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The NRA Whittington Center
NRA Whittington Center
in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains
Sangre de Cristo Mountains
of Colfax County, New Mexico, is one of the largest and most comprehensive shooting facilities in the United States. Ten percent of the 33,300-acre (13,500 ha) site has been developed to include fifteen shooting ranges, an administration building, a cafeteria, a museum, a library, classrooms, and full-service hookups for 175 recreational vehicles. The remainder of the site provides wildlife habitat at elevations above 6,300 feet (1,900 m) with primitive campgrounds and remote back-country cabins for hunting, bird watching, wildlife viewing, photography, hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding.[1]


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History[edit] Whittington Center includes a segment of the historic Santa Fe Trail near the trail landmark Red River Peak. Land including the ghost town of Van Houten, New Mexico, is owned by the National Rifle Association and named for former association president George R. Whittington. Development began in 1973 for competitive shooting events, firearms education, and outdoor recreation. Whittington Center operates as an independent nonprofit with a mission of education and outdoor recreation. NRA membership is not required to visit the center, and many visitors arrive from the nearby Philmont Scout Ranch. The nearby community of Raton, New Mexico
Raton, New Mexico
estimates an annual revenue of seven million US dollars from Whittington Center visitors.[1] Range facilities[edit]

Outdoor shooting ranges

archery[1] benchrest shooting[2] black powder[2] high power rifle to 1,000 yards (910 m)[1] high power rifle silhouette[2] hunter pistol silhouette[2] hunter sight-in[2] long range pistol silhouette[2] Precision pistol competition
Precision pistol competition
(PPC)[2] practical pistol[2] skeet shooting[2] small-bore rifle[2] smallbore rifle silhouette[2] sporting clays[2] trap shooting[2]

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