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My Scene was an American series of fashion dolls created by Mattel in 2002. Mattel's Barbie character is one of the dolls in the My Scene line, and the My Scene dolls have slim bodies similar to earlier Barbie dolls, but with larger heads.[1] The New York Times described their features as "exaggerated lips and bulging, makeup-caked eyes."[2] My Scene were designed to appeal to the tween market and compete with the Bratz dolls from MGA Entertainment.[1][3] The series originally consisted of three female characters, but was expanded to eventually include ten different dolls.


The My Scene series of dolls was first introduced in the fall season of 2002, before the Diva Starz, to compete with the Bratz dolls.[1][3] It originally included three dolls: Barbie, Madison, and Chelsea, with different ethnicities and personalities, and 2 extra fashions for each character. The characters (except Barbie) were named after different locations in New York City. More dolls were eventually added to the series, starting with in 2003 with Nolee, and three male characters, Bryant, River, and Hudson. Delancey and Ellis premiered in the "Hanging Out" line, which debuted in late 2003. Kenzie debuted in the "Getting Ready Line" of 2004 and Nia debuted in 2008. There are seven characters in the My Scene series (Kennedy, Madison, Chelsea, Delancey, Nia, Hudson, and River), six discontinued characters (Barbie, Nolee, Kenzie, Bryant, Ellis, and Sutton) and four special edition dolls (Lindsay, Jai, Tyson and Ryan). Each of the My Scene girls (and three of the boys) own pets.

Female dolls have the non-twisting belly-button body mold and share an all-new face mold that sports a small nose, wide cheekbones, and large, pouty lips. In some lines (beginning with "Night on the Town") dolls have rooted eyelashes and glittery eyes. Like the Bratz, these dolls have large shoes that serve as feet, but they also have traditional Barbie feet and are able to wear regular Barbie shoes. Male dolls also share exclusive face molds, with body molds from previous male dolls. In 2004, new smiling face molds were produced for both male and female characters. These were only present for a short while on the female dolls, but male dolls were made with these molds until early 2005. Beginning with the "Club Birthday" line, their face molds were again changed to non-smiling molds that more closely resembled the "Bratz Boyz" line of dolls.In late 2005, a line called 'My Bling Bling' was released. The dolls were seen to be wearing more shorter outfits and knee length shoes with leggings. Most parents considered these dolls too 'racy' for children. The line also introduced a new face mold where the dolls had more detailed make-up and front gazing eyes.Later in mid 2006, Barbie was replaced by another character named Kennedy who had the same features as her. She had replaced Barbie's boyfriend and pet. Kennedy first appeared in the line 'Fab faces/expressions'. Beginning with the "Swappin' Styles" line of 2006, two new face molds have been produced for female dolls—one features a half-open smiling mouth, and another features a new, closed smirking mouth. This line also sees the return of the "Getting Ready" smiling face mold. In 2007, a somewhat controversial doll line was launched called, "Growing Up Glam", and by turning a key in the back of the doll, you can make her begin to grow taller and begin to grow breasts, similar to the infamous "Growing Up Skipper" Barbie doll. Mattel stopped selling the dolls in the US in 2008, but they continued to release the dolls in other countries, until Mattel stopped production on the line in 2011, though the website didn’t close down until 2014.

Bratz lawsuits

On April 13, 2005, Mattel's competing toy company, MGA Entertainment filed a lawsuit against My Scene, alleging duplication of its Bratz dolls, their multi-ethnic looks, fashions and packaging. The suit further accuses Mattel of "engaging in acts of unfair competition and intellectual property infringement intended to damage its market share, confuse consumers and trade on the company's goodwill."[4][5] Later in 2006, Mattel sued MGA Entertainment, alleging that Bratz creator Carter Bryant was working for Mattel when he developed the idea for Bratz in 1999,[6] and had taken the idea to MGA secretly. MGA developed the first-generation fashion dolls while obscuring Bryant’s involvement. The MGA toy makers sought 1 billion dollars in damages testifying that Mattel violated antitrust laws.[7]

Movies and Web series

Beginning in 2003 with the "Hanging Out" line, dolls began to be packaged with DVDs that contained short video clips, music, and activities. This started a trend that sparked three My Scene movies, all of which have been aired on the Nickelodeon cable channel. The My Scene line features also features four special edition dolls who were only present in the My Scene movies. These include the Jamaican-American characters Jai and Tyson from Jammin' in Jamaica and Lindsay Lohan and Ryan Ridley from My Scene Goes Hollywood. Mattel received special rights to create the only likeness of Lindsay Lohan for the line. Ryan Ridley is a fictional character created for the movie.


