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Morning View
Morning View
is the fourth studio album by American rock band Incubus, released October 23, 2001 through Epic Records. A companion DVD, The Morning View
Morning View
Sessions, was released on May 29, 2004. Morning View
Morning View
was the last Incubus album to feature bassist Alex Katunich. With the album producing the popular singles "Wish You Were Here" and "Nice to Know You," Morning View
Morning View
generally achieved critical praise and went double-platinum, making it the band's highest selling album.


1 Background and recording 2 Album
title 3 Music 4 Touring and promotion 5 Reception

5.1 Critical response 5.2 Commercial success 5.3 Accolades

6 Track listing 7 Charts 8 Personnel 9 References

Background and recording[edit] To record the album, the band lived in Malibu, California, on a street called " Morning View
Morning View
Drive". Former bassist Alex Katunich (aka "Dirk Lance") noted that the band had previously "tried to do that for at least the writing portion of Make Yourself, but we didn't have enough clout at the time. When we were getting ready to write this one, we knew that we needed to get into a more creative place. The idea was to not feel as if you were driving [somewhere] to work on a record. You could just get up and it was a natural extension of your day."[2] Vocalist Brandon Boyd
Brandon Boyd
stated that the band "needed quick access to the beach because we're kinda spoiled brats sometimes. We need that outlet. At least I do. It's nice to write music all day and be like, 'I'm going to take a break, see you guys in two hours.'"[2] Out of the 30 songs the band sketched out for the album, 13 ended up on the final release. Album
title[edit] Former bassist Alex Katunich (aka "Dirk Lance") stated that the album's title comes from "the name of the street the house was on where we recorded the album."[2] Boyd notes that "every time we'd pull into the street we had the view of the ocean and Pacific Coast Highway. I got a big creative boner every time I'd show up to the house. Every time we'd pull up, DJ Kilmore would be like, 'Ah, Morning View. It's time to rock!'"[2] Music[edit] Morning View
Morning View
features a variety of styles: ambience, aggression, and groove. It has an overall softer sound than previous albums, especially apparent on songs like "Echo" and "Are You In?"; however, Incubus's heavier side is still evident on tracks like "Have You Ever" and "Under My Umbrella." Regarding the album's sound, guitarist Mike Einziger notes that it:

"would've been really easy for us to try to replicate certain songs that did well on our last record, which we didn't do. We didn't do anything even remotely close to that. We put pressure on ourselves to make a good record because if none of us were happy with it, we'll all be miserable for the next two years while we're on tour."[2]

The final song, "Aqueous Transmission", employs the use of Chinese instruments such as the pipa and is accompanied by a Japanese orchestra. The pipa used on the recording was given to Mike Einziger from Steve Vai."[3] "Aqueous Transmission" is 7 minutes and 46 seconds long, with the last minute consisting of frogs croaking outside the studio in Malibu. Boyd jokingly said that the purpose of the song was to make "the listener pee in his/her pants" from relaxation. The album also contains an acoustic ballad in the vein of "Drive" - "Mexico", complete with strings. Touring and promotion[edit] Morning View
Morning View
boasted a total of five singles beginning with the euphoric "Wish You Were Here" released on August 21, 2001. Despite the filming of an alternative music video, as the banned original version conjured images of the September 11 attacks, "Wish You Were Here" gained significant rotation and charted well. Its follow up, "Nice to Know You," and third single, "Warning," both gained substantial airplay as well. The moody "Are You In?" had a video exclusive to Europe due to its sensual nature. It gained little attention in comparison to its predecessors as did the final single, "Circles." Five years after the album's release, an official video for latter was released on December 3, 2006 on Sony BMG Musicbox. Once finished with the recording of their new album, Incubus began touring with Hundred Reasons
Hundred Reasons
in Europe from June until the first week of July. They were also invited to play Moby's Area:One Festival alongside the likes of Outkast, The Roots, Paul Oakenfold, Carl Cox, and Nelly Furtado. In August, the band performed their first shows in Australia and Japan before returning to the US for their long-awaited headlining tour; joining their long-time friends from California, Hoobastank
and Phantom Planet, Incubus embarked on the Honda Civic Tour which kept ticket prices low through sponsorship and saw the band give away cars to fans.[4] Amidst touring, Incubus was still experiencing commercial milestones for their previous album. They continued to headline throughout the remainder of the year. In January 2002, the band toured Europe with 311 and Hoobastank. Incubus played on the Late Show with David Letterman
Late Show with David Letterman
on February 14, 2002. For the remainder of February and March, the group performed throughout Japan and Australia–where they also shot the video for "Warning"–before returning to the US. Incubus embarked on a headlining touring on August 31 with their last concert for Morning View taking place on November 2. This would also be their last show with bassist Alex Katunich who left the Incubus soon later due to personal reasons. Reception[edit]

