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A recording, record or records may mean:


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An item or collection of data[edit]

Sound recording and reproduction

Analogue recording Digital recording Phonograph record, a mechanical analog audio storage medium

Video recording, of both images and sounds Image recording

Photography Moving pictures

Record (computer science), a data structure

Storage record, a basic input/output structure Record (database), a set of fields in a database related to one entity Boot record, record used to start an operating system

Document, for administrative use

Business record, of economic transactions Medical record, of a person's medical history and treatments Service record, usually associated with military service Minutes, a summary of the proceedings at a meeting Public records, information that has been filed or recorded by public agencies Docket (court), the summary of proceedings in a court (US) A transcript is a verbatim record of some proceedings, in particular a court transcript is a record of a law court case or similar procedure Recording (real estate), the act of documenting real estate transactions Criminal record, a list of a person's criminal convictions Anything which is recorded in writing or otherwise for future reference

World record, an unsurpassed accomplishment or statistic Win–loss record (pitching), the number of wins and losses a baseball pitcher has accumulated Archaeological record, the body of archaeological evidence Recorded history
Recorded history
of events have been made for thousands of years in one form or another


Records (album), a 1982 album by rock band Foreigner


Rekord Irkutsk, a Russian bandy club Rekord Stadium, a sports arena in Irkutsk, Russia FC Rekord Aleksandrov, a former Russian association football club


In the United States:

The Yale Record, the country's oldest college humor magazine, operated out of New Haven, Connecticut The Philadelphia Record, a newspaper in Philadelphia published 1877–1947


Record (newspaper), a Portuguese sports newspaper Récord, a Mexican sports newspaper Record (magazine), the official church paper of the South Pacific Division of Seventh-day Adventists

Other uses[edit]

RecordTV, a Brazilian TV network Record News, the RecordTV's news channel 1 RECORD, statement (The REporting of Studies Conducted Using Observational Routinely-Collected Health Data) Record (surname) Record (software), a music recording program Record (agricultural vehicles), a Greek vehicle manufacturer

See also[edit]

The Record (other) Reckord Recorder (other)

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