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National may refer to:

Common uses

* Nation or country ** Nationality – a ''national'' is a person who is subject to a nation, regardless of whether the person has full rights as a citizen ** National (distribution), a type of product or publication that is distributed across an entire nation, e.g., a national magazine

Places in the United States

* National, Maryland, census-designated place * National, Nevada, ghost town * National, Utah, ghost town * National, West Virginia, unincorporated community


* National (brand), a brand name of electronic goods from Panasonic * National Benzole (or simply known as National), former petrol station chain in the UK, merged with BP * National Car Rental, an American rental car company * National Energy Systems, a former name of Eco Marine Power * National Entertainment Commission, a former name of the Media Rating Council * National Motor Vehicle Company, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA 1900-1924 * National Supermarkets, a defunct American grocery store chain * National String Instrument Corporation, a guitar company formed to manufacture the first resonator guitars ** Their successor companies: *** National Dobro Corporation *** National Reso-Phonic Guitars ** In the context of stringed instruments, the ''tricone'' and ''biscuit'' designs promoted by the National String Instrument Corporation * National International, a Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company-like Company


* Championnat National (also known as National), French football league competition * National (curling), annual curling bonspiel * SK Nationalkameratene, Norwegian sports club * TIL National, Norwegian sports club

Other uses

* National (Cymanfa Ganu), a Welsh festival in Wales, England and North America

See also

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