Monika Anna Jaruzelska (born 11 August 1963, Warsaw) is a Polish journalist, stylist, fashion designer. She is the daughter of former Polish President Wojciech Jaruzelski and his wife Barbara Jaruzelska.


Jaruzelska was born in 1963 in Warsaw. She graduated from The University of Warsaw in Polish Studies, (also studied psychology). She founded the School of Style, was also the author of "Monika Jaruzelska invites" (which broadcast for two years on Fridays on Radio Chilli Zet) and "Without Masks".[1]

In the early 1990s, she co-founded the monthly magazine "Twój Styl" ("Your Style"), and for 8 years directed fashion and styling department. Jaruzelska also served as creative director and board member of the group, which was composed of, among other things the company Kruk i Deni Cler and Deni Cler.[2] She also published in the magazine "Existence"[3][4] She also worked with the magazine "Place for Dance".[5]

Jaruzelska wrote her autobiography, Comrade Lady, published in April 2013,[6] and its sequels, "Family" (April 2014) and "Breath" (May 2015).


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