The 3 Films are from Lionsgate

My Scene: Jammin' in Jamaica was the first My Scene movie, released on DVD in early 2004 and it was sold with the "Jammin' in Jamaica" dolls. It was directed by Eric Fogel, the creator of Celebrity Deathmatch. Madison is manager of a band called Urban Desire, which is made up of the four male characters. When the band wins a contest, they make a trip to Jamaica for the finals, but Barbie, Nolee, and Chelsea must raise the money to travel to Jamaica. After all the characters arrive in Jamaica, Barbie feels left out as her boyfriend, the lead guitarist, begins spending more time with Madison. This causes a rift between the friends but is eventually resolved.

My Scene: Masquerade Madness was the second My Scene movie, released on DVD, running 28 minutes long, half the length of Jammin' in Jamaica. This movie is centered around the Masquerade Madness fashion show, a fundraiser for the local animal shelter. Chelsea designs the fashions for the show all on her own, causing strain on her schoolwork. Failing in geometry and too embarrassed to tell her friends, she calls on Hudson's help in tutoring. As a result, her friends begin to think they are secretly dating. By the end, Chelsea has aced her geometry test and coordinated a successful fashion show. The movie was sold with the My Scene "Masquerade Madness" dolls.

My Scene Goes Hollywood was the third My Scene movie, released on DVD, first to be sold apart from the dolls and the only full-length movie. The film was directed by Eric Fogel and distributed by Miramax Family Films. It featured a voice-over by actress Lindsay Lohan, who plays herself in the movie. Kelly Sheridan of the Barbie film series takes over the role of Barbie. In order to see it up close, the My Scene girls pretend to be extras in an action movie being filmed in New York. When one of the actresses is injured, Madison is called upon to take her place. She begins spending less and less time with her friends and develops a crush on the leading actor, Ryan Ridley. Madison ends up fighting with her friends because they embarrass her. In the end, Lindsay Lohan convinces Madison that friends are the most important thing to have, and the girls make up. Although the title suggests a trip to Hollywood, California, the whole movie actually takes place in New York.

Web series

My Scene is a web series that ran from 2002 until 2008 on myscene.com. The theme song of the series is "It's My Scene".


  • "My Scene Webisodes" (32 episodes)


  • "My Scene Spanish Episodes" (13 episodes, that were only featured in Spanish)


Barbie is "...cute but edgy", with pale skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes. Her birthday is September 30 and her astrological sign is Libra. Her favorite place is the spa and she loves yoga, massage, and pedicures, chatting with cute guys, and going to movies and parties with her friends. Her favorite beverage is iced coffee and she can't live without her cellphone. River is her boyfriend. She moved to California and was replaced by Kennedy.

Madison (Westley in Europe) is Jamaican-American, with brown skin, light blue eyes and medium brown hair. She was one of the original three dolls and the 'shopper' of the gang. According to the official My Scene website, she is an urban girl, who enjoys traveling in style, spending her time getting manicures at her favorite spa and going shopping. She is romantically paired with Sutton. Her birthday is August 3 and her astrological sign is Leo. She lives with her father and can't go anywhere without her journal. In Europe she is called "Westley", for unknown reasons (perhaps to have the same final -ee syllable on her name as the other girls), but in the US she is named after Madison Avenue, a major shopping district. Her pet is Bella.

Chelsea has tan skin, brown eyes and auburn hair. Chelsea is an artist and was one of the original dolls. She wants to be a fashion designer and according to the official website, her signature look is "...original and funky." Her birthday is November 10 and her astrological sign is Scorpio. She loves retro clothing stores, her prized possession is her notebook and she loves pets. She is named after the Chelsea neighborhood in New York City and her pet alternates between Mambo and Churro.

