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Mieczysław Mickiewicz (1879 – before 1939) was a Ukrainian politician and lawyer of Polish descent, later a statesman of the Second Polish Republic. Mieczysław Mickiewicz (Polish Democratic Central) served as the Deputy-Secretary of Polish Affairs in several cabinets of the Ukrainian People's Republic, also translated as the Ukrainian National Republic (UNR), headed by Volodymyr Vynnychenko (1917/1918).[1] Then he served as voivode of Volhynian Voivodeship, Poland, from February 22, 1922 until February 1, 1923.

Predessor Tadeusz Dworakowski

Volhynian Voivode 1922–1923

Successor Stanisław Srokowski


^ Council of National Ministers of the Ukrainian National Republic

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National minorities in Ukraine in times of the Ukrainian revolution (Національні меншини України під час Української революції). Radio Svoboda. 2007-09-19 Komar, V.L. Poles in the post-imperial Russia 1918-21. pdf

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