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(Bulgarian, Russian and Macedonian: Павел, Czech, Slovak, Slovene, Romanian: Pavel, Polish: Paweł, Ukrainian: Павло) is a masculine given name. It is a Slavic cognate of the name Paul (derived from the Greek Pavlos).[1][2] Pavel
may refer to:


1 People

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People[edit] Given name[edit]

Paul I of Russia
Paul I of Russia
(1754–1801), Emperor of Russia Pavel Alexandrovich Alexandrov
Pavel Alexandrovich Alexandrov
(1866–1940), Russian lawyer and state official Pavel Alexandrov
Pavel Alexandrov
(1896–1982), Russian mathematician Pavel Axelrod
Pavel Axelrod
(1850–1928), Russian Menshevik Pavel Bartoș
Pavel Bartoș
(born 1975), Romanian actor Pavel Beltiukov (born 1998), professional Hearthstone player Pavel Borodin
Pavel Borodin
(born 1946), Russian official and politician Pavel Bure
Pavel Bure
(born 1971), Russian ice hockey player Pavel Cherenkov
Pavel Cherenkov
(1904–1990), Russian physicist and Nobel Prize winner Pavel Datsyuk
Pavel Datsyuk
(born 1978), Russian ice hockey player Pavel Durov
Pavel Durov
(born 1984) Russian entrepreneur Pavel Felgenhauer (born 1951), Russian journalist Pavel Florensky
Pavel Florensky
(1882–1937), Russian philosopher Pavel Kovalev (born 1980), Russian professional dancer, better known as Pasha Kovalev Pawel Kruba (born 1990), Canadian football player Pavel Mamayev
Pavel Mamayev
(born 1988), Russian football player Pavel Maksutov (1825–1882), Russian admiral Pavel Maslák
Pavel Maslák
(born 1991), Czech runner Pavel Micheev (born 1983), Kazakh basketball player Pavel Nedvěd
Pavel Nedvěd
(born 1972), Czech footballer Pavel Pavel (born 1957), Czech engineer and experimental archaeologist Pável Pardo
Pável Pardo
(born 1976), Mexican footballer Pavel
A. Pevzner, Russian bioinformatics professor Pavel Popovich
Pavel Popovich
(1930–2009), Russian cosmonaut Pavel Rosa
Pavel Rosa
(born 1977), Czech professional ice hockey forward Pavel
Sorokin (1836–1886), Russian painter Pavel Stroganov
Pavel Stroganov
(1774–1817), Russian general Pavel Sukhoi
Pavel Sukhoi
(1895–1975), Soviet aerospace engineer Pawel Szajda (born 1982), American actor Pavel Tsatsouline (born 1969), Russian fitness instructor Pavel Vasici-Ungureanu
Pavel Vasici-Ungureanu
(1806–1881), Romanian physician Pavel Vinogradov
Pavel Vinogradov
(born) 1953), Russian cosmonaut


Ágoston Pável
Ágoston Pável
(1886–1946), Hungarian Slovene writer, poet, ethnologist, linguist and historian Andrei Pavel
Andrei Pavel
(born 1974), Romanian tennis coach and former professional tennis player Claudia Pavel
Claudia Pavel
(born 1984), Romanian pop singer and dancer also known as Claudia Cream Elisabeth Pavel (born 1990), Romanian basketball player Ernst Pavel, Romanian sprint canoeist who competed in the early 1970s Marcel Pavel (born 1959), Romanian folk singer Pavel Pavel (born 1957), Czech engineer and experimental archaeologist Petr Pavel
Petr Pavel
(born 1961), Czech Army general, former Chief of the General Staff and, as of 2015, Chairman of the NATO Military Committee

Fictional characters[edit]

Korchagin, in How the Steel Was Tempered Pavel
Chekov, in Star Trek Doctor Leonid Pavel, in The Dark Knight Rises Pavel
Fyodorovich Smerdyakov, in The Brothers Karamazov

See also[edit]

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