Parkland often refers to a park. Parkland or Parklands may also refer to:


* ''Parklands'' (film), a 1996 Australian film * ''Parkland'' (film), a 2013 American film about the aftermath of the assassination of John F. Kennedy



* Adelaide Park Lands, the figure eight of green space surrounding the Adelaide CBD and North Adelaide, and along both banks of the River Torrens within the City of Adelaide * Parklands, Western Australia * Parklands, Tasmania, a suburb of Burnie


* Parkland, Calgary, Alberta, a neighborhood in the city of Calgary * Parkland County, a municipal district in Alberta, Canada *Sturgeon River—Parkland, a federal electoral district in Central Alberta * Parkland Region, a region in Manitoba, Canada

United States

* Parkland, Florida ** Stoneman Douglas High School shooting or Parkland School shooting, which resulted in the deaths of 17 people * Parkland, Illinois, an unincorporated community * Parkland, Louisville, Kentucky, a neighborhood * Parkland, Detroit, Michigan, a neighborhood * Parkland, Philadelphia, a section of Philadelphia which houses a majority of Philadelphia's public parks * Parkland, Washington * Parkland, Wisconsin, a town * Parkland (community), Wisconsin, an unincorporated community


* Parklands, New Zealand, a suburb of Christchurch * Parklands, Nairobi, a suburb of Nairobi, Kenya * Parklands, Cape Town, a suburb of Cape Town, South Africa * Parklands, Newcastle upon Tyne, a district of the United Kingdom city


* Aspen parkland, a biome transitional between prairie and boreal forest (taiga) * Landscaped parkland, a managed rural area associated with European country houses * Parkland formula, used in medicine * Parkland Fuel, a Canadian fuel company based in Calgary, Alberta * Parkland College, Illinois, a community college located in Champaign, Illinois, US * Parkland Conference, Wisconsin, a defunct conference in the Wisconsin Interscholastic * Parkland Health & Hospital System, a hospital district in Dallas, Texas * Parkland High School (disambiguation) * Parkland Medical Center, a hospital in Derry, New Hampshire * Parkland Memorial Hospital, a public hospital in Dallas, Texas * Parkland Middle School, Rockville, Maryland {{disambig|geo