Nolee is of Japanese-American descent, with black hair, pale skin and purple eyes. She was the fourth doll in the My Scene line and is a fortune-telling skater girl. Her birthday is May 23 and her astrological sign is Gemini. She dated Bryant until 2003, the year Bryant was dropped from the My Scene line. According to the official website, she is good at keeping secrets, believes in good luck and karma, and her look is sporty. She was discontinued in the shows. She is named after Nolita in New York and her pet is Cookie.

Delancey is of mixed Irish and Italian ancestry. This doll was originally produced with maroon-streaked platinum blonde hair, green eyes, pale skin and a beauty mark on her cheek. In 2007, she was produced with dark brown hair with blonde streaks and blue eyes. She is from California and is a skater and surfer. She is Chelsea's cousin. According to the My Scene website, she enjoys the beach. Ellis is her boyfriend. Her birthday is May 10 and her astrological sign is Taurus. Her look is edgy, funky, and colorful. She was named after Delancey Street in New York City. Her pet is named Sugar.

Kenzie has red hair, light freckled skin, and green eyes and is from Atlanta, Georgia. Kenzie has appeared four times since she was introduced in 2004. She and Nolee were very close and, according to the official website, Kenzie works in a shopping mall. Her birthday is June 25 and her astrological sign is Cancer. She likes to make people laugh, and her style is characterized as "cute." Her pet is unnamed, and was a repaint of Barbie's dog, Yorkie.

Kennedy is a white girl with blonde hair, light skin and blue eyes. She replaced Barbie in 2006, after Barbie moved to California. Kennedy is an Aquarius who is "...a celebrity in training" and came from Hollywood. She is named after John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City and her pet is Yorkie, a dog.

Nia has hazel eyes, tanned skin and light brown hair. The newest of the group, she was introduced in 2008. Born in Mexico City, she now lives in Miami. She is a DJ. The official website says that she likes to be loud, funny, and the life of any party. Her astrological sign is Libra and she loves reading romance books. Nia almost always comes with green eyes, light brown hair, and a flower around her neck.

Jai is very dark-skinned with brown eyes and black hair and is a Jamaican-American doll. She is from Jamaica and was sold in a gift set with "Sutton" in the "Jammin' in Jamaica: Bicycle Built for Two" line.

Lindsay - Mattel received special rights to create the only likeness of Lindsay Lohan for their "My Scene Goes Hollywood" line.


Bryant has green eyes and strawberry blonde hair. He was introduced in season two along with Hudson, and made his final appearance in season three. According to the official website, he is an Aquarius born on February 6, snacks on wasabi green peas, loves video cameras, likes to skateboard and would never watch a buddy cop movie. He is probably happiest when he's behind a camera, as he love documenting every moment. He was marketed as Nolee's boyfriend. It is rumored he was created to look like American Idol runner-up Justin Guarini. Recently, a character identical in appearance to Bryant was featured in a webisode on Kennedy's homepage. He is not supposed to be Bryant, but a rock star who went to school with Kennedy in Hollywood. Bryant was named after New York's Bryant Park. Bryant was discontinued in 2003.

Hudson is Euro-American with light-blue eyes, light skin, and blonde hair. He was one of the first male dolls to be introduced in the My Scene line and is often romantically paired with Chelsea. According to the official website, his favorite sport is soccer, he likes to hang out in Central Park, he gets around on foot, and cell phones are his pet peeve. He is named after the Hudson River in New York, and his sign is Capricorn due to his December 23 birthday.

River has dark hair, a light skin tone and brown eyes. He is Barbie's boyfriend. According to the official website, he is a rock musician, his birthday is on December 3 or 6 and his sign is Sagittarius. His favorite music is the post-punk genre, he snacks on tofu dogs, and likes girls with a great smile. He lives for music, as he feels it's the only way he can express himself, so he plays with a couple of different bands. He is also named after the Hudson River in New York.

Sutton is African-British with dark brown or black hair, dark skin and brown eyes, and he is from London. His character is less developed than those of Hudson and River; the original Sutton doll came with art supplies, while later dolls came variably with musical and computer accessories. He is sometimes romantically paired with Madison and, according to the official website, he has an urban look. He was born on April 17 and his sign is Aries. His favorite food is fries, although "[he] calls 'em "chips," he makes his own music, and looks for a girl who's "sweet... but can get sassy, too!" He really likes New York City. He is supposed to be a bit of a ladies' man, as well as a fantastic dancer. He is named after Sutton in South London.

