''Oreomunnea'' is a genus of two species of flowering plants in the family Juglandaceae, native to southern Mexico and Central America, where they occur in montane rainforest.Manning, W. E. (1979). The Classification within the Juglandaceae. ''Ann. Missouri Bot. Gard''. 65: 1058-1087.Germplasm Resources Information Network
/ref> They are large trees growing to 35 m tall, with pinnate leaves with four to eight leaflets; unlike most genera in the Juglandaceae, the leaves are arranged in opposite pairs. The fruit is a small nut (fruit), nut about 1 cm diameter, with a three-lobed wing.Neotropical Herbarium Specimens
''Oreomunnea mexicana'' specimen
;Species * ''Oreomunnea mexicana'' (Standl.) J.-F.Leroy * ''Oreomunnea pterocarpa'' Oerst.


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