Paradoxes of the Infinite


''Paradoxes of the Infinite'' (German title: ''Paradoxien des Unendlichen'') is a mathematical work by
Bernard Bolzano Bernard Bolzano (, ; ; ; born Bernardus Placidus Johann Nepomuk Bolzano; 5 October 1781 – 18 December 1848) was a Bohemian A Bohemian () is a resident of Bohemia Bohemia ( ; cs, Čechy ; ; hsb, Čěska; szl, Czechy) is the westernmost an ...

Bernard Bolzano
on the theory of sets. It was published by a friend and student, František Přihonský, in 1851, three years after Bolzano's death. The work contained many interesting results in set theory. Bolzano expanded on the theme of Galileo's paradox, giving more examples of correspondences between the elements of an infinite set and proper subsets of infinite sets. In the work he also explained the term ''Menge'', rendered in English as "set", which he had coined and used in several works since the 1830s.


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