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Côte is a British cafe chain founded by Richard Caring, Andy Bassadone, Chris Benians and Nick Fiddler in Wimbledon, London in 2007[2]. There are now over 60 restaurants in the UK (as of December 2017)[3][4].


The first restaurant was founded with its first bistro opening in Wimbledon in 2007[5]. In 2013 the founders sold their business stake for £100 million to the private equity firm CBPE[5].


Various newspapers have accused the chain owners of misleading customers by diverting tips for service and chastising staff members who fall short of he 12.5% service charge minimum[6][7].

A customer was accidentally charged more than £270,000 for two meals in 2015 when she and her 17-year-old son vistied the Cote Brasserie in Hampstead, London[8].


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