Meyerton, Gauteng


Meyerton is a small town lying 18 km north of
Vereeniging Vereeniging () is a city located in the south of Gauteng province, South Africa, situated where the Klip River empties into the northern loop of the Vaal River. It is also one of the constituent parts of the Vaal Triangle region and was formerly si ...
Gauteng Gauteng ( ; tn, Gauteng; Northern and Southern Sotho: ; zu, eGoli; ts, Gauteng/; Ndebele Ndebele may refer to: *Southern Ndebele people, located in South Africa *Northern Ndebele people, located in Zimbabwe and Botswana About It is a lang ...
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South Africa
. It is situated in the local municipality of Midvaal (of which it is the capital) and the district municipality of Sedibeng.


Meyerton was established in 1891 and was named after Johannes Petrus Meyer, a field
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and member of the
TransvaalTransvaal is a historical geographic term associated with land north of (''i.e.'', beyond) the Vaal River in South Africa. A number of states and administrative divisions have carried the name Transvaal. * South African Republic (1856–1902; af, Z ...
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. It acquired municipal status in 1961. Since 2001, Meyerton has been the administrative centre for the Midvaal Local Municipality. Many projects have been undertaken to develop the area in the past 14 years. Some of these projects, include: * Development of Sicelo, a new neighbourhood for low-cost housing * The R59-Corridor, a new development of factories and logistics facilities. *
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announced on 26 March 2008 that it will build its new South African brewery in the Midvaal Municipal Area, between Vereeniging and Alberton, south of Johannesburg.


Meyerton consists of the CBD, residential suburbs, industrial areas and farming communities. Some of the prominent neighbourhoods are; * Golfpark * Meyerton Ext 6 * Meyerton Ext 4 * Meyerton Ext 3 * Sicelo * Henley-on-Klip * Boltonwold * Riversdale * Rothdene * Kookrus * Glen Donald * McKay Estates * Risiville * Valley settlements

Interesting facts

Meyerton is often reported as being the home of the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls which officially opened in January 2007 at Henley-on-Klip, but Henley on Klip is in fact separated from Meyerton. Henley on Klip is a small village and a bird sanctuary outside of Meyerton. Meyerton is the location of
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broadcasting facilities at Bloemendal.

Notable people

* Chris van Heerden, boxer *Peter Teixeira, politician


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