Ellis is characterized as Euro-American, with brown hair, a light skin tone, and green eyes. He is Delancey's boyfriend. According to the official website, his birthday is March 1 and his sign is Pisces. His favorite food is New York pizza, he drinks chai tea, and takes acting lessons with the hope of one day being in movies, although he does not want to become a shallow LA movie star. He was somewhat scared of acting at first, but now he really enjoys it, saying "performing is such a rush". Ellis was the least produced of the My Scene boys, and was discontinued in 2009 after he moved. He is named after Ellis Island in New York.

Tyson is African American with dark skin, brown hair and hazel eyes. Supposedly a love interest for "Chelsea", Tyson was sold with a doll-sized jetski in the "Jammin' in Jamaica: Surfrider" line.

Ryan Ridley - unlike Lindsay Lohan, he was a fictional character and his dark coloration in the "My Scene Goes Hollywood" movie was different when produced as a doll.


Each of the My Scene girls (and three of the boys) own pets. Barbie/Kennedy's, Chelsea's, Madison's, and Nolee's all debuted in Wave 2. Delancey's kittens debuted in the Getting Ready wave, and her adult cat debuted in Masquerade Madness. Kenzie's unnamed brown Yorkie debuted in Masquerade Madness. Hudson's dog debuted in Getting Ready, while River and Sutton's debuted in Masquerade Madness".

Yorkie, is a Yorkshire Terrier owned by Barbie (and later, Kennedy). According to the My Scene website, Yorkie is a female. However, since Yorkie is presented as a white dog, she could well be a West Highland terrier but her breed is uncertain.

Mambo, also known as Churro, is a chihuahua owned by Chelsea. The My Scene website states that he is male, but he is shown wearing female clothing in the "Miami Getaway" line.

Bella is a carlin dog owned by Madison. Bella is a female, confirmed by the My Scene website, and by her name.

Cookie is a Pug owned by Nolee(and later, Nia). He is male.

Sugar is an adult female cat owned by Delancey. Sugar gave birth to kittens in the Getting Ready line, including Pinky, the only kitten that Delancey kept.

Coco is Kenzie's brown Yorkshire terrier.

St. Bernard, is Hudson's' unnamed St. Bernard. It was the only male owned pet to debut before Masquerade Madness, and it is the only one of the male's dogs to be produced twice. The dog was quite large in Getting Ready, where it debuted. It was shrunk to the other pet's sizes in its second appearance (Masquerade Madness), however.

Bull Mastiff, is River's unnamed Bull Mastiff. It debuted in Masquerade Madness.

Husky, is Sutton's unnamed Husky. It debuted in Masquerade Madness.

Product list



  • Wave 1: Barbie, Madison and Chelsea.


  • "Spring Break": Barbie, Madison, Chelsea, Nolee (First Appearance), Hudson (First Appearance), and Bryant (First Appearance).
  • "Back to School": Barbie, Madison, Chelsea, Nolee, Bryant (Last Appearance), Hudson, River (First Appearance) and Sutton (First Appearance).
  • "Night on the Town" two-doll giftset: Barbie with River, Madison with Sutton and Chelsea with Hudson
  • "Night On The Town Sound Lounge" doll with Playset: Nolee.
  • "Chillin' Out": Barbie, Madison, Chelsea and Nolee.
  • "Vespa" giftset with Vespa scooter: Barbie, Madison and Chelsea.
  • "Hanging Out": Barbie, Madison, Chelsea, Nolee, Delancey (First Appearance) Hudson, River (Same as Back to School), Sutton and Ellis (First Appearance).
  • "Cruisin' in My Ride" two-doll giftset with convertible: Barbie with Ellis, Madison with Sutton and Delancey with Hudson.
  • "A Ride in the Park" giftset with bicycle (Dolls Same as Hangin' Out): Barbie, Madison and Nolee.
  • "Tunin' In" giftset with radio (Target Exclusive): Madison, Chelsea and Delancey.


