''Outlook'' is a weekly general interest English and Hindi news magazine published in India.

History and profile

''Outlook'' was first issued in October 1995 with Vinod Mehta as the editor in chief. It is owned by the Rajan Raheja Group. The publisher is Outlook Publishing (India) Pvt. Ltd. It features contents from politics, sports, cinema, and stories of broad interests. By December 2018, ''Outlook'' magazine's Facebook following had grown to over 12 lakh (1.2 million).



Ruben Banerjee


*Vinod Mehta (1995 - 2012) *Krishna Prasad (2012–2016) *Rajesh Ramachandran (2016-2018)

Managing editors

*Tarun Tejpal (1995 - March 2000)Who's Who @ Tehelka
''tehelka.com''. Retrieved 31 March 2013

Notable contributors

*Vinod Mehta *Arundhati Roy


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