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A naval ship is a military ship (or sometimes boat, depending on classification) used by a navy. Naval ships are differentiated from civilian ships by construction and purpose. Generally, naval ships are damage resilient and armed with weapon systems, though armament on troop transports is light or non-existent. Naval ships designed primarily for naval warfare are termed warships, as opposed to support (auxiliary ships) or shipyard operations.


1 Naval ship
Naval ship
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Naval ship
Naval ship
classification[edit] Main article: Warship Naval ship
Naval ship
classification is a field that has changed over time, and is not an area of wide international agreement, so this article currently uses the system as currently used by the United States Navy.

Aircraft carrier – ships that serve as mobile seaborne airfields, designed primarily for the purpose of conducting combat operations by Carrier-based aircraft
Carrier-based aircraft
which engage in attacks against airborne, surface, sub-surface and shore targets. Surface combatant – large, heavily armed surface ships which are designed primarily to engage enemy forces on the high seas, including various types of battleship, battlecruiser, corvette, cruiser, destroyer, and frigate. Submarine – self-propelled submersible types regardless of whether they are employed as combatant, auxiliary, or research and development vehicles which have at least a residual combat capability. Patrol combatant – combatants whose mission may extend beyond coastal duties and whose characteristics include adequate endurance and sea keeping providing a capability for operations exceeding 48 hours on the high seas without support. Amphibious warfare – ships having organic capability for amphibious assault and which have characteristics enabling long duration operations on the high seas. Combat logistics – ships that have the capability to provide underway replenishment to fleet units. Mine warfare – ships whose primary function is mine warfare on the high seas. Coastal defense – ships whose primary function is coastal patrol and interdiction. Sealift – ships that have the capability to provide direct material support to other deployed units operating far from home base. Support – ships, such as oilers, designed to operate in the open ocean in a variety of sea states to provide general support to either combatant forces or shore based establishments. (Includes smaller auxiliaries which, by the nature of their duties, leave inshore waters). Service type craft – navy-subordinated craft (including non-self-propelled) designed to provide general support to either combatant forces or shore-based establishments.

Size[edit] Main article: Warship In rough order of tonnage (largest to smallest), modern surface naval ships are commonly divided into the following different classes. The larger ships in the list can also be classed as capital ships:

Aircraft carrier Helicopter carrier Battleship Battlecruiser Heavy cruiser Light cruiser Destroyer Frigate Corvette Patrol boat Fast attack craft

Some classes above may now be considered obsolete as no ships matching the class are in current service. There is also much blurring / gray areas between the classes, depending on their intended use, history, and interpretation of the class by different navies. See also[edit]

List of naval ship classes in service List of auxiliary ship classes in service List of submarine classes in service List of ship classes of the Second World War

External links[edit] Media related to Naval ships at Wikimedia Commons

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Ships". Official Website of the United States Navy. Retrieved 26 March 2017.  Jordan, Valinsky (30 April 2015). "Here's the Entire U.S. Navy
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Naval ships and warships in the Late Modern period

Naval ship
Naval ship
classes in service

submarine auxiliary

Operational zones

Blue-water navy Brown-water navy Green-water navy

Gun placement

Broadside Central battery Casemate Turrets

Aircraft carriers

Aircraft cruiser Amphibious assault ship Anti-submarine warfare carrier Balloon carrier CAM ship Escort carrier Fighter catapult ship Fleet carrier Helicopter carrier Light aircraft carrier Merchant aircraft carrier Seaplane tender Submarine
aircraft carrier Supercarrier


Coastal defence ship Dreadnought Fast battleship Pre-dreadnought battleship Super-dreadnought (Standard-type battleship) Treaty battleship


Armored cruiser Battlecruiser Flight deck cruiser Heavy cruiser

Pocket battleship

Light cruiser Merchant raider Protected cruiser Strike cruiser Torpedo cruiser Unprotected cruiser


Aviso Convoy rescue ship Destroyer Destroyer
escort Destroyer
leader Escort destroyer Escorteur Frigate Guided missile destroyer Kaibōkan Sloop


Amphibious transport dock Amphibious warfare
Amphibious warfare
ship Attack transport Dock landing ship Landing craft Landing craft
Landing craft
carrier Landing Craft Support Landing Ship
Heavy Landing ship, infantry Landing Ship
Medium Landing Ship, Tank Landing Ship
Vehicle Troopship

Patrol craft

Armed boarding steamer Armed yacht Coastal Motor Boat Corvette Gunboat Harbour Defence Motor Launch Motor Launch Naval drifter Naval trawler Ocean boarding vessel Patrol boat Q-ship Steam Gun Boat Submarine
chaser Torpedo boat

Fast attack craft

E-boat MAS MGB Missile boat MTB MTM MTSM PT boat Shin'yō

Mine warfare

Danlayer Destroyer
minesweeper Mine countermeasures vessel Mine planter Minehunter Minelayer Minesweeper

Command and support

Amenities ship Ammunition ship Auxiliary repair dock Auxiliary ship Collier Combat stores ship Command ship Crane vessel Depot ship Destroyer
tender Dispatch boat Fast combat support ship General stores issue ship Hospital ship Naval tugboat Net laying ship Repair ship Replenishment oiler Submarine


Attack submarine Ballistic missile submarine Coastal submarine Cruise missile submarine Cruiser
submarine Deep-submergence vehicle


Fleet submarine Midget submarine U-boat


Arsenal ship Barracks ship Breastwork monitor Capital ship Flagship Guard ship Littoral combat ship Monitor River mon