Judith Lady Montefiore College () is a
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theological seminary founded in 1869 by Sir
Moses Montefiore Sir Moses Haim Montefiore, 1st Baronet, (24 October 1784 – 28 July 1885) was a British financier and banker, activist, philanthropist Philanthropy consists of "private initiatives, for the Public good (economics), public ...

Moses Montefiore
in memory of his late wife, Lady Judith Montefiore, at
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Early history

The College initially took the form of a '' beit midrash'' attended by elderly men of learning who studied the Talmud there, under the directorship Dr. Louis Löwe. The Spanish and Portuguese Jews' Congregation in London assumed the administration of the College after Montefiore's death in 1885, and the College languished after the death of Löwe in 1888. After
Moses Gaster
Moses Gaster
was appointed principal in 1890, the College was re-organized into a modern rabbinical training college. The former members of the institution were dismissed, and students between the age of 16 and 21 with a B.A. or comparable university degree were invited to move into the College for a period of five years to become academically trained
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s. The College
ordained Ordination is the process by which individuals are Consecration, consecrated, that is, set apart and elevated from the laity class to the clergy, who are thus then authorization, authorized (usually by the religious denomination, denominational hie ...
its first two students, William Henry Greenburg and Henry Barnstein, on 4 November 1895, to much controversy. Judith Lady Montefiore College was moved to
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in 1961 (its building demolished in 1964), and closed in 1985. The site of the college is now owned by Ramsgate Town Council and maintained by volunteers as a dedicated woodland.


The College was re-opened in London in 2005 as a centre for higher Torah education. Its ''
semikhah ' (or or ; he, סמיכה) refers traditionally to the ordination within Judaism of a rabbi. In recent times, some institutions grant ordination for the role of ''hazzan'' (cantor), extending the “Investiture” granted there from the 1950s; ...
'' (ordination) programme was opened in January 2006 on the premises of and in co-operation with the Bevis Marks Synagogue. The programme is accepted by the
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, and is now operated in collaboration with the Israel-based ''Kollel Eretz Hemda''. Since November 2016, Montefiore has offered a program for ''dayan (rabbinic judge), dayanim'' (rabbinic judges), also in collaboration with ''Eretz Hemda''.


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