort of Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom * Philip, Prince of Eulenburg, Prussian diplomat * Prince Carl Philip, prince of Sweden and duke of Värmland

First name

* Philip Wilson (bishop) (1950-2021), British-Australian Bishop and prisoner * Filip Barović (born 1990), Montenegrin basketball player * Filip Đorđević (born 1987), Serbian footballer * Filip Filipović (water polo), Filip Filipović (born 1987), Serbian water polo player, Olympic champion * Filip Hološko (born 1984), Slovak footballer * Filip Cristian Jianu (born 2001), Romanian tennis player * Filip Marković (born 1992), Serbian footballer * Filip Petrušev (born 2000), Serbian basketball player * Filip Ugran (born 2002), Romanian race car driver * Filip Verlinden (born 1982), Belgian kickboxer * Filip Višnjić (1757–1834), Bosnian Serb poet and guslar * Filippo Inzaghi, Italian footballer * Filippos Filippou (athlete), Cypriot distance runner * Filippos Filippou (footballer), Cypriot footballer * Filippos Karvelas, Greek gymnast * Filippos Margaritis, Greek photographer * Filippos Pliatsikas, frontman of the Greek band Pyx Lax * Filip Zubčić, Croatian alpine skier * Metacomet, nicknamed "King Philip", war leader of the Wampanoag in "King Philip's War" * Phiiliip, American musician, born Philip Guichard * Phil Anselmo, American heavy metal vocalist and musician * Phil Barker, wargames designer * Phil Coleman (athlete) (born 1931), American runner * Phil Coleman (footballer) (born 1960), English footballer * Phil Collins (born 1951), British musician and singer * Phil Cunningham (folk musician), Phil Cunningham (born 1960), Scottish accordionist * Phil Farbman (1924–1996), American basketball player * Phil Foglio (born 1956), print and online comic artist, creator of ''Girl Genius'' and ''XXXenophile'' * Phil Goff (born 1953), New Zealand politician * Phil Handler, American football player * Phil Hartman (1948–1998), American actor and comedian * Phil Haynes (offensive lineman) (born 1995), American football player * Phil Hellmuth, American poker player * Phil Hill, American automobile racer * Phil Ivey, American poker player * Phil Jackson, American basketball coach * Phil Keoghan, New Zealand-born television personality, known for hosting "The Amazing Race" * Phil LaMarr, American voice actor * Phil Lester, British YouTuber and BBC Radio 1 presenter * Phil Lynott, Irish vocalist and bassist, Thin Lizzy * Phil Mahre (born 1957), American alpine skier * Phil Marsh, British footballer * Phil McGraw (born 1950), American talk show host; aka Dr. Phil * Phil Mickelson, American golfer * Phil Neville, English footballer * Phil Palmer, jazz and rock guitarist * Phil Plait, American astronomer * Phil Radford, Greenpeace executive director * Phil Read, (born 1939) English retired motorcycle racer, former world champion * Phil Rudd, Australian drummer for AC/DC * Phil Taylor (darts player), Phil Taylor, darts player * Phil Vickery (rugby union), English rugby player * Phil Weintraub (1907–1987), American baseball player * Philip Baldi, American linguist and classical scholar * Philip Carey (1925–2009), American actor * Philip Coppens (disambiguation), several people * Philip Craven (born 1950), British sports administrator, president of the International Paralympic Committee * Philip Dulebohn, American figure skater * Philip Erenberg (1909–1992), American gymnast and Olympic silver