  • "Jammin' in Jamaica" with DVD: Barbie, Madison, Chelsea, Nolee, Delancey, Hudson, River, Sutton and Ellis.
  • "Jammin' in Jamaica: Surfrider" giftset with jetski: Madison, Chelsea and Tyson (Only Appearance).
  • "Jammin' in Jamaica: Cruisin' the Boardwalk" two-doll giftset with tandem bicycle: Jai (Only Appearance) with Sutton, and Barbie with River.
  • "Getting Ready: My Room" giftset with closet: Barbie, Chelsea and Nolee.
  • "Getting Ready: Out With the Girls" (all-male line): Hudson, River and Sutton.
  • "Getting Ready: In My Tub" giftset with tub: Madison and Kenzie (First Appearance).
  • "Getting Ready: Out and About" two-doll giftset: Madison with Sutton, Chelsea with Hudson and Delancey with Ellis.
  • "Heartbreakers": Barbie and Madison
  • "Feelin' Flirty": Barbie, Madison, Chelsea and Delancey.
  • "Working Radio" (Latin America Exclusive): Barbie and Chelsea.
  • "Shopping Spree":
    • Barbie: Levi's
    • Madison: Aldo
    • Chelsea: Trinkets
    • Nolee: Sephora
    • Delancey: Target (Target Exclusive)
    • Kenzie gifset with kiosk cart: Mall Must-Haves
  • "Masquerade Madness" with DVD:
    • Barbie: Butterfly Punk
    • Madison: City Kitty
    • Chelsea: Mermaid Diva
    • Nolee: Rocker Girl
    • Delancey: Dream Genie (US Exclusive)
    • Kenzie: Disco Derby (US Exclusive)
    • Hudson: Boxer
    • River: Elvis
    • Sutton: Vampire
  • "Masquerade Madness Party Pad Loft" Doll (UK Exclusive) with Playset:
    • Madison: City Kitty
  • "Dressed to Impress" Special Edition: Barbie and Madison.


  • "Miami Getaway": Barbie, Madison, Chelsea and Nolee.
  • "Miami Getaway Vespa" giftset with Vespa scooter: Delancey and Kenzie.
  • "Miami Getaway Happenin' Hotel" doll with playset: Delancey.
  • "Club Birthday": Barbie, Madison, Chelsea, Nolee, Hudson, River and Sutton.
  • "Day and Nite": Barbie, Madison, Chelsea and Nolee.
  • "Teen Tees": Barbie, Madison, Chelsea and Nolee.
  • "My Design Scene" Only doll or Giftset with Case (Target Exclusive):
    • Barbie:
      • Pink Tee (Same as Hangin' Out)
      • Spaghetti Strap (Same as Wave 1)
    • Madison:
      • Green Top (Same as Hangin' Out)
      • Striped Top (Same as Spring Break)
    • Chelsea:
      • Striped Top (Same as Jammin' In Jamaica)
      • Flower Top (Same as Wave 1)
    • Nolee:
      • Monkey Tee (Same as Shopping Spree)
      • Spaghetti Strap (Same as Spring Break)
  • "Swappin' Styles": Barbie, Madison, and Nolee.
  • "Secret Locker" giftset with locker: Barbie, Madison, and Chelsea.
  • "My Bling Bling": Barbie, Madison, Chelsea and Nolee.


  • "Project Runway" (Specially Designed Barbie by Nick Verreos)
  • "Mall Maniacs":
    • Barbie: Claire's and Trinkets (Walmart USA Exclusive)
    • Chelsea: Skechers
    • Madison: Bath & Bubble Boutique
    • Nolee: Mudd
    • Hudson: Made in the Shade
    • River: Sound Town
  • "Tu Estilo" (Latin America Exclusive): Barbie, Chelsea and Nolee.
  • "Teen Tees" Second Edition (Same as the first edition but without pets): Barbie, Madison, Chelsea and Nolee.
  • "Year of Style":
    • Barbie: Winter
    • Madison: Summer
    • Chelsea: Spring
    • Nolee: Autumn
  • "Street Style" (UK Exclusive): Barbie (Her Last Appearance for discontinuation), Madison, Chelsea and Nolee.
  • "Fab Faces" or "Fab Expressions": Kennedy (First Appearance), Madison, Chelsea and Nolee.
  • "Let's Go Disco" two-doll giftset: Kennedy with Chelsea and Madison with Nolee.
  • "Swappin' Styles" second Edition: Kennedy, Madison, Chelsea and Nolee(Canada and Latin America Exclusive) (Same as Madison).
  • "Un-fur-gettable": Kennedy, Madison, Chelsea and Nolee(Canada and Latin America Exclusive) (Same as Madison).
  • "City Stars": Kennedy, Madison, Chelsea and Nolee.
  • "My Bling Bling Bikini" : Kennedy, Madison, Chelsea and Nolee(Canada and Latin America Exclusive) (Same as Madison).
  • "My Bling Bling Spa" Doll with Playset: Delancey


