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Mukha or makha is the traditional Pashtun archery sport played in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. The game is played with a long arrow (ghashay) and a long bow (leenda). The arrow has a saucer shaped metallic plate (tubray) at its distal end. The archers play in teams and attempt to hit a small white wooden target called takai surrounded by a circular ring called kwaara. The target is secured in fresh clay placed at some height a few meters away from the archer. Images[edit]

The traditional archery sport of Pathans
called Makha. Target is being prepared in the village of Kaddi
in Swabi District

Makha - The archer is preparing to take the shot. A friend is helping him.

Makha - Archer positioning and starting to aim at the target.

Makha - Archer aiming at the target.

Makha - Target successfully hit.

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