''Parklands'' is a 1996 Australian drama film written and directed by Kathryn Millard. The 51-minute-long movie includes Chamber of Commerce-style promotional material about Adelaide that was made in the 1950s and '60s.

Plot summary

Rosie returns home to attend the funeral of her father Cliff, who left her mother years earlier. His mistress Jean invites Rosie to stay with her for a while, allowing her time to learn about what her father was doing throughout the years they were separated. Her investigation into his past leads to diaries he kept, and entries he made suggest that despite his career as a policeman he was a corrupt man involved in the drug trade.

Principal cast

*Cate Blanchett ..... Rosie *Tony Martin ..... Cliff *Carmel Johnson ..... Jean *Tony Mack ..... Dave Morrison *Patrick Duggin ..... Andrew *Bridget Walters ..... Mrs. Roberts *Jo Peoples ..... Elizabeth

Principal production credits

*Producer ..... Helen Bowden *Original Music ..... Richard Vella *Cinematography ..... Mandy Walker *Production Design ..... Prisque Salvi

Awards and nominations

The Australian Cinematographers Society honored Mandy Walker with their Award of Distinction for Fictional Drama Shorts, and Kathryn Millard won the Certificate of Merit for Film & Video - Short Narrative III (31–60 minutes) at the San Francisco International Film Festival.

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*Cinema of Australia

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