Professional ratings

Aggregate scores

Source Rating

Metacritic 62/100[5]

Review scores

Source Rating

AllMusic [6]

Blender [7]

Entertainment Weekly B[8]

Los Angeles Times [9]

NME 4/10[10]

Q [11]

Rolling Stone [12]

Slant Magazine [13]

USA Today [14]

The Village Voice C+[15]

Critical response[edit] The album received generally positive reviews, with a Metacritic
score of 62, based on 10 reviews.[5] Q stated that "even at their most acerbic or delicately downplayed extremes, Incubus are compelling",[11] while CDNow noted that Incubus "has begun to grow up a bit."[5] Commercial success[edit] Topping all previous Incubus records, Morning View
Morning View
debuted on the Billboard 200
Billboard 200
at #2 with 266,000 copies sold in its first week. By December 2001, the album was certified platinum and still ranked #38 on the Top 200. Many of its singles would remain on the charts throughout the following year. After heavy touring and single rotation, Morning View
Morning View
would be the 40th best selling album of 2002. The album is certified double platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America.[16] Accolades[edit] In 2005, Morning View
Morning View
was ranked number 374 in Rock Hard magazine's book of The 500 Greatest Rock & Metal Albums of All Time.[17] On March 1, Einziger, along with Scott Litt, Dave Holdredge, and Rick Will, were nominated for a Grammy
in the "Best Engineered Album
(Non Classical)" category, for their work on Morning View. [18] Track listing[edit] All lyrics written by Brandon Boyd
Brandon Boyd
and all music written by Mike Einziger, Alex Katunich, Chris Kilmore, and José Pasillas.

No. Title Length

1. "Nice to Know You" 4:43

2. "Circles" 4:09

3. "Wish You Were Here" 3:32

4. "Just a Phase" 5:33

5. "11am" 4:16

6. "Blood on the Ground" 4:36

7. "Mexico" 4:22

8. "Warning" 4:42

9. "Echo" 3:36

10. "Have You Ever" 3:16

11. "Are You In?" 4:26

12. "Under My Umbrella" 3:33

13. "Aqueous Transmission" 7:46

Total length: 58:29

Best Buy Exclusive Limited Edition Bonus CD

No. Title Length

1. "The Warmth" (Live in New York City 9/16/01)  

2. "Wish You Were Here" (Live in New York City 9/16/01)  

Australian Bonus CD

No. Title Length

1. "Pardon Me" (Live in Denver)  

2. "Favorite Things" (Live in Denver)  

3. "Clean" (Live Acoustic)  

4. "Drive" (Acoustic)  

Unreleased Tracks

No. Title Length

1. "Anything" (Later released on Monuments and Melodies) 3:32

2. "Little Kitten, Big Litter Box" (Unreleased song written for Morning View)  

3. "I Dream of Fiji" (Unreleased song written for Morning View)  

4. "Police Car" (Unreleased song written for Morning View)  

5. "Puzzle" (Unreleased song written for Morning View')  

Charts[edit] Album

Year Chart First week sales Albums sold (to date) Position

2001 Billboard 200 266,000 3.6 million 2


Year Single Chart Position

2001 "Wish You Were Here" Modern Rock Tracks 2

Mainstream Rock Tracks 4

Billboard Hot 100 60

Adult Top 40 36

2002 "Nice To Know You" Modern Rock Tracks 9

Mainstream Rock Tracks 9

"Warning" Modern Rock Charts 3

Mainstream Rock Tracks 27

"Circles" Mainstream Rock Tracks 31


Brandon Boyd
Brandon Boyd
– lead vocals Mike Einziger
Mike Einziger
– lead guitar, pipa on "Aqueous Transmission" Dirk Lance – bass Chris Kilmore
Chris Kilmore
– turntables José Pasillas
José Pasillas
– drums


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