  • "My Bling Bling" or "Super Bling":Second Edition (Same as the first edition but without the ring and the second outfit): Kennedy, Madison, Chelsea (with the second outfit of the first edition) and Nolee (with the second outfit of the first edition).
  • "Roller Girls": Kennedy, Madison, Chelsea, Nolee.
  • "Roller Girls Remote Control": Kennedy and Madison.
  • "Sailor Sweeties": Kennedy and Chelsea.
  • "Sporty Style":
    • Kennedy: Yoga
    • Madison: Tennis
    • Chelsea: Skateboarding
    • Nolee: Tennis (Canada and Latin America Exclusive) (Same as Madison)
  • "Juicy Bling" or "Tropical Bling": Kennedy, Madison, Chelsea and Nolee(Australia and Latin America Exclusive) (Same as Madison).
  • "I Love My Friends" two-doll giftset: Kennedy with Madison and Chelsea with Nolee
  • "I Love My Friends Bedroom" doll with playset: Delancey (UK Exclusive).
  • "Rebel Style": Kennedy, Madison, Chelsea and Nolee(Same as Madison).
  • "Juicy Bling Bikini" or "Tropical Bling Bikini": Kennedy, Madison, Chelsea and Delancey.
  • "Icy Bling": Kennedy, Madison, Chelsea and Delancey.
  • "Growing Up Glam": Kennedy, Madison, Chelsea and Delancey.
  • "Foto Fabulous" two-doll giftset: Kennedy with Chelsea and Madison with Delancey.
  • "Junglicious" or "Salon Safari":
    • Kennedy: Leopard
    • Madison: Monkey
    • Chelsea: Giraffe
    • Delancey: Zebra
  • "Totally Charmed": Kennedy, Madison, Chelsea and Delancey.


  • "Pj Party": Kennedy, Madison, Chelsea and Delancey.
  • "Rockin' Awards" or "Rock Awards": Kennedy, Madison, Chelsea and Delancey.
  • "Sporty Glam":
    • Kennedy: Running.
    • Chelsea: Dance.
    • Delancey: Yoga.
  • "Disco Club" or "Club Disco": Kennedy, Madison, Chelsea and Delancey.
  • "Street Sweet": Kennedy, Madison, Chelsea and Delancey.
  • "Cafe Chic": Kennedy, Madison, Chelsea and Delancey.
  • "Floral Fiesta": Kennedy, Madison, Chelsea and Delancey.
  • "Splashy Chic": Kennedy, Madison, Chelsea and Delancey.
  • "Snow Ball" or "Snow Glam": Kennedy, Madison, Chelsea and Delancey.
  • "I Heart Shopping": Kennedy, Madison, Chelsea and Delancey.
  • "Golden Bling": Kennedy, Madison, Chelsea and Delancey.
  • "Heaven Scent" or "Perfume Party": Kennedy, Nia, Chelsea and Delancey.
  • "Karaoke Divas": Kennedy, Nia, Chelsea and Delancey.


  • "Club Night": Kennedy, Madison, Chelsea and Delancey.
  • "Street Art": Kennedy, Madison, Chelsea and Delancey.
  • "Street Art" doll with scooter: Kennedy.
  • "Ultra Glam": Kennedy, Madison, Chelsea and Delancey.
  • "Ultra Glam" doll with playset: Kennedy.
  • "Love" two-doll giftset: Kennedy with River and Chelsea with Hudson.
  • "Hollywood Bling": Kennedy, Madison, Nia and Chelsea.
  • "Boutique Street": Kennedy, Madison, Nia and Chelsea.
  • "Cabana Beach": Kennedy, Chelsea, and Delancey.
  • "Weekend Chic": Kennedy, Chelsea, and Delancey.
  • "Cool Nights":Kennedy, Chelsea, Nia.
  • "Coasterama": Kennedy, Chelsea, Delancey.
  • "Fashion Week": Kennedy, Madison, Chelsea, Nia.
  • "Jewel It": Kennedy, Madison, Chelsea, Delancey.
  • "Lots of Looks": Kennedy, Madison, Chelsea, and Nia, each w/ 3 interchangeable faces (Winking, Original My Scene, and the SwS Kennedy/ Roller Girls face)


