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Paul may refer to: *Paul (given name), a given name (includes a list of people with that name) *Paul (surname), a list of people



*Paul the Apostle (AD 5–67), also known as Saul of Tarsus or Saint Paul, early Christian missionary and writer *Pope Paul (disambiguation), multiple Popes of the Roman Catholic Church *Saint Paul (disambiguation), multiple other people and locations named "Saint Paul"

Roman and Byzantine empire

*Lucius Aemilius Paullus Macedonicus (c. 229 BC – 160 BC), Roman general *Julius Paulus Prudentissimus (), Roman jurist *Paulus Catena (died 362), Roman notary *Paulus Alexandrinus (4th century), Hellenistic astrologer *Paul of Aegina or Paulus Aegineta (625–690), Greek surgeon


*Paul I of Russia (1754–1801), Tsar of Russia *Paul of Greece (1901–1964), King of Greece

Other people

*Paul the Deacon or Paulus Diaconus (c. 720 – c. 799), Italian Benedictine monk*Paul (father of Maurice), the father of Maurice, Byzantine Emperor. He served as head of the Byzantine Senate *Paul (bishop of Mérida), the metropolitan bishop of Mérida in the mid sixth century (fl. 540s/550s) *Paul (American Horror Story), Paul (''American Horror Story'') *Paul Clarke (character), Paul Clarke from the ''Henderson's Boys'' series by Robert Muchamore *Paul (exarch) (died 8th-century), Exarch of Ravenna from 723 to 727 *Paul (Life with Derek), Paul (''Life with Derek'') *Paul (Meletiev) *Paul (Nestorian patriarch), briefly Patriarch of the Church of the East in 539. He is included in the traditional list of patriarchs of the Church of the East *Paul (Ponomaryov) (born 1952), emeritus Metropolitan of Minsk and Slutsk, the Patriarchal Exarch of All Belarus and the leader of the Belarusian Orthodox Church (an autonomous part of the Russian Orthodox Church) *Paul (singer) (b. 1937) *Paul, son of Peter, voivode of Transylvania between 1221 and 1222 * Paul, the name under which Sir Walter Scott wrote ''Paul's letters to his Kinsfolk'' in 1816.


*Paul, Cornwall, a village in the civil parish of Penzance, United Kingdom *Paul (civil parish), in Cornwall, United Kingdom *Paul (Covilhã), Portugal, see List of bridges in Portugal *Paul, Alabama, United States *Paul, Idaho, United States *Paul, Nebraska, United States *Paul, Cape Verde, part of the island of Santo Antão

Arts, entertainment and media

*Paul (film), ''Paul'' (film), a 2011 film featuring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost *Paul (PJ Morton album), ''Paul'' (PJ Morton album), a 2019 album *Paul (play), ''Paul'' (play), a 2005 play by Howard Brenton *Paul (Pokémon), Paul (''Pokémon''), a fictional character *Paul (song), "Paul" (song), by the German punk band Die Ärzte *St. Paul (oratorio), ''St. Paul'' (oratorio), a work by Felix Mendelssohn originally entitled 'Paulus' (in its German version) *''Poker Face Paul'', a 1993 Game Gear video game that comes in blackjack and poker version * ''Paul And'', a 1971 album by Paul Stookey * "DNA Productions, Paul The Monkey", the mascot of DNA Productions *Earl Paul Hanbridge, a fictional character in the anime series ''Little Witch Academia''

Other uses

*Aichi E16A, a Japanese World War II reconnaissance floatplane, Allied code name "Paul" *Paul (bakery), a bakery franchise based in France *Paul (nursery), a plant nursery in Hertfordshire, England *Paul the Octopus (2008–2010), an octopus that correctly guessed results in the 2010 World Cup **Paul II (octopus), the successor of Paul the Octopus *The Paul, a guitar by Gibson *Hurricane Paul (1982), a 1982 Pacific hurricane *Hurricane Paul (2006), a 2006 hurricane that struck Mexico as a tropical depression *PAUL, an abbreviation for the Portable Aqua Unit for Lifesaving

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