medalist * Philip Farkas, American horn player * Philip Glass, American composer * Philip Gunawardena (1901-1972), Sri Lankan Sinhala Trotskyist * Philip Guston, American painter * Philip Hamilton, poet and son of Alexander Hamilton (d.1801) * Philip J. Ivanhoe (born 1954), American sinologist * Philip Jalalpoor, (born 1993), German basketball player * Philip K. Dick (1928–1982), American science fiction writer * Philip Khuri Hitti (1886–1978), Lebanese academic and scholar of Islam * Philip Langridge (1939–2010), British tenor * Sir Philip Miles, 2nd Baronet, English politician and landowner * Philip Napier Miles, English composer, philanthropist and landowner * Philip of Montfort, Lord of Castres * Philip of Montfort, Lord of Tyre * Philip George Owston (1921–2001), British chemist and crystallographer for whom the Owston Islands in Antarctica are named * Philip Perry, acting Associate Attorney General of the United States * Philip Pullman, (born 1946), English writer * Philip Rivers, football player * Philip Roth (1933–2018), American novelist * Philip Glenister, British actor * Philip Seymour Hoffman (1967–2014), American actor * Philip van Ness Myers (1846–1937), American historian * Philip Webster, British journalist * Philipp Grubauer, German professional ice hockey goaltender * Philipp Hainhofer, inventor of the cuckoo clock * Philipp Kohlschreiber, German tennis player * Philipp Lahm, German footballer * Philipp von Cobenzl, Austrian diplomat * Philippe A. Autexier (1954–1998), French music historian * Philippe Blain, French volleyball player and coach * Philippe Coutinho, Brazilian footballer * Philippe Daverio (1949–2020), Italian art historian * Philippe Dubuisson-Lebon, Canadian football player * Philippe Ginestet (born 1954), French billionaire businessman, founder of GiFi * Philippe Gilbert, Belgian bicycle racer * Philippe Petit, French performer and tightrope artist * Philippe Petitcolin (born 1952/53), French businessman, CEO of Safran * Philippe Russo, French singer * Philippe Sella, French rugby player * Philippe Senderos, Swiss footballer * Philippe Swan, Belgian singer-songwriter * Philippos Constantinos, Cypriot singer * Philippos Syrigos, Greek investigative journalist and sports reporter * Phill Jupitus, British comedian * Phillip Buchanon (born 1980), American football player * Kidnapping of Jaycee Dugard#Background of kidnappers, Phillip Garrido (born 1951), American kidnapper * Phillip Gonyea, percussionist of Before the Mourning and Against All Will * Phillip Hagar Smith (1905–1987), American electrical engineer, inventor of the Smith chart * Phillip Hughes (1988–2014), Australian cricketer * Phillip Carl Jablonski (1946–2019), American serial killer and rapist * Phillip Jack Brooks, wrestler, ring name CM Punk * Phillip Johnson (disambiguation) * Phillip Lindsay (born 1994), American football player * Phillip Noyce (born 1950), Australian film director * Phillip Phillips, American Idol season 11 winner * Phillip Schofield, TV presenter * Phillip Vellacott (1907–1997), British academic and classical scholar, known for his translations of Greek tragedy * Phillip Walsh (disambiguation) * Phillip Whitehead (1937–2005), British politician, member of the European Parliament * Phillip Wilcher, Australian classical music composer * Punxsutawney Phil, Groundhog Day groundhog * Pylyp Orlyk, writer of Ukraine's first constitution


