The Info List - Myoma U Than Kywe

Myoma Than Kywe
Than Kywe
(Burmese: မြို့မ သန်းကြွယ်, pronounced [mjo̰ma̰ θáɴ tɕwɛ̀]; 26 December 1924 – 22 September 1983) was a Burmese politician, who served as president of the All Burma
Student's Union. Biography[edit] He was born in Thongwa, Burma
on 26 December 1924 to Daw Sein Kyawt and U Sein. Educated at Rangoon
University, Than Kywe
Than Kywe
was a representative at the Panglong conference with General Aung San
Aung San
that initiated the formation of the new nation of Union of Burma
in February 1947. Than Kywe
Than Kywe
was married to Daw Ama (also known as Myint Myint Win). The couple had two sons and two daughters. Their youngest child is Myoma Myint Kywe, a writer and historian. He died on 22 September 1983. Refe