  • "City Diva": Kennedy, Madison, Chelsea and Nia.
  • "City Diva" Giftset with Scooter: Kennedy.
  • "Glam Beach": Kennedy, Nia and Chelsea.
  • "Disco Girls": Kennedy, Nia and Chelsea.
  • "Bling Boutique": Kennedy, Chelsea, Madison and Nia.
  • "Fashion Cuties": Kennedy, Delancey and Nia.
  • "Fashion Boutique": Kennedy, Nia and Chelsea.
  • "Pop Diva": Kennedy, Nia and Chelsea.


  • "Bling Nights": Kennedy, Chelsea and Nia.
  • "Style" or "Season Style": Kennedy, Chelsea and Nia.

Styling Heads


  • "Styling Heads"(First Edition): Madison, Chelsea, Nolee and Delancey.


  • "My Bling Bling": Barbie and Madison.


  • "Roller Girls": Kennedy and Madison.
  • "Juicy Bling": Kennedy and Madison.
  • "Totally Charmed": Kennedy and Madison.

McDonalds Happy Meal Toys


  • "City Scene": Barbie(#1), Madison(#7), Chelsea(#2) and Delancey(#8).
  • "Beach Party": Barbie(#5), Madison(#3), Chelsea(#6) and Nolee(#4).


  • "Roller Girls": Kennedy, Madison, Chelsea and Nolee.

27" Stylin' Friend


  • "27" Stylin' Friend" (First Edition/only): Barbie, Madison and Chelsea.

Soft Pets


  • "Miami Getaway": Yorkie, Bella and Churro.

Playsets And Cars


  • "Spring Break":
    • "My Ride" (Red)
    • "My Ride" (Blue)
    • "My Café"
    • "My Boutique"
    • "My Club"
  • "Back to School":
    • "So Chic Salon"
  • "Night on the Town":
    • "The Sound Lounge" with Nolee.
    • "Makeup Scene"
  • "Cruisin' in My Ride"
    • "Silver Convertible" with Delancey and Hudson.
    • "Black Convertible" with Madison and Sutton.
    • "Date Scene/Black Convertible" with Barbie and Ellis.
  • "Hanging Out":
    • "The Daily Dish Café"


  • "Jammin' in Jamaica":
    • "Guava Gulch Tiki Lounge"
    • "My Beach Ride" (Cooper)
    • "My Beach Ride" (Purple)
  • "Getting Ready":
    • "Chelsea Style"
  • "Shopping Spree":
    • "My Dressing Room"
  • "Masquerade Madness":
    • "Party Pad Loft" (based on Madison's loft apartment outside the UK) with Madison (UK Exclusive).
    • "My Ride" (Silver)
    • "My Ride" (Pink)


  • "Miami Getaway"
    • "Happenin' Hotel" with Delancey.
  • "Styles to Go"
    • "Dress and Go"
    • "Shop And Go"
  • "Club Birthday":
    • "My Ride"
  • "My Bling Bling":
    • "Wheels Vehicle"


  • "My Bling Bling Bikini":
    • "My Bling Bling Spa" with Delancey.


  • "I Love My Friends":
    • "Delancey's Bedroom" with Delancey (UK Exclusive).
  • "Icy Bling"
    • "Icy Bling Boutique"


  • "Snow Glam"
    • "Snow Glam Car"


  • "Secrets & Dreams Diary"

Video Games


  • "My Scene" (PC)


  • "My Scene Goes Hollywood" (PC)


The official My Scene website launched in 2002, the website included games, webisodes, bios character and videos. Even though the line was discontinued in 2011, the website closed in 2014 along with the Pixel Chix website.


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