* Arthur Phillip (1738–1814), Australian admiral and governor of New South Wales, Australia * Emanuel L. Philipp (1861–1925), American politician and governor of the US state of Wisconsin * John Philip (missionary) (1775–1851), Scottish missionary in South Africa * Mary Phillip (born 1977), English football player * Miroslav Filip (1928–2009), Czech chess grandmaster * Pavel Filip (born 1966), Moldovan politician * Simion Filip, Romanian and Moldovan mathematician * Tarik Phillip (born 1993), British-American basketball player in the Israel Basketball Premier League


The Philippines is a country that was part of the Spanish Empire and named after King Philip II of Spain, Philip II of Spain.

Fictional characters

* Phil Dunphy, ''Modern Family'' character * Phillip Niles Argyle, Canadian comedian and stage actor from Montreal in the American animated sitcom, ''South Park'' * List of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air characters, Philip Banks, character from ''The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air'' * Phil and Lil DeVille, Phil DeVille, from the Nickelodeon TV series, ''Rugrats'' and ''All Grown Up!'' * Phil Diffy, from the Disney Channel sitcom, "Phil of the Future" * Philip J. Fry, ''Futurama'' character * The Cay, Phillip Enright, the main character from ''The Cay'' * Phil Leotardo, from the HBO series, ''The Sopranos'' * Philip Bauer, the father of Jack Bauer in the series ''24 (TV series), 24'' * Philip Marlowe, detective and a Raymond Chandler character * Phil Mitchell, ''EastEnders'' character * Phil, the Prince of Insufficient Light, ''Dilbert'' character * List of Disney's Sleeping Beauty characters#Prince Phillip, Prince Phillip, character from Disney's ''Sleeping Beauty (1959 film), Sleeping Beauty'' * Kamen Rider Double (character)#Philip, Philip, one of the two main leads in ''Kamen Rider W'' * Phillip Chancellor II, former character on the American soap opera The Young and the Restless * Phillip Chancellor III, character on the American soap opera The Young and the Restless * Chance Chancellor or Phillip Chancellor IV, a character on the American soap opera The Young and the Restless * Philip Kiriakis, character on the American soap opera Days of Our Lives * Phil Coulson, character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe * List of Power Rangers Dino Charge characters#Prince Phillip III, Prince Phillip III, a character from ''Power Rangers Dino Charge'' * Phillipe, one of the French Peas in the children's animated series ''VeggieTales'' * Phillipe "The Mouse" Gaston, character in Ladyhawke (film), ''Ladyhawke'' (film) * Phil Eggtree, a character from the Newgrounds game Riddle School * Philip Traum, Satan, Satan's adopted name in The Mysterious Stranger by Mark Twain * Philip Mannering, one of the four children in Enid Blyton's The Adventure Series * Phillip Schrute, Dwight Schrute, Dwight and Angela Schrute, Angela Schrute's son in the American adaptation of The Office

Philip in other languages

* Afrikaans: Filip * Arabic: فيلبس (Fīlibus), فيليبوس (Fīlībūs), فيليب (Fīlīb) * Armenian: Փիլիպպոս (Pʿilippos) * Asturian: Felipe * Belarusian: Філіп (Filip), піліп (Pilip) * Bengali: ফিলিপ (Philipa) * Bosnian: Filip * Bulgarian: Филип (Filip) * Cantonese: 腓立 (Fei4 laap6) * Catalan: Felip * Celtic: Fulup * Chinese: 腓力 (Féilì), 菲利普 (Fēilìpǔ) * Croatian: Filip * Czech: Filip * Danish: Filip * Dutch: Philip, Filip, Filips * Esperanto: Filipo * Finnish: Vilppu * French: Philippe * Galician: Filipe * Ganda: Filipu * Georgian: ფილიპ (P’ilip) * German: Philipp * Greek: Φίλιππος (Phílippos, Philippides) * Gujarati: ફિલિપ (Philipa) * Hawaiian: Pilipo * Hebrew: פיליפ (Filip) * Hindi: फिलिप (Philip) * Hungarian: Fülöp * Irish: Pilib, Feidhlim * Italian: Filippo * Japanese: フィリップ (Firippu) * Korean: 필립 (Pillip) * Latin: Philippus * Latvian: Filips * Lithuanian: Pilypas * Macedonian: Филип (Filip) * Malayalam: ഫിലിപ്പൊസ് (Philippose) * Maltese: Pinu * Maori: Piripi * Norwegian: Filip * Occitan: Felip * Persian: فیلیپ (Filip) * Poitevin: Félipe * Polish: Filip * Portuguese: Filipe * Portuguese (Brazilian): Felipe * Romanian: Filip * Russian: Филипп (Filipp) * Samoan: Filipo * Serbian: Филип (Filip) * Slovak: Filip * Slovenian: Filip * Spanish: Felipe * Swahili: Felipo * Swedish: :sv:Filip, Filip * Ukrainian: Пилип (Pylyp)

See also

*Philippa, feminine given name *Saint Philip (disambiguation) *Emperor Philip (disambiguation) *King Philip (disambiguation) *Prince Philip (disambiguation)


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