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Marjorie Rhodes
Marjorie Rhodes
(9 April 1897 – 4 July 1979) was a British actress. She was born Millicent Wise in Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire. One of her best-known roles was as Lucy Fitton, the mother in Bill Naughton's play All in Good Time. She played the role on Broadway, for which she was nominated for a Tony Award
Tony Award
in 1965. She reprised the role in the 1966 film version, The Family Way. She was featured singing a track "The World Is for the Young" with Stanley Holloway
Stanley Holloway
in the Herman's Hermits
Herman's Hermits
1968 film Mrs. Brown, You've Got A Lovely Daughter. Her television appearances included The Army Game (as Edith Snudge), Dixon of Dock Green (1961–62), the episode "For the Girl Who Has Everything" of Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)
Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)
(1969), Doctor at Large (1971) and Z-Cars (1974). Selected filmography[edit]

Poison Pen (1939) - Mrs. Scaife Just William (1940) - Cook (uncredited) Love on the Dole (1941) - Mrs. Bull The Black Sheep of Whitehall
The Black Sheep of Whitehall
(1942) - Nurse (uncredited) Squadron Leader X (1943) - Mrs. Agnew When We Are Married (1943) - Mrs. Northrup Old Mother Riley Detective
Old Mother Riley Detective
(1943) - Cook Theatre Royal (1943) - Agnes Escape to Danger
Escape to Danger
(1943) - Mrs. Pickles The Butler's Dilemma
The Butler's Dilemma
(1943) - Mrs. Plumb On Approval (1944) - Cook Tawny Pipit (1944) - Mrs. Pickering It Happened One Sunday (1944) - Mrs. Buckland Great Day (1945) - Mrs. Nora Mumford School for Secrets
School for Secrets
(1946) - Mrs. Arnold Uncle Silas (1947) - Mrs. Rusk This Was a Woman (1948) - Mrs. Holmes Escape (1948) - Mrs. Pinkem Enchantment (1948) - Mrs. Sampson Private Angelo (1949) - Countess The Cure for Love (1949) - Mrs. Sarah Hardacre Time Gentlemen, Please! (1952) - Miss Mouncey Decameron Nights
Decameron Nights
(1953) - Signora Bucca Those People Next Door (1953) - Mary Twigg The Yellow Balloon (1953) - Mrs. Stokes Street Corner (1953) - Mrs. Foster The Girl on the Pier
The Girl on the Pier
(1953) - Mrs. Chubb The Weak and the Wicked
The Weak and the Wicked
(1953) - Suzie, bigamist inmate To Dorothy a Son
To Dorothy a Son
(1954) - Landlady Children Galore
Children Galore
(1955) - Ada Jones Footsteps in the Fog
Footsteps in the Fog
(1955) - Mrs. Park Room in the House (1955) - Betsy Richards It's a Great Day (1955) - Landlady Lost (1956) - Mrs. Jeffries Now and Forever (1956) - Farmer's wife Aggie Yield to the Night
Yield to the Night
(1956) - Matron Brandon It's Great to Be Young (1956) - Landlady The Passionate Stranger
The Passionate Stranger
(1957) - Mrs. Poldy There's Always a Thursday
There's Always a Thursday
(1957) - Marjorie Potter The Good Companions (1957) - Mrs. Mounder Hell Drivers (1957) - Ma West No Time for Tears (1957) - Ethel After the Ball (1957) - Bessie Just My Luck (1957) - Mrs. Hackett The Naked Truth (1957) - Lady on Phone (uncredited) Gideon's Day (1958) - Mrs. Saparelli Alive and Kicking (1959) - Old Woman Watch it, Sailor!
Watch it, Sailor!
(1961) - Emma Hornett Over the Odds (1961) - Bridget Stone I've Gotta Horse
I've Gotta Horse
(1965) - Mrs. Bartholemew Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines
Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines
(1965) - Waitress The Family Way
The Family Way
(1966) - Lucy Fitton Mrs. Brown, You've Got a Lovely Daughter (1968) - Grandma Gloria Tulley Spring and Port Wine
Spring and Port Wine
(1970) - Mrs. Gasket Hands of the Ripper
Hands of the Ripper
(1971) - Mrs. Bryant

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Marjorie Rhodes
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National Board of Review Award for Best Supporting Actress

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National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Supporting Actress

Marjorie Rhodes
Marjorie Rhodes
(1967) Billie Whitelaw
Billie Whitelaw
(1968) Siân Phillips
Siân Phillips
/ Delphine Seyrig
Delphine Seyrig
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(1971) Jeannie Berlin (1972) Valentina Cortese
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(1974) Lily Tomlin
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(1975) Jodie Foster
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(1976) Ann Wedgeworth (1977) Meryl Streep
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(1978) Meryl Streep
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(1979) Mary Steenburgen
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(1980) Maureen Stapleton
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(1982) Sandra Bernhard
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(1983) Melanie Griffith
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(1984) Anjelica Huston
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(1988) Anjelica Huston
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(1989) Annette Bening
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(1990) Jane Horrocks (1991) Judy Davis
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(1992) Madeleine Stowe
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(1999) Elaine May
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(2000) Helen Mirren
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(2001) Patricia Clarkson
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(2002) Patricia Clarkson
Patricia Clarkson
(2003) Virginia Madsen
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(2004) Amy Adams
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(2005) Meryl Streep
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(2006) Cate Blanchett
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