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Peter Gowan (15 January 1946, Glasgow
– 12 June 2009) was a Professor of International Relations
International Relations
at London Metropolitan University, activist, published author and public speaker. He was a member of the editorial committee of New Left Review
New Left Review
and was one of the founders of Labour Focus on Eastern Europe. With his older sister and his mother he moved to Belfast in April 1946 and lived there until he was nine. He never knew his father. He went to school at Princess Gardens in Belfast until he was seven and then to Brackenburgh House. When he was nine his mother moved to London to work and he went to prep school in Suffolk, Orwell Park, ultimately becoming head boy. He left there to go to Haileybury and Imperial Service College, in Hertfordshire when he was 13, in 1959 and from there went on to read politics and history at Southampton University. Gowan was diagnosed with his fatal illness only a couple of weeks after the onset of the world financial crisis [1] Despite knowing that his condition was terminal and his health fast-deteriorating, he not only bore it with good humour, but bravely continued to work to the limits of his capacity over the following months: his article "Crisis in the Heartland" for the January–February 2009 issue of New Left Review
New Left Review
provides a succinct account of how he interpreted the origins of the financial crisis. Peter Gowan died at age 63 from the asbestos related disease, peritoneal mesothelioma on 12 June 2009.[2]


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Works[edit] Books[edit]

A Calculus of Power: Grand Strategy in the Twenty-First Century (Verso 2010) The Search for Order: Historical Reflections on the Crisis of Grand Strategies (Verso 2008) The Twisted Road to Kosovo; Introduction (Manifest, Stockholm, 2000) The Global Gamble: Washington's Faustian Bid for World Dominance (Verso, 1999) Crisis East and West: Must it be Global Barbarism? (Spokesman Books 1997) The Question of Europe - Peter Gowan; Perry Anderson (eds) (Verso 1997) European Union Policy Towards the Visegrad States (London Metropolitan University 1996)


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Chapters in books[edit]

'Industrial Development And International Political Conflict In Contemporary Capitalism' in Alexander Anievas (ed) Marxism and World Politics: Contesting Global Capitalism (Routledge 2010) 'Crisis in the Heartland' in Martijn Konings (ed) The Great Credit Crash (Verso 2010) 'American Primacy and Europeanist Responses' in Nam-Kook Kim (ed) Globalization
and Regional Integration in Europe and Asia (Ashgate Publishing Limited 2009) 'Global Economy' in Michael Cox, Doug Stokes (eds) US foreign policy (Oxford University Press, USA 2008) 'World Market, State System and World Order Question' in International Conference Kapitalismus Reloaded (ed) Kapitalismus Reloaded: Controversy to Imperialism, Empire and Hegemony (VSA 2007) 'Placing Serbia in Context' in Vassilis K. Fouskas (ed) Politics of Conflict: A Survey (Routledge 2007) 'Contemporary IntraCore Relations and World-Systems Theory' in Christopher Chase-Dunn, Salvatore J. Babones (eds) Global Social Change: Historical and Comparative Perspectives (Johns Hopkins University Press 2006) 'The Bush Turn and The Drive for Primacy' in Alejandro Colás and Richard Saull (eds) The War on Terror and the American 'Empire' after the Cold War (Routledge 2006) 'The Trans-Atlantic Conflict over Primacy' in Faruk Tabak (ed) Allies As Rivals: The U.S., Europe, and Japan in a Changing World-System (Paradigm Publishers 2005) 'US Hegemeny Today' in Bellamy Foster, J., and Mcchesney R.W. (eds) Pox Americana: Exposing the American Empire (Monthly Review Press, 2004) ‘The Transatlantic Impasse’ in Tariq Faruk (ed) A New Era of Triadic Conflict (Georgetown University, 2004) ‘The New Liberal Cosmopolitanism’ in Daniele Archibugi
Daniele Archibugi
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Interviews and discussions[edit]

Peter Gowan - The Ways of the World Interview with Mike Newman and Marko Bojcun, New Left Review
New Left Review
59, September–October 2009 Peter Gowan on U.S. financial crisis Interview with This is Hell! (start at 3.00.15), 2009 Peter Gowan on U.S. foreign policy since 1945 Interview with Against the Grain, 2009 Turbulence in the Imperial Dollar system, speech, October 2007 Universidad Nómada 2007 Conference, Peter Gowan Talks [1] [2][3] The Abduction of Europa Interview with Minerva, February 2006 America’s Global Gamble Interview with International Viewpoint, April 2002 The State, Globalisation and the New Imperialism: A Roundtable Discussion, July 2001 Russia and Chechnya, Interview with Democracy Now, January 2000 Which class rules in the USSR? A debate on the character of the Soviet Union, August 1989 (as Oliver MacDonald)


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