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Nicolas or Nicolás may refer to:


Given name

Nicolas (given name) Nicolas or Nicolás may refer to given names cognate to English Nicholas. The given name ''Nicolas'' is widely used in France () and Brazil (). The variant Nicolás () is widely used in Spanish-speaking countries. The variant Nicola (), while mis ...


Nicolas (footballer, born 1999) Nicolas Reis Bernardo (born 4 June 1999), simply known as Nicolas, is a Brazilian footballer A football player or footballer is a sportsperson, sport person who plays one of the different types of football. The main types of football are associ ...
, Brazilian footballer * Nicolas (footballer, born 2000), Brazilian footballer



* Dafydd Nicolas (c.1705–1774), Welsh poet * Jean Nicolas (1913–1978), French international football player * Nicholas Harris Nicolas (1799–1848), English antiquary * Paul Nicolas (1899–1959), French international football player * Robert Nicolas (1595–1667), English politician


* Adolfo Nicolás (1936–2020), Superior General of the Society of Jesus * Eduardo Nicolás (born 1972), Spanish former professional tennis player

Other uses

* Nicolas (wine retailer), a French chain of wine retailers * ''Le Petit Nicolas'', a series of children's books by René Goscinny

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