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Oye Jassie was an Indian television series, on Disney Channel India, that premiered on 13 October 2013.[1] It is an Indian adaptation of the American Disney sitcom Jessie.[citation needed] It premiered with the episode "New Mumbai, New Nanny".


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Tara Sutaria
Tara Sutaria
as Jaspreet "Jassie" Singh Simple Kaul
Simple Kaul
as Reisha Malhotra Harsh Vashisht as Rahul Malhotra Mohit Bagri as Rocky Malhothra Simran Natekar as Vinnie Roy Jhumma Mitra as Mr. Raheja Kenneth Desai as Tony Ankit Gupta as Rodney Kapoor Rajen Vyas as Rolly G Diya Chalwad as Tiya Malhotra Ved Tarde as Subbramaniam "Subbu" Malhotra and Shree Premchand Devansh Doshi as Lucky Luckendra Singh Shilpa Dar as Sundari and Shoma Ahsaas Channa
Ahsaas Channa
as Ayesha Malhotra

Characters[edit] Main characters[edit]

Jassie is the protagonist of the series. She was brought up in a military family and came to Mumbai
from her hometown, Karnal, to pursue her dreams but ends up as a nanny to Malhotra family. She is usually sweet, believes everyone easily, and knows many self-defense techniques. She always tries to manage the kids but always fails. She has had many break-ups and always feels sad about them. As soon as she becomes nanny, she starts liking Lucky and tells it lately but their date misses 3 times and finally they get together. She is sometimes jealous if the children like others. She is always troubled by Mrs Raheja and Sundari but eventually comes out of it. She is closest to Tiya. She is based on the character of Jessie Prescott, originally portrayed by Debby Ryan. Ayesha Malhotra is the eldest of all her siblings and is a highly fashionable girl who always has less knowledge but has great common sense. She loves to read magazines for teenage girls, and her liking is of a typical teenage girl. Although she tells everyone that she does not like Rocky, she loves all of them and takes great care of them always. Ayesha always fights with Rocky. She is based on the character of Emma Ross, originally portrayed by Peyton List. Rocky Malhotra is the 12 year old adopted highly stylish but very unhygienic boy. He likes Jassie and tries to impress her all the time. He is very weird but also very helpful. His appearance is like a rich spoiled brat who is naughty and childish, but also very warm hearted and kind from outside. He was adopted from Kolkata. He is based on the character of Luke Ross, originally portrayed by Cameron Boyce. Subramaniam (Subbu) Malhotra is also the adopted child and most intelligent of all his siblings and likes Indian culture. He mostly uses Hindi and rarely uses English. His best friend is Sri Premchand (later revealed as Shreemati Premchand) which he brought from Sri Lanka, he speaks to him all the time. He is based on the character of Ravi Ross, originally portrayed by Karan Brar. Tiya Malhotra is the youngest of all her siblings. She is very clever. She has an imaginary friends like 'Sunny the Bear' and 'Goldie the Mermaid' and always speaks to them. She has very few friends who are weird. She is more closer to Jassie and Tony. She is the most clever among her siblings. She is based on the character of Zuri Ross, originally portrayed by Skai Jackson. Tony is butler who is very lazy and does no work. He likes to sleep and watch cooking shows. He often tells that he does not like the children, but ends up helping them. He is more closer to Tiya and all the others, and especially Rocky is very mean to him. He is based on the character of Bertram, originally portrayed by Kevin Chamberlin.

Recurring characters[edit]

Reisha Malhotra is the supermodel actress who is the mother of Ayesha, Rocky, Subbu and Tiya. She is very protective of her children. She is based on the character of Christina Ross, originally portrayed by Christina Moore. Rahul Malhotra is a famous director who is the father of all the four children. He is based on the character of Morgan Ross, originally portrayed by Charles Esten. Shree Premchand (Shreemati Premchand) is the monitor lizard who is the best friend of Subbu. It is loved by Subbu. It is based on the character of Mrs. Kipling. Lucky Singh is the manager of the apartment 'Ten Juhu Beach'. He likes Jassie but is shy to tell her. Finally, they came to know they like each other but they missed their dates. He is based on the character of Tony Chiccolini, originally portrayed by Chris Galya. Mrs Raheja is the secretary of the apartment. She is very rude haughty and dominating. She does not like Tiya and calls her 'Ajeebsi Ladki'. She likes Tony and tries to impress him. She is based on the character of Mrs Chesterfield, originally portrayed by Carolyn Hennesy. Sundari is the nanny who hates Jassie and tries to give problems to her. She usually troubles Jassie, but also had helped her sometimes. She is based on the character of Agatha, oringally portrayed by Jennifer Veal.


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