Ministry of the Interior and Administration (Polish: Ministerstwo Spraw Wewnętrznych i Administracji) is an administration structure controlling main administration and security branches of the Polish government. After Parliamentary Election on 9 October 2011 was transformed for two ministries: Ministry of Interior (Minister: Jacek Cichocki) and Ministry of Administration and Digitization (Minister: Michał Boni). It was recreated in late 2015. The current Minister of Interior and Administration is Joachim Brudziński.

History and function

The ministry was founded in 1918 as the Ministry of Internal Affairs (Ministerstwo Spraw Wewnętrznych). During a reform of the Polish government in 1996 the administration branch was merged into the Ministry and it was renamed to its current name (on 24 December).

That was one of the most important governmental cabinet positions in Poland,[1] The ministry was responsible for the following:

While the ministry of the Interior supervises police forces, it does not supervise criminal enquiries; criminal enquiries are conducted under the supervision of the judiciary.

The Ministry's headquarters was located on the Stefan Batory Street, south of Warsaw's city centre and the governmental district which surrounds the Belweder. The Ministry could be referred to by its initials 'MSWiA'.

The last Minister of the Interior and Administration was Jerzy Miller.

List of ministers

Ministers of Internal Affairs of the Second Republic of Poland

Ministers of Public Security

Ministers of Internal Affairs of People's Republic of Poland

Ministers of Internal Affairs of Third Polish Republic

Ministers of Internal Affairs and Administration of Third Polish Republic


  1. ^ It is equivalent to the Interior Ministry of other countries, the Home Office of the United Kingdom, or similar to a combination of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Homeland Security (United States).