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Malpe is a natural port about six kilometers to the west of Udupi, Karnataka, India. An important port and a major fishing harbor on the Karnataka coast. It is a suburb in Udupi city . The town of Malpe is associated largely with settlements of the Mogaveera fisherman community. Malpe is a hub of Mogaveera population. Tulu, Kannada, Urdu and Konkani are spoken here.[1] first Indian beach with 24/7 WiFi Industry[edit] The major industry in Malpe is fisheries. Malpe is also known as the natural port and the largest port in Karnataka. A considerable number of the population is engaged in fishing and related industries. Tile-manufacturing is another thriving industry in Malpe, as is the coconut industry. It is also known for the TEBMA ship building company.*Malpe - Karnataka Tourism References[edit]

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