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Maximin or Maximinus may refer to: People[edit]

Maximinus Thrax
Maximinus Thrax
(173–238), Roman emperor, also known as Maximinus I Maximinus II (270–313), Roman emperor, also known as Maximinus Daia Gaius Julius Verus Maximus
Gaius Julius Verus Maximus
(died 238; 217/220–238), also incorrectly known as Maximinus the Younger, Caesar of Rome, son of Maximinus I Saint Maximin of Trier
Maximin of Trier
(died 346), French-born bishop of Trier, Germany Saint Maximinus of Aix ( Maximin d'Aix), traditionally named as the first bishop of Aix and a figure in the legend of Mary Magdalene, often conflated in the Middle Ages with Maximin of Trier Maximinus (praetorian prefect)
Maximinus (praetorian prefect)
(fl. 4th century), Roman officer and barrister Maximinus (diplomat)
Maximinus (diplomat)
(fl. 5th century), Byzantine ambassador to Attila the Hun Saint Mesmin or Maximin (died 520), French saint Maximin Isnard
Maximin Isnard
(1755–1825), French revolutionary Maximin Giraud
Maximin Giraud
(1835–1875), French Marian visionary Maximilian Kronberger
Maximilian Kronberger
(1888–1904), known as Maximin, German poet Maximino Ávila Camacho (1891–1945), Mexican revolutionary general (brother of President Camacho) Rayo de Jalisco Sr. (Máximino "Max" Linares Moreno, born 1932), former Mexican luchador Max León (Maximino León Molino, born 1950), Mexican former baseball pitcher Maximin Coia
Maximin Coia
(born 1983), French pair skater Daniel Maximin
Daniel Maximin
(born 1947), Guadeloupean writer Maximin Alff
Maximin Alff
(1866–1927), reverend in the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary Maximin de Bompart (1698–1773), French naval officer, colonial administrator, and Governor of Martinique

Other uses[edit]

Maximin (decision theory), also known as minimax, a strategy to maximize the minimum possible payback Maximin (philosophy), a principle regarding how justice relates to inequality

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Maximianus (other) Saint- Maximin (other)

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