, officially the ( ilo, Ili ti Paoay; fil, Bayan ng Paoay), is a in the
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of , . According to the , it has a population of people. The town is home to the
Paoay Church The Saint Augustine Church (Spanish: ''Iglesia de San Agustín de Paoay''), commonly known as the Paoay Church, is a Roman Catholic church in the Municipality of Paoay, Ilocos Norte in the Philippines. Completed in 1710, the church is famous for i ...
, a
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Paoay is politically subdivided into 31 barangays. * Bacsil * Cabagoan * Cabangaran * Callaguip * Cayubog * Dolores * Laoa * Masintoc * Monte * Mumulaan * Nagbacalan * Nalasin * Nanguyudan * Oaig-Upay-Abulao * Pambaran * Pannaratan (Poblacion) * Paratong * Pasil * Salbang (Poblacion) * San Agustin * San Blas (Poblacion) * San Juan * San Pedro * San Roque (Poblacion) * Sangladan Pob. (Nalbuan) * Santa Rita (Poblacion) * Sideg * Suba * Sungadan * Surgui * Veronica


In the , the population of Paoay was people, with a density of .

Paoay Lake

Another prominent feature of the municipality is Paoay Lake. Legend has it that it was the site of a prosperous barangay called ''San Juan de Sahagún'' (Saint John of Sahagún) that sank following an earthquake.Hargrove, Thomas R. (1991). "The Mysteries of Taal: A Philippine volcano and lake, her sea life and lost towns", p.135. Bookmark, Manila. . On the shores of the lake lies a mansion once used by the Ferdinand Marcos, Marcoses called ''Malacañang of the North''; it is now a museum. Adjacent to the mansion is the Paoay Golf Course.



File:View from the Paoay Church.jpg, View of Paoay poblacion File:Paoay Church VIII.jpg, Buttress of the Paoay Church File:On the Sidelines.JPG, details on the side of a door of the church


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