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Oliver Welke (born 19 April 1966 in Bielefeld) is a German television presenter, actor, comedian[citation needed] and sports journalist.


Welke studied journalism at the University of Münster, graduating in 1993. He then worked in a number of fields and eventually became a rather well-known sport journalist and presenter. Together with Oliver Kalkofe, whom he met while working for a public radio station, he provided the German voices for Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie (as Crow T. Robot) and the British comedy show Little Britain, and also co-wrote the script for the crime film parody Der WiXXer. Since May 2009, Welke has been the host of the satirical heute-show on German public broadcaster ZDF, which is commonly viewed as a German adaptation of The Daily Show.[1]

Welke is married and has two sons. He is involved in several charities such as Terre des hommes.


  • 2004: Der WiXXer
  • 2006 - 2009: Schillerstraße
  • 2007: Neues vom WiXXer
  • 2012: Götter wie Wir (TV series)


  • Kalk & Welk (together with Oliver Kalkofe), 2000, Frühstyxradio (rough trade)
  • Kalk & Welk: Zwei Engel der Barmherzigkeit (together with Oliver Kalkofe), 2000, Frühstyxradio (rough trade)



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