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(Danish: Mørvig) is a community of Flensburg
on the east side of the Flensburg
Firth. It is on the Angeln
peninsula. Mürwik
is the location of the Naval Academy at Mürwik, which is the main academy that trains German Navy
German Navy
officers. Nazi Germany's final government, the Flensburg
government, was located in Mürwik. Esspecially in Germany, it's also known for the sail training ship Gorch Fock of the Naval Academy Mürwik
and for the database of traffic violators of Germany (Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt, often short: KBA). Some of the most affluent areas in Flensburg
are located in Mürwik. Geography[edit] Mürwik
includes five districts:

Stützpunkt Flensburg-Mürwik Osbek (Osbæk) Wasserloos (Vandløs) Friedheim Solitüde (also: Solitude,[1] Danish: Solitude)

Fruerlund, also a community of Flensburg, is also often counted as part of the Mürwik
community. Other names for areas in Mürwik, which are located in its districts are: Cäcilienschlucht (Cäcilien-Chine), Blocksberg (Blockula), old village Engelsby, Fahrensodde (Danish: Farnæsodde), Sonwik, Twedter Holz (Twedter Holt), Twedter Feld (Twedter Field), Twedter Mark, Waldsiedlung Tremmerup (Wood-settlement Tremmerup), and Waldeshöh (Wood-Highness). Mürwiks centrum is the Twedter Plack. The highest hill of Mürwik
is the Berg beim Eichenkratt. The Bunkerberg, a hill over a bunker beside the KBA, is overgrown by trees. Gallery[edit]

The Red Castle, the main building of the Naval Academy

The Naval Watertower

Christ Church (Christuskirche) of 1958

The imperial Post of 1910 in the 2nd German Empire

Gateway of the Park Court (Parkhof) of 1925/1928

The Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA; office of traffic violations)

Coordinates: 54°48′40″N 9°27′38″E / 54.8111°N 9.4606°E / 54.8111; 9.4606 References[edit]

^ Flensburg, Zahlenspiegel Teil 3: Stadtteile, 21. November 2015

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